Hoosiers drop second straight in Puerto Rico, 71-67

  • 11/20/2009 8:35 pm in

Boston University entered Friday’s game against Indiana coming off of losses to Iona, George Washington and Kansas State.

And for most of consolation bracket contest in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Tip-Off Classic, it appeared Boston and first-year coach Patrick Chambers would drop their fourth straight.

But after trailing the entire second half, a pair of free throws from Jake O’Brien gave Boston a 67-65 lead with 2:19 remaining and the Terriers (1-3) held on to beat Indiana, 71-67.

John Holland scored 21 points off the bench to lead Boston and O’Brien added 14 points and 13 rebounds.

The Terriers out-rebounded IU 52-32, had 19 second chance points and scored 15 more points from the foul line.

The Hoosiers (2-2) had a chance to tie the game in the final thirty seconds, but Maurice Creek and Verdell Jones both missed three-point attempts in the final 21 seconds and Corey Lowe hit a free throw to ice it for Boston.

“We tried to go to the best play possible,” Creek said. “Coach brought it up and it just didn’t work out.”

Creek paced the Hoosiers with 17 points, all in the first half. Jones added 14 points and six assists and Jeremiah Rivers chipped in 13 points, six rebounds and four assists.

“I thought we played a very aggressive 35 minutes,” Jones said. “But once again we didn’t play a full 40 minutes like we needed to and the result is a loss.”

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Up next: George Mason at 10:30 am ET on Sunday. The game will be televised by ESPNU.

Rebuilding effort: Crean shared the following via Twitter shortly after the game: “Nights like tonight make us all remember we are in a full scale rebuilding mode. The level of effort it requires is incredible but worth it.”

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  • Ben_M

    I think there are some things that could really be improved on this team. Number one we have to hit our free throws. If we would have we would of had a great chance of winning both games. Jobe is playing to much. I like the guy but come on he is not effective at all. Where is Bawa? This kid showed more ability in a couple minutes of an exhibition game than Jobe has ever shown. We need bawa to get some pt anyways. I don’t think red shirting him is smart because the scholly can be filled by a higher caliber player if we can ever get this thing turned around. I took my time to sit in a car by myself listening to the radio and listened to a team lead all the way up to the end. We need to beat teams like Boston….there isn’t much of an excuse this year. Ole Miss…not yet…but we need to be a better team than Boston. Remember this kid offered Daniel Moore a scholarship. No excuse on this one.

  • stevealford

    We need Alford. Iowa fell apart now that he is gone and New Mexico is banging out 20+ win seasons since his arrival, and are 2-0 so far this year. He also took SW Missouri St to the Sweet 16.

  • sacajacabuncar

    Another embarrassing game. Thank goodness it wasn't on tv for the world to see.

  • Hardwood83

    I need some encouragement….I know it's early in the season & they are young. So far the only difference between this year's team and last is potential. This team CAN be better then last year's but hasn't shown it yet. Turnovers and missed FT's one game, terrible rebounding and shooting the next, Jobe is playing meaningful minutes for crying out loud! Please someone give me something positive!

  • kgork


    I heard a lot of “[Player Name] drive into the lane and loses control of the ball.”

  • jj

    Was Boston supposed to be the weakest team in tournament.

  • gnrnabk1

    another LOSER hoosier season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No encouragement here

  • Disco_Briscoe

    I hope it gets better by time they come to MSG to play Pitt…Don't make me regret getting tickets.

  • MillaRed



  • roninjeffersonville

    Well we always have football. ok kidding. I am lost for words
    You can only use the excuse they are young for so long, then you question talent level.If not that coaching. I still have faith that coach knows what he is doing.
    Was nice seeing coach Knight on TV the other night. He sure seemed to be mellowing

  • Kelin Blab

    Hardwood83…..I am going to give you 5 encouraging things.
    1. TO's and F/T can be fixed and will be fixed. I think this team is getting use to one another so it will take some time but these two things can be fixed……

    2. This team has 'very good' moments they can build off of….Had a great stretch against Ole Miss and lead at halftime vs Boston. Crean could take these two instances and show the guys what they are doing well and how to extend it for a entire game

    3. This tourney is great experience for a young team and you will see the things they have learned show up as the season goes on and at home….I still expect IU to beat MD at home…remember who predicted this…..the blab!

    4. Remember last year we were playing a bunch of Frosh and getting blown out, this year we are playing a bunch of Frosh but competing a lot more

    5. IU has some good personel….Mo Creek off to a good start…Elston and Wateford have lots of upside…..Hulls is a decent back up to rivers…….

