Kyrie Irving “postpones” Indiana official, may not visit at all

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The latest on the Kyrie Irving recruiting front is not favorable for Indiana. According to a report by Adam Zagoria, Irving’s visit on October 2 and 3 has been postponed and most likely, canceled.

Everything we’re hearing on the Irving front indicates that he will not take an official visit to Bloomington and the Hoosiers have been all but eliminated from his list of schools.

According to Zagoria, Georgia Tech is now scheduled to get an official visit and Indiana is still a possibility for his fifth visit along with Seton Hall and Connecticut.

Update: Kyrie Irving’s uncle, Sye Dean, confirmed that his nephew is no longer considering Indiana to Adam Zagoria. Here are the comments from Dean, courtesy of Zagoria:

“Indiana is out. We respect the program. We respect Tom Crean. We feel blessed that a University of that caliber would recruit Kyrie, but sometimes in regards to this recruiting process you have to eliminate certain programs. That’s part of the process.”

“It’s always a process of elimination and I think Tom Crean and their program did a wonderful job. We just felt that Indiana wasn’t the place where he could develop and that’s no disrespect to Tom Crean. Although Indiana is a great program and has great coaches, we just felt it was conducive for us to go in another direction.”

“Although Kyrie will not be taking an official visit to Indiana University, as a family we have the utmost respect for the Indiana University program, its coaches and players. Unfortunately, during this arduous and lengthy recruiting process, certain perspectives and perceptions changed in what would be best for Kyrie and his future.”

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  • jg-Chicago

    Guys, this isn’t bad news. It may seem like a let down because of how much positive word has been reported on Indiana recruiting Kyrie, how hard Kyrie has been working on making his game better and how Kyrie has said positive things about IU. Truth is that this happens A LOT. Recruitment is so well document and followed these days, especially with high-profile kids. I would guess that the in home visit was to lay it all on the line on how a coach and his program wanted to treat and coach Kyrie. This didn’t fit with what Kyrie wanted. Let’s keep moving forward. Crean wants the most talented players in the country, we know that and that is what we want. The fact he was able to jump right in with Selby shows his character, ‘he’s all day’ when it comes to doing what it takes to make Indiana basketball the best.
    After this I am pulling the reigns back on becoming excited over recruiting. I like hearing about who we are interested in and who is interested in us, but this is exhausting. I prefer to follow the players who want to be a part of IU and cheering for them. I can’t wait for the next verbal. 1 star, 5 star who cares. Coach Crean will get 110% out of every player he brings in. As a diehard fan, that is all you can ask for night in and night out because you know that you were on the floor you would do whatever it took to win.
    Good luck Kyrie. Sorry you won’t be a part of this.

  • stevealford

    I understand it is a process , but the problem is we are taking steps backwards instead of going forward. Moses Morgan will be our best recruit this year if we can get him. We need some bigs in 2011 class. Hopefully we can pull in Zeller and Plumlee. Maybe not getting Irving will help with Teague?

  • tg1438

    This does hurt a bit, but I really like our chances now to grab J Davis (who may have shied away with KI, Hulls, VJ3, and Carlino). That would not only bring in a big time player, but would also help strengthen IU recruiting in the home state.

    It sure would look good to have all of those Indiana Elite players staying in-state and getting IU back to where it should be.

  • aerialM

    too bad, disappointing news for sure, but in the end, it is what it is…I'm guessing he goes to Duke. I'm really curious what happened at the in-home visit. maybe we wanted him to be more of a 2 guard? or maybe he feels like a 1(or 2)-and-done and going to Duke/UK gives him a better shot for exposure as he gets ready for the NBA. Still. what happened? how does an in-home visit lead to this? what possibly could have happened that leads KI to drop us after the last year or so of us being always mentioned as a likely spot for him? I'm floored. Hopefully we get J Davis!

  • MillaRed

    I wish him the same luck I do for any other Duke commit. None at all. Losing him to Coach K nauseates me.

    Lets not cry in our beer fella's (has anyone noticed their aren't many females on this blog. Just an observation).

    What can we do? The dude doesn't want us, so we don't want him. Have a good life.

    If this guy commits, how would Rivers and Hulls feel? Everyone that has committed in the last two years deserve our complete DEVOTION. Anyone that doesn't can't be blamed. We are rebuilding. It's a tough pill to swallow. But we just-aren't-there-yet…….

  • Kelin Blab

    The only things I could come up with is…..

