Report: Indiana offers 2010 Florida guard Will Sheehey

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According to a report by The Courier-Journal’s Jody Demling, Indiana has extended a scholarship offer to 2010 Sagemont (FL) guard Will Sheehey. The 6-4 Sheehey played this summer with the Florida Rams alongside Syracuse commit Fab Melo, Louisville commit Josh Langford and 2011 five-star Damien Leonard.

Matt Ramker of the Florida Rams and Sagemont  coach Adam Ross both confirmed on Thursday night that that IU now has an offer on the table for Sheehey.

Sheehey has already visited and been offered by Stanford and George Washington and also has an offer from Northwestern. But Ross expects there will be more to come. Vanderbilt, Washington and Michigan are other schools that have also started to show some interest. rates Sheehey the No. 131 prospect in the 2010 class. According to Jody’s report, Sheehey’s father played at Syracuse and his uncle played at Virginia.

Indiana currently has commitments from two players in the 2010 class — David Williams and Victor Oladipo.

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  • If your sole purpose here is to instigate and argue that Steve Alford should be the coach and not Tom Crean, you're probably not going to win many friends in this community.

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  • Kelin Blab

    I agree 100%, I don't want IU to be in another KI situtation where we are holding schollies and our breath for a kid who hasn't decided. Will that happen, sometimes yes, but at some point and I will keep saying it…either you are on the train or the train is leaving……

    stevealford….I can't begin to even discuss how your arguments don't hold any merit…IU deserves a top notch coach??? Like steve alford ofcourse……or wait I agree maybe Roy Williams would have come to IU and dealt with sanctions, less scholarships, and recruiting restrictions…oh and a starting PG who is 5'9 and a walk on…..For these reasons, I know why are are here, your team (Purdue, KY, or Illinois) does not have a fanbase that is as passionate as IU and you have nothing better to do…..

  • GFDave

    The 1980's? Do you think that's the start of IU basketball history? I was watching IU on a black and white Zenith with my dad in the early 60s, years after Branch and years before Bob. Branch McCracken won 2 titles! We also had many, many good teams that didn't dance in the NCAAs because of the one team per conference rule. IU basketball isn't about a single person.

  • Diesel

    Kelin, this is a great point here. We will have a better idea what type a team Crean will put on the floor this season, and based so far on his interviews and the open practice it appears that is a running team or as he put it trying to establish a “running mentality”. In order to do that, we need athletes and finishers, and lots of them. And even though a Will Sheehey may seem like a piece we already have, we need to be able to go 10 deep easy. Just picture MSU in the NCAA last year….

    Nothing gets the IU faithful in an uproar like offering a 3-star big guard since the “steaming pile of 2 guard” comment…

  • Diesel

    Jody Demling reporting that Will Sheehey has an IU visit set for Nov 6.

  • hoosierclarion

    I became an IU fan between the two titles Coach McCracken's teams won. Hard to believe I am entering my seventh decade still excited to be an IU fan. I'll always be a staunch and loyal supporter of Coach Knight because I think he is the best. Tom Crean is the right coach for IU. Starting after the exodus with near nothing, his energy and motivation to recruit and coach the team he assembled late for last year is hell of an achievement. Now in only the second year we are going to see big dividends with adding his new class of recruits. I like his coaching style, his energy, his recruiting skills and the image he is projecting of IU has been needed for a long time. Like RMK he also has read the rule book. When RMK came to the B10 there was no way his methodical offense and man only defense could be successful against racehorses. After two seasons other teams started to experiment with those styles that just wouldn't work in the B10. Results are the only thing that count. The good results count and the bad results count. I am excited about Coach Crean, his present recruits and his future commits to attain the results he envisions to hang more banners. My thoughts on how to do it can be just that or wasted words.

  • iumarine

    Everyone has a right to their opinion. Somebody mentioned the 1st amendment the other day. As for me I am a CTC supporter. Based on the state of the program he inherited from KS, I gave him a pass on last year's record. The state of this program was worse than that of a program that got a death penalty. Based on the lack of talent on the team when CTC took over, I think it would be fair to look back in 3 years determine whether or not he has been successful. Keep in mind that he pulled in this current top 10 class while under a NCAA penalty cloud. I am amazed that he was able to pull this off. Now he is battling the record from last year which is hurting recruiting a little. Keep in mind all of the negative recruiting that other coaches do. Don't you think they remind potential IU recruits about our rebuilding process and how long it might take!

    The difference is that some fans want to live in the past and some of us know how to move on. I remember from the CBK era teams in the 80's and 90's that we were always short on the bigs and don't forget the transfers. As far as Knight disciples don't forget Mike Davis and Dan Dakich. Gotta love them.

    Go Hoosiers!

  • illinoishoosier

    Haha…I couldnt have put it better myself

  • hoosierclarion

    Dakich is a well regarded college BB warrior. Davis well………………I'll leave it to UAB fans.