Strong contingency of recruits expected for Hysteria

  • 10/15/2009 2:22 pm in

carlino052709aWe’ve had a couple of requests for a list of expected visitors for Hoosier Hysteria. It’s important to caveat this list as being fluid. A few recruits could end up not attending and there are probably a few that will show up that are not listed below:

2010 class

  • Victor Oladipo, DeMatha (MD), IU verbal
  • Ge-Lawn Guyn, Scott County (KY)

2011 class

  • Austin Etherington, Hamilton Heights (IN), IU verbal
  • Matt Carlino, Bloomington South (IN), IU verbal
  • Spencer Turner, Bloomington South (IN)

2012 class

  • Hanner Perea, Birmingham Central Park Christian (AL)
  • Jared Drew, Lawrence Central (IN)
  • Jeremy Hollowell, Lawrence Central (IN)
  • Kellen Dunham, Pendleton Heights (IN)
  • Kellon Thomas, Southport (IN)
  • Peter Jurkin, Charlotte United Faith Christian (NC)
  • Ron Patterson, Broad Ripple (IN)

2013 class

  • Darryl Baker, Jeffersonville (IN)
  • Darryl Hicks, Shelby County (KY)

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  • Name

    We can read Peegs too.

  • stevealford

    Only 1 recruit from 10 and 11 who is not already committed? And on top of that it is Guyn. Let’s hope he doesn’t commit.
    I like the 12 and 13 kids coming though. I would love to get Patterson. Hicks and Baker are studs as well.

  • Name

    what about tj bell?

  • Bloomington South has a football game.

  • Name

    Spencer Turner belongs on the spectator list not the list of recruits

  • Kelin Blab

    Does TJ play football?

  • GFDave

    Strong turnout from Hoosier state kids. Excellent.

  • I believe he plays JV football.

  • BGleas

    2012 looks good, but seems a little light on 2011 kids. Hopefully there's guys we're not aware of.

  • Or John Decker, Jody Demling or the Hoosier Scoop all of which have made mention of most of these names at one point or another. By the way, I didn't see Jared Drew reported anywhere else, but maybe I just missed it.

  • Added Spencer Turner to the list. Received word from our friend Chris Korman that he will attend.

  • Kelin Blab

    A few Hoosier Hysteria Predictions………

    1. Some surprise recruit will be there………..don't know who, but someone will be there…..ok CRAZY prediction….Austin Rivers…..(I have no inside info or anything, just a feeling)

    2.Jerimiah Rivers will be the most impressive

    3.Bawa will be cleared tomorrow

    4.Hulls will be the crowd favorite

    5.Recruits who will receive the traditional Er-ic Gor-don chants( matt carlino, austin etherington, Victor oladipo, Ron Patterson, Spencer Turner, one of the Darryls, and AUSTIN RIVERS!)

    6.Bawa will show he is vastely different from Tijan

    7.Jordan Hulls will dunk to let us know he can, but Creek will win the dunk contest…EASILY!

    8. Not a sellout, but a GREAT crowd

    9. Volleyball team will win

    10. Players who will do the stanky leg during introductions…..Christian Wateford, Mo Creek, Bobby C.

    11. Kelin Blab WILL get a NON NOSEBLEED Seat this year……Leaving at 5:45 pm with two cans of corn!

  • roninjeffersonville

    Alex, great news about Baker. But no Cody Zeller or Branden Dawson? Both Indiana kids. Whats the deal? Thanks

  • I wouldn't be concerned about Zeller. He's been to IU a couple of times this fall. Not sure where Dawson will be tomorrow night.

  • hooseyes

    is jeremiah davis being absent anything to worry about, or is he still considered an iu lean?

  • I wouldn't read much into his absence. His brother has a football game tonight and he won't be at anyone's opening practice according to Jody Demling.

  • psvirsky

    Any chance that Hoosier Hysteria is wild enough to woo a recruit? Not necessarily a guy committing tonight or this weekend, but what are the chances that someone commits in the next week based in part on tonight?

    And the more important question – who is most likely to be that person?

  • GFDave

    I'll take the bait. I don't see anyone from 2012 or 2013 committing. We're not recruiting Spencer Turner so nothing new will happen with 2011. That leaves 2010 and Ge-lawn Guyn as the most likely candidate.