    1. Duke has pratically NO ONE playing in front of KI and IU has a few guys at both spots, I don't think we could have given him FULL keys to the house as Duke and UK would.

    2. I think IU at this time of transition probaly hurt and the practically guarantee of big dance exposure with Duke/UK is something we don't have right now.

    3. It was impossible at this point for one of Crean's assistant to become KI's 2nd Godfather.

    I am on the J.Davis bandwagon even more now. Josh Selby ain't comin' to IU

  • 50andcounting

    Been a IU fan for 50 years and have seen it all. I saw the transition from C Mac. RMK but when IU put Mike Davis in as coach IU fell into 6 years of total darkness. Lose of national respect,IU family and the hiring of satan himself.8 years of internal decay. We need to give CTC a few years to set it right.To many IU fans have to many stars in their eyes [ thanks to the money hungry basketball “little g”gods] and parents of these “5 star supermen”have to many NBA $$$ in their eyes. All we know comes from people who need subscriptions so they can eat.CTC has his side too but the devils of NCAA take a way his freedom of speech.I don't know how CTC will [in 65 years i still cant read the tea leaves] do as a coach but I'm to much AMERICAN not to give CTC a chance.JMO.

  • HoosierDavey

    Disappointing, but I'm still pumped for Hoosier Hysteria! We've got a lot going in the right direction right now: a coach who follows the rules and who works tirelessly, an AD who is enthusiastic about IU sports and connecting with the fans, players who want to be Hoosiers, a team that is improving every day, highly-rated recruits giving us a good look…. Sure, we aren't where we want to be yet, but we are at least on the way. KI would have been a great get, but now we've got room to recruit a kid who wants to be here. Less than a month til we're all in Assembly Hall again!!

  • Bryan

    But you wonder if some kids magically become 5 star recruits once Duke starts sniffing around. For example, Rivals considered Greg Paulus to be the 11th best player in the country, making him a better recruit for 2005 than Chris Douglas-Roberts, Eric Devendorf, and Mario Chalmers.

    Heck, Brian Zoubek was a 5 star recruit, and he has yet to score more than 5 ppg in the 3 seasons he's been at Duke.

  • Bryan

    Yeah, it's hard to attract a big name recruit after the kind of season IU just had. Hopefully, next year rights the ship a little more, making the schools profile a little more attractive to future recruits.

  • Bryan

    It does seem interesting that IU went out of the mix shortly after Kentucky started to show real interest. I'd heard that Crean and Calipari were good friends, but had never recruited head-to-head before in the course of their careers. Wonder if this is the start of that relationship deteriorating.

  • PowerAnimal

    The way I look at it is Kyrie and his family wanted a guarantee for him to be the starter next year and Coach Crean said he couldn’t promise that with Hulls and such and he would have to be “hungry & humble” and actually work for the position. Apparently he must have already ate a Duke sandwich and wasn’t that hungry after all……..but in the end he will be humbled….Oladipo is going to be a god @IU..just wait

  • GFDave


  • Taskmaster75

    This is interesting. Im sure that about 75% of the people here were just sure that Irving was coming here. There has to be a bit of information we are missing. It just does not make sense to me, but I wish him luck, Duke gets a lot of attention. Indiana doesn't get as much as it used to.

    But hey, Crean can compensate, if this guy can actually form a semidecent team out of a bunch of mid level recruits, I am sure he can convince some high talent program changing guy to come here.

  • HoosierMike

    Like everyone else, I’m a disappointed- KI sounded like a great kid and tremendous talent. But I’m less concerned over recruiting. As long as CTC can keep players improving once they get to Bloomington, those 3-star guys will be studs. Player development is something IU has lacked in since The General left. PG play should be solid for the next few years, even if KI doesn’t don the candy-cane pants.

  • aerialM

    …at the same time, though, you can't miss what you never had, & I think we can still be a .500 team next year with a solid step forward to 20+ wins by the time KI would be getting here. if we can get in late with selby, good. if not, we should stash the scholly & wait for 2011…
    (what's the dea w/christmas and kendrick? why not go after them – realistically, we've made it further along with either of them than i'd have figured, so why not focus on one of them?)

  • I’d have liked to see Kyrie go to IU but it’s whatever is best for he and the family. He’s Duke’s to lose now.

