• GFDave

    Impressed with the pace of the scrimmage and all the movement, especially considering that it was their second practice of the day.

    Thanks to Coach for taking the team out and thanks to ITH for the vid.


    WOW, Rivers is gonna beast on the big 10 all season.

  • BaseballBuc

    Rivers is gonna be the best player in the Big Ten that no one knows about.

  • Nate

    Agree with everyone. Rivers looks absolutely outstanding. When he transferred in i thought we were getting a defensive roll player but this kid is definitely your starting PG and most lethal weapon off of the dribble.

    Was it Rivers that threw it down towards the end of the video??? Couldn't make out a number but thought i recognized a white t under the jersey. WOW. He's the real deal.

  • Yeah, he was the one with the dunk.

  • Yea I agree also. Rivers is quite the surprise. It will be interesting seeing this team play an opponent I am stoked about it. I found a season ticket holder that can't go to many games this year. I'll drive 3 hours. Go Hoosiers!

  • Name

    Did I see Bawa dunk?

  • That was Tijan.

  • illinoishoosier

    This makes me want Nov. 4th to get here even quicker…Even with all the Illinois, KY, and Duke fans I work with, nobody is as excited about the season as I am. I don't think any of the teams above will play as hard as our Hoosiers!

  • illinoishoosier

    Its no going to take long before people know him!

  • samantha

    go Jeremiah Rivers!!!!!!!
    I love you.
    you are the best go get em