• illinoishoosier

    It sounds like he is working these guys real hard. Hopefully the freshman will take it as serious as the returners and put the work in after the season. VJIII and Roth definitely got the picture after last season. If all the guys do this over next summer, we will be back in the thick of things before the rest of the critics think we will. Keep working hard Hoosiers!

  • JerryCT

    I love the foucs on defense. It is our biggest weakness as IU was to only B10 team whose opponents scored more points over the season. Even Iowa was in the plus column.Our kids are going to have a tough time w MD guards, and almost ALL B10 teams in the backcourt. For this reason I have always viewed Rivers as the season's key player, Dumes right with him and Creek not breaking the starting lineup.

  • BGleas

    Agree with you on Rivers again Jerry, and would add Hulls to that too. Just by having better point guard play IU can dramatically change the point differential stat. By cutting turnovers, making a higher percentage of free throws and running a more clean offense, those numbers should change. And that doesn't even account for just playing better defense.

  • JerryCT

    Sorry BGleas for always leaving Hulls out. I only saw him last week for the 1st time and while he looked a bit challenged on D I could see he works hard at it and the TO situation with him is far better than I thought. I used to think I would always want either Rivers or Dumes on the floor with him but now I am changing my tune

  • GFDave

    I think Coach is continuing to push the guys and I wouldn't be surprised to see tired legs tonight like we did against Grace. It wouldn't surprised me to see this approach continue through the Howard and USC Upstate games.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Bawa play. Will the game be too fast for him? Probably. Will his athletic ability be enough to alter/block shots? Hope so. Will he get a massive dunk? Please.