    As for the karma comments, remember the same disparaging things you say about him come back to you and your program. You aren’t immune from karma 😉

    Try saying “Best of luck in the future to Kyrie and his family, wherever he plays.” Now THAT’S good karma 😉

  • JG-chicago

    I thought I would pass this along.
    I befriended Kyrie a few months ago on facebook. *Highlight of my week at the time when he confirmed me.* The page looks pretty legit, but whether it is him or not, I must say I am proud to be a Hoosier fan after seeing the great posts Indiana supporters wrote on his wall. Every post was a class act. 'Wishing him good luck.' 'Whoever he chooses we will follow his career closely.' And 'we wish he would have chose IU but we are still a great program and will be back.' That is the type of sportsmanship and 'fanhood' I am proud to be a part of. Especially seeing all the immature comments made by Duke and Kentucky supporters. I have nothing to say and want no part of fans or alumni of those schools. HOO HOO HOOSIERS!

  • russellbaxter

    I.U. needs to just recruit the top kids in the 100 -150 range and hope the coach can make them into really good players within their four years at I.U. It's really not a fan base problem. I think Tom Crean has 10 years to turn it around, seems to me the pressure is on him not the fans.

    I.U. can not compete with these big time programs, that's just the way it is. This program will be in big trouble if it comes up with only 6-10 wins this year. Early reports seems to indicate they will finish 10th in big ten, one position ahead of Iowa.

    My problem is I see alot of programs, Purdue, Illinois, that have had deplorable seasons the prior year and have came back within one year and yes be a factor for the title. This year is going to be very important for this program and you can mark it. Nobody will have more experienced Sophmores in the Big Ten as far as minutes played as Freshmans. I'll tell you one thing right now and I mean business too, this year will be I.U. make or break. Got to turn it around real fast in my most humble bumble opinion.

  • JerryCT

    Thanks for the explanantions. ” 10 years to turn it around” but ” make or beak year ” ?????????

    I always wondered who keeps thinking we did not actually land on the moon and the holocaust never happened…………now I know

  • JerryCT


    marquette since 2002 has had no 5 star committs. IU has had 4 , which is 1 behind UCONN , the same as MSU and 2 behind UCLA.

    I hope this helps put 5 star recruiting in a bit of perspective

  • George

    This was a tough breakup. He even posts “I wanted to thank all you Indiana fans you guys have been great…workout in a few time to move on and get better” on his twitter page. I was excited about the possibility of him coming here, but know that there are many other kids that are just as good/better. If he doesn’t want the support we would have given him (evidenced by his losing over 1,200 followers on twitter), didn’t want to held in the rebuilding process, or wasn’t up for the competition at the PG spot, best of luck to him somewhere else. We will get kids that truly want to be here and that will embrace all things IU basketball has to offer!

  • GFDave

    Jerry, I think your on to something. Moving back to the reality based world:

    IMO we have a reasonable chance at .500 this year. We should be better post defenders and scorers and better ball handlers and have more depth. Scoring options won't as limited and the team will be more experienced. Mitigating that is the fact that we probably did not get most team's full effort last year and so I expect the opposition to play harder this year.

    In 2010-2011 I don't see any reason this group can't be in the top 3 or 4 in B10, and maybe in the mix for a B10 title. Optimistic? Yes. Feasible? Sure.

  • tberry

    Whether the compensation was money or playing time or whatever, it seem that Irving wanted something that Indiana was not going to give or promise him.

    It is likely that Irving is so sold on himself that he is going to the highest bidder because he thinks he is worth it and want everyone else to make him their number one and give him whatever it is he covets.

  • JerryCT

    I am with you GFDave. In addition to the obvious from last year we had problems like:

    1) no one to practice against therefore improvement was slow and more difficult
    2) Dumas can defend one guard but we had no one for the other guard making Minn, PSU, UM, IL ( ie some of the weaker B10 teams) very difficult for us
    3) no true point guard forcing us to make our first pass in the half court offense too late into the clock causing bad shots and turnovers

    In addition to Rivers I believe this year we have a shot at defending with equal size everywhere on the floor and will have offensive skills we did not have last year. We should also progress more rapidly with more competition in practice. The opponent will have to stop us this year instead of relying on us to stop ourselves

  • russellbaxter

    I'm sorry reality is so painful to you. I guess we will have to wait and see what year I.U. goes over .500, and how long the wdier fan base stay on, outside your message boards jingles. It will be interesting to see where I.U. is extpected to finish for this year. I submit No. 10 is a mild imnprovement. Of course they still have to play the games. I think there are still a couple of years of great fustration ahead. I also think there are about six other teams that are going to only get better and better and better in the next three years. Would you like me to enlighted? Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Michigan. I simply see the talent shewed in the other direction with these six schools in the Big Ten. Sorry.

