Hoosiers cruise past St. Joe’s in final tune-up, 95-67

  • 11/09/2009 10:50 pm in

Maurice Creek led four players in double figures with 16 points as Indiana won an exhibition, 95-67, over Division II St. Joseph’s Monday night in Assembly Hall.

Jeremiah Rivers and Verdell Jones added 15 points each and Christian Watford had 13 for the Hoosiers.

Thoughts from Indiana’s second exhibition game:

  • Creek looked more comfortable and was much more effective than he was against Grace. He was active on the glass, hit 4 of 5 attempts from the field, 7 of 8 from the foul line and didn’t commit a turnover. That’s efficiency.
  • Jones shot the ball well, but once again struggled with turnovers (5).
  • Jordan Hulls was uncharacteristically sloppy with the ball and committed five turnovers. Don’t expect many games like that from Hulls.
  • Rivers showed that he can be more than just a presence on defense. The Georgetown transfer had five assists and four rebounds to go with his 15 points. He had a couple of explosive moves to the basket and knocked down a couple of off-balance jump shots.
  • Watford, coming off a 19-point performance against Grace, turned in another solid effort. He always seems to be around the ball and he’s knocked down 16 of 17 free throws in the two exhibition games.
  • Bawa Muniru saw his first action in an IU uniform and scored seven points, grabbed two rebounds and had three blocks in eight minutes. He’s still a work in progress, but Bawa showed signs he’s capable of contributing down the road — if not sooner.
  • Derek Elston quietly worked his way to an eight point, eight rebound effort. Much like Watford, Elston has a nose for the ball and loves to compete.
  • Devan Dumes saw nine minutes of action — all in the second half — and didn’t appear to be 100%.
  • Indiana allowed 38 points in the paint, which is far too many against an undersized opponent like St. Joseph’s. Tom Crean won’t be happy with the uncontested shots IU allowed underneath the basket when he reviews the tape.
  • Indiana hit 32 of 46 free throws and out-rebounded St. Joe’s 45-39. However, the Hoosiers allowed 21 offensive rebounds.
  • Pick to Click winner: Maurice Creek (h09sier and jaywiz). Jeremiah Rivers was runner-up and Verdell Jones was third.

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    • Kelin Blab

      What I like about this team already are the 'pieces' Crean has put together….an off night by Hulls an on night by Rivers…Elston and Wateford always around the ball….Creek one night, VJ3 the next, then throw in some bawa blocks….could be a tough squad….

    • HoosierDavey

      We are SOOOO much farther along than last year at this time (or maybe any time). Like the potential I saw tonight. Only thing that bothered me a bit was that it seemed that we scored more in one on one moves than off of assists. That will have to change when we face better talent. Other than that, it was enjoyable to watch.

    • jaywiz

      so i guess on pick to click i should just put down the players name next time to avoid confusion….Good thing y'all did the exhibition games too!

    • IUFan82

      Can't wait til friday to finally get to see this team live

    • Sorry I missed you. Made the fix.

    • hoosierodi

      I watched this game on bigtennetwork.com and i basically watched half the game in double the time. Worst quality ever, but it was good to see Bawa. I liked what i saw from him. He did 4 or 5 good things in that game that Jobe has never done. He caught the ball with tough passes, finished some layups, had a nice dunk, and MADE HIS FREETHROWS. I hope Pritchard heard that. Pritch really needs to work on his freethrows. Did like what i saw from the rest of the Hoosiers besides Hulls having 5 turnovers

    • HoosierSmitty

      I think we saw Crean run with his “regulars” a little more tonight, despite starting Jobe (which was nice for him).

      I was very pleased with our ability to hit mid range jumpers…especially Watford and Jones. If slashers like that can nail those shots consistently, it opens up a lot of options as a team.

      Elston subbed in often for Watford and Hulls was coming in for Rivers. That seems to be a fair assumption that's what will happen a lot this season. If those are our backups, I'm pretty happy.

      We have to box out better. It was pitiful how many second chances we gave St. Joe – a team that we dominated size wise.

      That and sloppy turnovers were a little unsettling from my vantage point.

      Overall I'm pleased with the explosiveness and shot making abilities of this team.

    • jgongora86

      I noticed you took out david williams from your recruiting board. so he's not coming?