    6. One more….the talent gap is smaller but we are still dealing with the experience gap….last year we dealt with both.

  • Kelin Blab

    These past couple of games have taught me one major thing….Crean needs to continue to recruit and seal the deal on those 4/5 star possibly one and done players…the game changers. I think kids like that with the type of team we have are the type of kids who can bring a program back a little quicker…..I consider them game closers/game changers.

    We can go the PU route which is fine but can you wait and can you be ok with having NO chance of winning a national championship, but getting in the tourney. That is why crean makes the big bucks but one of these kids has to commit to IU at some point…..

  • stevealford

    Crean has worn out his welcome. This might fly at Marquette, but he is at IU now.
    Now I see why he only has 1 NCAA tournament win in 9 years outside of the Wade year ( Wade fell into his lap as he was ineligible for any BCS school).

  • indiananorthshore

    I could not agree more. Crean is IU's Charlie Weiss

  • If you're going to eliminate Crean's best year when discussing his coaching resume, please do the same for anyone else you recommend. I'm assuming Alford is your guy, so when considering please remove his best year, although I can't think of what that was.

  • Anonymous

    Crean needs to stop using the “oh, we’re rebuilding, we’re young” excuse as it has worn off with the talent he has this year. This team obviously has the talent, but our second half showing is atrocious. The free throw %, the sloppy ball handling, being out rebounded by lesser talent, that is all on the coach. I understand the mass overhaul done to this program, but its time to stop making excused and be accountable. No more Tijan, no more Moore on the floor. We’re here to win games, not set examples. Only RMK could get away with that because he knew how to make his players win. Against Ole Miss, after Rivers turned over the ball in the 2nd, he and VJIII were laughing while we were being beat. Not the attitude to have when we play like shit

  • aerialM

    that is preposterous. worn out his welcome in year 2? worn out his welcome because why? we aren't in the top 25? listen I'm as discouraged as everyone else. when I saw the final score tonight I felt as if I'd been hit in the head with a rock. we should wins games like this. if anything, this game brought me down to earth, or lower, and made me realize how far we need to go. listen, is crean the 2nd coming of bob knight? of course not. but he could be the 2nd coming of his mentor, tom izzo. please let the man have a few years to put his stamp on the program before you run him out of town. he won, consistently, at marquette. he won there when they played in conference usa, he won when they played in the big east. do you have any idea how irrelevant marquette was when he got there? and who is to say he can't be more than he was at marquette? the tradition, the money, the recruiting base, it is all an improvement from marquette so there is no reason to think he has reached his coaching ceiling. we'll get better. it might take – gasp!- a couple of years to rebound from a SCANDAL that SHATTERED the program to its base. but we'll get there… (and yeah, i'm positive steve alford would only do worse. I like him, he's an IU great, but c'mon man.)

  • I still ask the question, if you're going to discount Crean's best year, which season of Alford's are you going to discount? Also, Crean's overall resume is much better than Alford's.

    Crean's resume is more impressive than Alford's anyways. You think competing in the Big East from Marquette is easy to do?

  • unclekerfuffle

    I have followed and enjoyed ITH as a lurker for a long time now. This is my first posting. My support for my beloved Hoosiers goes back to the days of my freshman year watching them in the old field house. I, too, have been disappointed/frustrated/excited/proud/confused/embarrassed (multiple choice) over the last few years. No, let me correct that–over the last several years. Since the mid-1990s we have been struggling but have been in denial–2002 was a anomaly.

    Whether Coach Crean is the right man for the job is not the question nor is the “star rankings” of individual recruits. The real question, in my mind, is one that has to do with if we are getting back to our core values as a once-premier men's basketball program. Each fan has to answer that question for himself or herself.

    If winning now is the SOLE criterial as far as core values, then our neighbors south of the Ohio River who bleed blue probably have the right set of principles. I would hope we are better than that.

    Maybe the whole concept of blogs/forums have compromised the values that make us proud to be Hoosiers by providing a venue for us to take out our short term and not-well-thought out frustrations and publicly air harsh and/or irrational statements like, “(player's name) sucks!” We can think it, we can say it in conversation over coffee or a beer but to express such sentiments for the world to see is a symptom of something wrong with an ever increasing segment of the IU fan base.

    Given the four to six years necessary to basically build a program from scratch, I submit it is way too early to pass judgement of the Tom Crean Era overall. I, for one, am happy in the confidence of knowing that our program will be clean, there will unlikely be any embarrassing situations involving our coaching staff, our players will succeed in the classroom and leave it all on the court every time they play in addition to getting better, if only in small increments, each year.

