Indiana to visit 2010 five-star guard Josh Selby

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selby091709aAdd another five-star guard to Indiana’s 2010 wish list. The Hoosier staff will visit the home of 2010 guard Josh Selby next Tuesday according to his mother, Maeshown Witherspoon. Selby, who de-committed from Tennessee over the summer, is rated No. 4 nationally by and No. 10 by

Jody Demling of The Louisville Courier-Journal has the scoop:

“Indiana is new,” Witherspoon said. “It was last night. But what I told everybody is that it was going to be hard to make a decision because we were not going to exclude any schools.

“I could never do a list because we didn’t want to count anybody out. Coach (Roshwon) McLeod was the point man and I have also talked to coach (Tom) Crean.”

Witherspoon said the coaches didn’t talk about Kyrie Irving or the late inquiry about Selby only saying they “apologized” for not getting involved sooner. Irving has long been an IU target but the Hoosiers are battling Duke, Kentucky and Texas A&M for Irving.

“Coach McLeod and I had a real good conversation and then Coach Crean and I had another good conversation. They said they wanted to come in and do an in-home and we’re fine with it.”

We’re not sure how, if at all, this news affects Indiana’s pursuit of Kyrie Irving, who recently announced an official visit to Kentucky on October 15. Selby played with IU commit Victor Oladipo last season at DeMatha but transferred to Lake Clifton (MD) for his senior season.

A video feature on Selby that was first published last year by The Washington Post is embedded after the jump …

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  • Kelin Blab

    could be a savy move by Crean as I didn't know he played with VO….it is worth a shot…..this will be an exciting or dissapointing October……..

  • CutterInChicago

    I am not sure it affects the recruiting of Kyrie Irving. Heck, we'd take them both. I cannot think that this would somehow diminish Irving's enthusiasm for us. Better to be pursuing 2 guys in the Top 10 Rankings for the class of 2010 than just one (or worse, none). Plus, this will give us all something else to freak out about (besides Irving). Now then, I must go find Mr. Selby on Twitter to start following him…

  • CutterInChicago

    Yep, just found him. He's protecting his Tweets.

  • GFDave

    I didn't know he played with VO either. Things are getting more interesting with every passing day. The November signing period is not far off, so I think there will be a lot of action from here on out.

  • Kelin Blab

    I know this much……….one of these kids better get to IU during midnight madness…….I remember a few years ago it was…..D.Ebanks, D. Elston, “Born Ready”, and someone else at midnight madness…..

  • Name

    Keep in mind that Kyrie and Selby are also friends. They played together at the Nike Global Games and won the championship.

  • jgongora86

    This just gets weirder and weirder doesn't it gentleman?

  • Quick off-topic update: Jeremiah Davis is planning to visit Michigan State in early October.

  • sacajacabuncar

    Could mean a few things. 1. Irving isn't coming and now we are going for Selby. Or 2. Using Selby to pressure Irving to commit. Or 3. Crean never stops recruiting. My gut says Irving has decided and it's not IU. Rivals has him with High Interest for Duke, but only medium interest for IU and everyone else. Just get some guys who want to play and stop screwing around with these prima donnas that must enjoy screwing with coaches on a daily basis.

  • Diesel

    I really thought the Etherington verbal would have lead to a couple more by now. Getting a bit restless….

    I can't see how the Selby news means anything negative in regard to the recruitment to KI. Let's see if Duke also tries for an in-home with Mr. Selby. A nice ploy by Calipari to stay behind for the 1st visit so that Kentucky can have a second home visit.

  • This definitely screams out that Irving will not be attending IU to me. Either way with VO and either guy it would be amazing. My whole thing is when are the bigs coming into play 2011?2012? I know all the bigs we have now are all probably 4 year players but you never know what might may happen have to be prepared we are going have more 6'2-6'5 guys then a Big&Tall store.

  • GFDave

    VO committed after Etherington.

  • Kelin Blab

    In my late night channel surfing saw some highlights on espn2 of the elite 24 classic in NY I believe and a few observations….

    1. It would really suck if KI didn't come to IU, a very very smooth guard and a good steering wheel to the big dance.

    2. It would really suck if Josh Shelby didn't come to IU, a very very smooth guard and a good steering wheel to the big dance…..also a great athlete.

    3. Austin Rivers, is slight of build, but has a lot O game! Dear Austin it is ok to decommit and join your brother, no really it is…….He will be one of the best players in the country wherever he goes. A lot of steph curry in him…

    Not sure who mentioned it, but I do like the observation of IU recruiting shelby to turn up some heat on KI. Crean has to keep recruiting and as I think he mentioned before…”you are either on or you are off, recruits take note, but this train is leaving the station…..”

    Victor is ON
    Who else?