  • JerryCT

    OK. Now I get it.

    You are worried that we are not getting better fast enough to outpace the improvements of the other B10 teams. Losing Story and Williams did not help us out of the gate this year either IMO. You are warning us that realistically we should be less optimistic for this coming season………….right ?

    Warning accepted . I still say we will be a net 14 pts better and that will beat alot of teams you mentioned

  • Sallad

    I'm a girl.

    Also, I just checked KI's Twitter (Crean is still following him), and apparently IU fans have been posting negative stuff on there.

    Come on, guys, we're better than this.

  • Kelin Blab

    Does anyone know who else is due to visit this year?

    I have an interesting question for all of us…..Many of us expect Moses Morgan to commit to Indiana, what if he is the last 2010 committment, would you be pleased with that? What if we didn't get anymore 2010 guys would you be ok with that?

    Personally I would, I really want to get J.Davis and a big in 2011, then go after the 2012 kids DSR, Patterson, Hollowel etc……..I am somewhat over 2010. I have ZERO confidence in us getting Josh Selby…..

  • Anarchy06

    Not a big loss. Most he'll play is 1 to 2 years anyway. We need 4 year players. Let him go to UNC, Duke or one of those schools and screw their program when he leaves in one year………

  • jgongora86

    Kelin, I don't want Moses Morgan, and if we do I will look at crean as getting someone to try appease us fans. I don't know if we are capable of getting five star talent yet, but I think we can easily get 4 star talent. We shouldn't compromise. We need zeller, christmass, or plumlee with a touch of J. Davis. If we don't get Shelby, I hope he stops.

  • GFDave

    didn't know that.

  • GFDave

    mobley is supposed to visit.

  • GFDave

    mobley is supposed to visit.

  • Kelin Blab

    Looking at recent vistors, I see we may not be making any headway in the 'region'. Haven't heard about any of the kids from Gary coming to visit. That sucks…..

  • hooseyes

    Kelin… I would like to see what kind of progress has been made with Christmas and Kendrick before giving up on 2010, given that making the top 8 for Christmas was somewhat out of the blue and there have been a lot of rumors swirling about Kendrick… But if not one of those two I'd rather save Morgan's scholly for the future recruits you mentioned, I don't think Morgan gives us anything we don't already have and I think at this point its more important to use the schollies we have to start locking down our great state talent. And you're right, Selby is not even an option, and personally I think not getting a PG this class makes us that much more attractive to J Davis…

  • tberry

    Sounds like the old… “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you are with.”

    I hope Josh Selby doesn’t see it that way. I hope Crean has a lot of ideas on telling Josh Selby that he is the one IU REALLY loves!!!

  • MillaRed

    This was quite a reach really. Saying karma can catch up with you is disparaging? Good grief.

  • MillaRed

    Between Rivers, Dumes and Creek we should be able to pressure the guards that's for sure. Hopefully Verdell will improve in that area along with Hulls.

    At any rate I agree. Good on the ball defense really changes the game tempo.

  • roninjeffersonville

    What Irving doing on U-stream a NCAA Violations? If so, if so why and what is being done to report it?
    It is sounding more and more like his team is Ky, Playing for coach Calpone in Ripp-off arena

  • I was being sarcastic.

  • plane1972

    Although the deal was not sealed, I give a lot of credit to CTC and staff for sniffing out Irving early in the process. They did the same thing with Stacey Poole before he became such a hot ticket. Yes, he still has work to do to get the commit, but I think he will and the days and years ahead for the Hoosiers will be bright!

    A year or two of KI would have been nice, but if there was one position to have all your eggs in one basket, it was the point. I think we are solid there for a few years.

  • Well I think IU will rebound shortly. Most big time players leave early, so that helps move Indiana up the ladder quicker. Right now we need a good core of players that will stay 4 years, and I think we are doing that. I am really pumped about this recruiting class. I feel these kids are as good as anyone in the country. The chemistry they have is what excites me the most. I think this is going to be the best recruiting class since 1989. I really do. I think this core of guys is poised to bring in a 5 star or two and really make some noise in the near future. Creek and Watford are the two that have the potential to leave early, but I haven't seen enough of them to really decide if they are developed enough too. Just because we didn't land Kyrie doesn't mean all hope is lost. Look on the bright side….he was considering us heavily for a long time. Anybody see us last year? We are lucky a kid of that caliber is still looking at IU. That is why tom crean is here, because its Indiana. Don't get to excited about Selby either. I would love for him to come be a Hoosier, but we are late in the game. I guess my point is, is that all hope isn't lost because we don't get a 5 star recruit. We have a great fan base, a great coach, great facilities and god damn it were Indiana.