    That's my two cents–as Buffalo Springfield sang–for what it's worth

  • stevealford

    How did Crean win CONSISTENTLY at Marquette? Besides the fluke year Wade fell into his lap, he was won only 1 NCAA tournament game in his career. If anything, he was consistently bad.

  • Besides the year Alford won a National Title at IU, he never won a National Title. See how stupid that sounds?

    Crean got Wade, and Crean went to the Final Four. You can't take that away from his resume.

  • stevealford

    All I did was state some facts and give my opinion. People continue to ask me questions. If you only wish to have cheerleaders who see one side of the story I will stop coming to the site.
    My sole purpose is to talk about IU both good and bad. I have been a lifelong fan and like to discuss the issues. Right now there is a lot more bad than good going on. Judging a coach on his first 35 games in not by any means irrational.

  • stevealford

    Crean got Wade only because he was academically ineligible at every BCS program. That my friend is a fluke. If wade had the grades to go to a bigger school , Crean would have been fired from Marquette.
    One good year (If you consider losing in the final four with Wade, Diener, Novak, and Jackson a good year) A good coach would have won the title that year. 9 Bad years going on 10.

  • If your sole purpose on here is going to be ripping on Crean I'm curious as to what you're bringing to the community here on ITH.

    I'm all for people giving an opinion, but let's not be irrational. He's only coached 35 games at Indiana.

  • All that and his resume is still better than Alford's!

  • MillaRed

    Intelligent post Unclek. I agree the fact IU is getting it's house in order is where we should be and everyone appreciates that. Unfortunatley, there are 40 other programs in the country doing just that, and winning. Getting IU academics, standards etc back “where they should be” isn't going to pacify the typical IU fan if we're losing. Call me selfish…….

    In terms of the casual sports fan using a blog to say someone sucks. Well, that's pretty much what blogs are for. An avenue to be heard abroad.

    You do make some great points though not trying to take away from that. We're all just frustrated. I will confess CTC has made a few decisions this year that certainly makes you wonder. Last year it didn't matter. But to call for his dismissal at this point it's rediculous times 10.

    I agree with Kelin, we need that Top 5 guy to break down the defense and finish games. The other pieces are in place. We lack a superstar now and in the future with the current recruits. Wish Eric Gordon was a FR this year!

  • unclekerfuffle


    I don't think you are selfish at all for wanting to win. I call that being a loyal fan. In fact, if wanting to win is selfish, then I'm probably standing right at the front of the line for seconds along with you.

    My fear is what I perceive as a sense of entitlement to top players, Big Ten Championships and additional banners hanging in the south end of AH by some people posting to this outstanding blog. I live in extreme Southern Indiana and interact with many misguided individuals still trying to tune in Kaywood Ledford on the radio and who can quote chapter and verse from scripture giving the Wildcat Nation a god-given right to the best players and at least 2-3 national championships each decade. Anyone who disputes that is guilty of high crimes, treason and heresy.

    I would hope that we, the Hoosier faithful, understand that being a premier program is something earned, not bestowed. We have earned that reputation twice in our storied past and I believe we will earn it again.

    I guess all we can do is ask for the Almighty to give us patience and hurry up about it.

    In conclusion, I, too, would like to see some big time players wearing candy stripes but, again, we have to earn it–I see that as a process we are embracing and will succeed in with the 2011 class.

  • MillaRed

    Well said sir.

  • I love IU

    Eric Gordon would not have scored like he did if he didn't have the supporting cast he had. Remember where building from scratch. Put him on this team and Verdall won't pass it to Eric Gordon either. Pure jealousy and selfishness plain and simple!
    To much hype came with our 09 class. The 08 guys are maDD. That’s the problem in a nut shell.
    Problem #1: You have Mo Creek but no one will pass him the ball when open. He's getting the ball after Verdell get trapped in the paint and the ball fall to Creek by default.
    #2:The same for Rivers, how many times do you push the ball up the court and your shooters are open but you elect to got to the basket and turn the ball over. Your shooters are in the corner waiting but no, it goes the other way.
    Creek is averaging 17 pts and is not the first option; (Why is Verdell the first option?), Make Mo the first option and he scores 22-25 ppg, 4 rebounds, 1 steal and 3 assists. Not bad stats if he get the ball…and that's a big if right now. I'm sure his D will be corrected by coach. Mo you can’t let people down the middle period!
    My Line up:
    Bawa or Prichard in that order.

    Break up Rivers and Jones then we can move forward.