  • roninjeffersonville

    Thanks Kelin great infor.
    I think we lost Irving to Duke. First, he speaks highly of Coach K. and Duke. Second, Coach Crean has told him he was our Point guard Now He is recruiting Shelby? I also hear he is getting alot of pressure from Harrison Barnes to commit to Duke with him. I will also go on record as saying he will commit to IU or Duke during the visits. So forget it Kentucky fans.
    I thought I read something about a year ago that shelby was playing in open gym at IU. After doing some research found he was commited to Tenn. Thought it was strange then, but maybe an omen

  • Diesel

    GF – You're right, and admittedly I wasn't thinking about the VO commit, but I was really hoping that Etherington's verbal would go ahead and draw Zeller or J Davis, some of the local kids with ties to Etherington.

  • A commitment from Davis at some point in his junior year doesn't seem to be out of the question.

  • Diesel

    Commitments are a bit like coaching changes – one guy leaves, then someone moves to fill their spot and the dominoes start falling. I think we are just a few Kentucky and Duke commitments away from knowing a bit more about what our team will look like.

    I'd like to be the first domino to fall – beginning Oct 2nd. Kyrie, you are still our man. Could you please fall into Mr Selby?

  • BGleas

    It could be that Crean is getting the feeling that KI and Selby would want to play together, and Duke doesn't seem to be going after Selby. Maybe going after Selby is a good sign on the KI recruitment?

  • BGleas

    The coaches do just as much, if not more, screwing around with the players. KI doesn't seem to be a prima donna at all, he's seems to be just trying to make the right choice.

  • tg1438

    There has been talk on here before about KI commiting and bringing friends with him. Maybe Crean has been reading those posts and liked the idea. Hopefully this could be the first sign of that. From what I've heard Selby and KI were the best two players on their team at the Nike Globals. Adding the two of them and then talking Gilchrist into joining the following year.

  • I wouldn't take it as such.

  • BGleas

    Thanks Alex. Trying to take a positive spin :).

  • Good to have you back posting, BGleas.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I saw that thing as well. Josh Selby is a very good athlete that would fit in really well with an uptempo system. I was really surprised that we were able to jump in on him. I would warn people not to get too excited about him. The connections are there but Selby is considering a ton of schools. It appears IU is in the thick of it but he is nowhere close to having an established leader. This would be an astonishing get for TC and I don't see any negatives to other players if we don't. By the way guys, it's Selby not Shelby.

  • BGleas

    Thanks Alex. I love the site, and you guys do a phenomenal job! As I said earlier to Diesel, I never stopped visiting the site daily, I really have no explanation as to why I was commenting much.

  • jg-chicago

    Definitely enjoy the more optimistic views on this. I don't think Crean would immediately turn out and try recruiting a kid that is friends with KI because he believes KI is not going to committ to us. He isn't stupid, he knows the players talk to each other. I agree that their is a sense of urgency in all recruiting but desperation I am not so sure of. I don't see that in Crean. I think Crean is showing how serious he is in bringing on Irving as his PG and adding a guy like Selby who can play the two guard as his running mate. KI may want to be wowed by a school that could add a friend he's played with on the AAU circuit to seal the deal.

  • jg-chicago

    and let me add. What if Crean has the ultimate recruiting chip in his back pocket now, a five star PG, Kyrie Irving. We know there is so much that, well…we really don't know. Maybe it is KI is coming and he is going to use that to wow Selby. Perhaps KI has even told Selby and that is why Selby has allowed us to come in late. Think of the possibilities. Let's keep positive and keep building.

  • GFDave

    Alex's comment below about Davis is interesting. Indicating a heavy IU lean?

    Just from knowing that the Zellers and Plumlees have been through this so many times before, I would be surprised if Tyler or Marshall committed before next year. I think they will be conservative and patient and wait to see if anything happens that will effect their decisions. That's just my take from a distance. No special knowledge on my part.

  • Name

    Looks like Irving is not going to be a Hoosier

  • Name
  • BGleas

    This is not good. Every one of the fathers quotes after saying “a family engagement” came up that weekend, refutes that it's really a family engagement. If it was, the simple answer would be that they're rescheduling with Indiana asap.

  • oldhoosierman1000

    We are done, Irving will not be a Hoosier. Oh well, on to the next, whom ever that might be. I doubt Selby is coming, I think Crean may be just a little frustrated and knew he needed to do something. Selby's mother states they are turning no schools away.

  • tberry

    Sounds like the old… “If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you are with.”

    I hope Josh Selby doesn't see it that way. I hope Crean has a lot of ideas on telling Josh Selby that he is the one IU REALLY loves!!!

  • George

    At least come visit us Selby! Maybe at Hoosier Hysteria?

  • George

    At least come visit us Selby! Maybe at Hoosier Hysteria?