• i can't make the chat but i got a few questions and i'd love any that can be answered. i was suprised to see we are in the top 8 for justin coleman (rivals #45 in 2010). is there a chance we land him? also, regarding the 2011 class, 2 highly ranked prospects from lawrence north are headed to louisville. what will it take for us to nab a ln kid? oden, conley, ferguson, van treese and now chandler and taylor gone elsewhere. and it seems we are in on a lot of top talent in 011, from gilchrist, teague, christmas, zeller, j davis, plumlee, dawson. is there a decent chance we can land at least 1, if not 2 of these guys? i'd assume we'd have the best shot with zeller and j. davis, but what's our standing with them and what about the other guys?

  • hoosierboy

    What are the chances that Zeller commits to IU? When does Zeller plan to make his decision?
    Are there any top 100 prospects in 2010 or 2011 that have high interest in IU or have the hoosiers onthe top of their list? Finally, how do the hoosiers stand with Patterson, Hollowel, Smith-Rivera?