• Kelin Blab

    One interesting thing I didn't know is, Victor was at this same event as Jelan Kendrick at the Whitehouse…..and D.Wade…..

  • JerryCT

    For me VO sound slike the kind of player I want at IU all the time. High energy, avoids trouble, works his butt off and gets grades and has the attitude and athleticism to improve his game while at IU.

    Our D is not good enough and this kid could actually start some games if he lock down elite players.

    I am looking tonight to see if we can score down low in an organized set vs garbage. So far we have not shown much

  • how about ” The Standing Hoosier” as the student section name… doesn't sound intimidating until you witness it by the way replace the seats with benches

  • IUgirl

    I may have missed this info, but what is going on with David Williams and his commit?