  • FactorialFnn

    What a bunch of Pollyannaish hogwash! We hired this coach to get it done…He's getting paid millions of dollars to fail at landing top recruits? Maybe in the 10th year of his contract he'll get lucky and find us another D-Wade? I love Tom Crean…because it's Indiana…blah…blah..blah.

    Do you think if he made a few extra phone calls these kids would come?

  • Diesel

    A little late on the post here, I was gone all weekend and found out the news from the paper Saturday morning. I think 90 posts laters shows that this is significant that Kyrie has decided his talents fit best elsewhere, the program will not be taking a step backward, but we are missing out on that opportunity to leap forward a bit quicker like we all want to. I agree Ben, not all hope is lost, the 2010 class is still open, CTC never stops recruiting, we will get better.

  • Diesel

    A little late on the post here, I was gone all weekend and found out the news from the paper Saturday morning. I think 90 posts laters shows that this is significant that Kyrie has decided his talents fit best elsewhere, the program will not be taking a step backward, but we are missing out on that opportunity to leap forward a bit quicker like we all want to. I agree Ben, not all hope is lost, the 2010 class is still open, CTC never stops recruiting, we will get better.

  • Factorial

    Sorry, just got finished with my second brain surgery of the day…Otherwise, I would have been on this blog much sooner. Crean wasted far too much time on a kid with a miserable lack of character.

  • The Kid

    How does it possibly show a lack of character by the kid? He has to pick a school that he feels is the best fit for him and his goals. If KI picked IU should Duke fans say it shows a lack of character by him? KI made what he thought was the best decision for him. He has sounded very knowledgeable and informed throughout the process and he made what he thought was the best and most informed decision for him. Eliminating IU does not turn him all of a sudden terrible guy. He was a class act during this whole process and I wish him the best.

    In the recruiting process, IU will win some recruiting battles and lose some others. It is part of the game and what makes the college basketball off season so exciting. Frankly, I am thrilled that Crean and the coaching staff were involved with KI for so long in the process and that they seem to be making good inroads with great recruits from the state of Indiana and abroad. I am excited about seeing the team this season and to see the knew talent Crean can bring in.


  • Burch

    Just because he didnt choose IU doesnt mean he lacks character. From what i've read he seems to be a kid with tremendous character. Maybe you know something i dont but i dont think you can just say a kid lacks character because he didnt choose IU. I wish he would've chosen IU but just because he didnt means he's an awful person. Its hard to convince a top recruit to come to a team that had the awful season we just had. But once we start improving i think the big recruits will start coming as hard as crean recruits

  • Factorial

    I sat in front of a Duke fan when we beat them in Lexington at the 2002 Regional.. There is a sense of entiltlement that turns my stomach…This Dukie sitting behind me at that game(screaming in my ear that Boozer would have his way with us “all day long” ) just assumed IU was a buried team from the initial tip-off..He must have said “all day long” 100 times in the first half..I can't help laughing at Coach K when he nearly faints(I actually believe one instance he actually did..) at every questionable foul call… Always that entitlement… I really didn't mean to sound so harsh toward Irving …I think it's my Duke hatred coming out….It's a prejudice I carry and must admit to…I do believe Kyrie lacks a good amount of maturity…Anyone that nearly proclaims to be the Second Coming on his YouTube highlights maybe needs a little guidance …maybe a good butt whoopin', too…Maybe a whoopin' from a guy that could exploit his major weakness- his lack of strength in going to the rack…Saying he lacks character was a cheap shot…Cheap because I hold a bad taste in my mouth from the little experience I've had around Duke fans…Very shallow thinking on my part….Cheap because I can't stand the color blue because it's shared by Kentucky…Cheap because I think he'll end up at Duke…Cheap because the kid is making a decision for all the safe and right reasons instead of a challenging wrong one to attend IU….Please forgive me Kylie for my cheap shot…….I'm sure, like your YouTube clip says, it is now time for the rest of the world to know who you are….I'm sure you have good character….plenty good enough for Duke.