    • BFowler

      I have not watched this game (yet, it is on my DVR scedule for 1pm), but I will comment from the radio broadcast some things.
      1st, Fisch kept saying, “Rivers {storming, racing, galloping, running} up the court.” It was good to hear that Rivers kept pushing and pushing. At one point Leary commented on how when (Indiana) Jones brought the ball up there was a different pace. Rivers is a very strong lead guard and he showed some things we lacked last year in attacking the defense.
      2nd, Creek was much more comfortable on the floor. That is great for the future prospects of this team. If he starts going and Watford keeps it up, that is a one-two punch in long wings that are hard to defend.
      3rd, Hulls turnovers. I picked him to “click” because I thought he was steady and would not turn it over. He was struggling to get the ball in bounds at one point. I still think he is becoming one of my favorites on this team.
      4th, Welcome Bawa! I am excited about his future and I think he will be solid before he departs Bloomington. The post game interview was even fun for me to watch. The kid seems genuinely excited to be part of this team and it is exciting to have him on board.
      5th, Lack of 3s shot. It seemed like at one point Fisch and leary were saying we had shot like 5 or 6 3s at one point in the 2nd half. That is good that this team recognized they out-sized St. Joseph's and used their size to their advantage.
      6th, so, with that in mind, what the heck was 21 offensive rebounds? to St. Joseph's? What is Purdue or Wisconsin or Michigan State going to get? 100? I know those teams are better on the front line than St. Joseph's. (no offense Matt J.)
      7th, The future's bright!

    • I do not believe he will sign with Indiana.

    • JerryCT

      Alot of things to be happy about last night. Our defense is still not good enough however to get alot of stops against good teams. I think we will be better if and when Dumes can play and play hard.

    • Oh, my poor Pumas.

      Oh well, time to get back to rooting for the Hoosiers!!!

    • Wish

      As Hulls begins playing Division I players who are stronger, bigger and faster his effectiveness will be limited. Mark it down. He plays well against DII foes and should do well against lower DI schools, too.

      Don't jack up the expectations for this kid as a freshman, he's going to make a lot of mistakes.

    • GFDave

      The one thing that sticks out to me more than anything else was the play of Bawa. I was really surprised. He had an immediate positive impact on the game when he came in and was a net positive for the team the whole night. What really sold me was the two handed catch he made on the baseline where he scored. That pass was zipped into him and he caught it clean and went straight up to score. Big guys with good hands are gold and he's got 'em. We'll see how he handles the big bodies from the big schools, but so far so good.

    • CreamandCrimson

      I think you guys have hit on the highlights. This team is clearly more talented and versatile than last year. I am not surprised Creek's bounce back. This is still a very one squad that will probably struggle with some inconsistency. However, as Kelin said, there are a lot of pieces and the odds are good that a couple of guys will be off and a couple of guys will be on every night.

      The program is being assembled and it doesn't take a big leap to think about this team winning 10-15 games more than they did a year ago. I still believe that Mo Creek is going to unseat Dumes in the starting lineup by the time the Big Ten rolls around.

    • jaywiz

      Thanks, I was not concerned since it did not really matter. Just a learning experience for me.

    • Hoosier_Hound

      My favorite statistic so far, after they shot below 65% of FTs last year, the team has shot 72% in the two exhibitions, and 79% if you discard the combined 1-8 FT shooting of Moore, Gambles, and Finkelmeier. That's big and hopefully other aspects of the team are on that same type of improvement curve (ahem, turnovers).

    • ronb

      Some of you point out that Hulls struggled last night and had 5 turnovers. Some of those happened because his team mates did not talk or move to get open. He will get that fixed. Mark it down. Now my problem is with Jones. He has a season of play to improve in the turnover area. Last year he had 100 assists and 99 turnovers. Last night he had 5 turnovers. The first game he let the game come to him. He did not force it. His team mates got him open shots and he had 7 assist. Last night he was back to the old Jones trying to dribble through 4 players. He is not a point guard and neither is Dumas. These 2 guys could have great years if they allow Rivers and Hulls to run the team. They will get it to them if they are open setting them up to shoot,pass or drive. Last night Jones was the old Jones trying to do to much,forcing the action and turning over the ball. I am sure coach will remind him that this year he has a lot of talented players helping him. This team will beat some good teams if coach can get them to play team ball not I ball.
      I thought Creek and Bawa played very well. Creek showed why coach is so high on him. He can be a stat stuffer.