Around the Hall: Show goes on … without Knight

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+ Chris Korman of the H-T/Hoosier Scoop has highlights from the Hall induction, including the full text of Bob Knight’s letter to Fred Glass that was read at the ceremony. {The Hoosier Scoop}

+ Michael Rosenburg of Sports Illustrated writes that it’s time for Knight and Indiana to move on and bury the hatchet. {}

+ Terry Hutchens writes that Bob Knight was recalled fondly at the Hall of Fame induction. {The Indianapolis Star}

+ IU Athletics celebrates 2009 Hall of Fame class. {}

Quotable: “You are the only person in the administrative capacity at Indiana in the last ten years to say thank you for what we did, and I appreciate your doing so. You mentioned in your letter to me that you would like to sit down and talk with me any place or at any time. I would be willing to do this and would suggest that you bring Bob Hammel with you as he would be a great help in your understanding why I feel as I do. It is obvious that the people who replaced the aforementioned people over the years have not nearly maintained the standards with Indiana‚Äôs athletic program that those people established. I would hope that during your tenure you would be able to get Indiana athletics back where it once was and want to wish you the very best in that regard.” – Excerpt from Knight’s letter to Glass.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Crean’s Twitter.)

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  • When Bob Knight was first at Indiana, the people surrounding the program in the athletic department really supported him and his vision of Indiana basketball and what it should be. I was really glad to read this letter because I truly feel Coach Tom Crean is surrounding himself with a similar group of people that want the very best for Indiana athletics.

    Also, I support Bob in his choice not to come back because the media would draw away from other's accomplishments. I would not want to see Jerry Yeagley's honoring be distracted. There will be a time and a place.

  • johnbravo

    The simple fact that everyone is talking about Knight's absence and fawning over a letter proved the fallacy of the Coach's original argument. I find it difficult to believe that after so many years using the media and working the media that he didn't believe this would be the outcome. Bob Knight is playing everyone for fools. Just like he always did.

  • plane1972

    I have been a huge Knight fan since I was a kid (still have an autographed photo of him in my office). I have not, however, been one of those blindingly loyal supporters bashing the University for how poorly they treated our former coach, and I have to agree with some of what johnbravo is saying here. It is a little problematic for me to hold out hope that a reunion of IU and Knight can occur only if Glass continues to kiss our former coach's ass. Coach Knight's ironically fragile sensibilities are still quite raw, at this point. Seems like we are still some time away from any open-armed embrace.

    I was also a little disappointed RMK didn't acknowledge Yeagley in his comments. I remember at the height of his glory when the national media was loving Coach Knight, he once said that he wasn't even the best coach on the IU staff – referring to Yeagley – and that was after he had hung three banners and won gold in '84. Whether he truly believed that is up to you to decide. But, it would have been nice to mention him since they were on the same staff together and in the same HOF class.

  • johnbravo

    Good point about Jerry Yeagley.

    Both Knight and Yeagley had an awful lot of success, and to compare that success is beyond apples and oranges in regards to the sports they coached and the demands on each.

    Yet, if the question was ever posed about who was a better “coach” – and again this is all philosophical as we're talking about teaching or preparing young athletes to excel or being a role model, things of that nature – then I'd take a thousand Jerry Yeagley's over a single Bob Knight.