Victor Oladipo joins Indiana’s 2010 class

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oladipo090309Prior to Thursday, 2010 DeMatha (MD) wing Victor Oladipo hadn’t had a chance to tour the Indiana campus. After an official visit to Bloomington that began Thursday and ended Saturday, Oladipo informed the IU staff earlier today that he was ready to become a Hoosier.

“It was official today,” Oladipo told Inside the Hall of his decision. “It just felt like it was perfect for me. The atmosphere and how Coach Crean leads his workouts. How they practice at a high tempo and do everything at a high energy type of level. That’s definitely how I play and how I practice. I just felt like that’s where I belong.”

Oladipo joins Jacksonville (FL) forward David Williams as the second member of the 2010 class. The 6-4 wing said a big factor in his decision was the consistency with which Indiana recruited him.

“Indiana’s been wanting me since December,” he said. “They’ve been consistent with me. They kept telling me how much they wanted me and coming to all of my games. They wanted me the most. And I felt like that was a sign saying, you need to go there.”

Oladipo also pointed to his relationship with freshman guard Maurice Creek and the fact that IU is known as a basketball school as two other important factors in his decision.

“That’s my big brother,” Oladipo said of Creek. “I’ve know him for a long time.”

And the campus?

“The campus is huge. It’s one of the biggest campuses I’ve seen so far. It’s beautiful. It’s like a basketball atmosphere everywhere you go. I drove around in the cart when Coach Crean was showing me around the campus and every second we were waving at someone. It’s a basketball town. That’s perfect.”

Oladipo on his game:  “I definitely play above the rim and like going to the basket. And I like dunking, too. I’m ready to work on my outside game. It’s good but it needs to be more consistent. I’m also working on my ball handling. It’s good but it needs to be perfect. I’m just ready to work and get better.”

Update: Here’s a video feature from the Washington Post on Oladipo:

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  • Kelin Blab

    On behalf of the Hoosier Family, ITH, Hoosiers the Movie, and Class Basketball….Victor Welcome to IU. You will LOVE the Hoosiernation…..

    That damn Crean is gettin' it DONE! I love it! Kyrie Irving the final scholly is yours if you want it, no need to wait anymore….

  • GFDave

    Welcome Victor and good luck with your IU career.

    It will be interesting to watch VO's national stature now that he has committed to IU. I bet he moves up significantly.

    VO's commitment shows why I was hoping KI would visit IU before Duke. You want the recruit to fall in love with you before the other guy gets a chance at him. Oh well, not gonna happen with KI, but I still like our chances.

    So there will be 3 commitments for 2010 (Williams, VO and KI (knock on wood)). With Carlino and Etherington already on board, we're at least one schollie over the max for 2011. We need big men also and so I think at least 1, and possibly 2, more big kids hopefully will commit from this list: Christmas, Plumlee, Zeller, Dawson (he plays big). And then there's Jeremiah Davis. A lot of changes are going to happen within the current roster and among the current commits. Wow. Exciting.

  • jgongora86

    Congrats young man. You will love it. All you have to do is work hard at school and hustle on the court and thats all we care about it. Coach Crean is a class act and I have no doubts that you will not only become a great basketball player but a great individual out of college.

  • BGleas

    I live in MD and my cousin lives across the street from Dematha, beside being a basketball junkie, this gives us even more incentive to check out a Dematha game this year. We both moved to MD about 2 years ago and have been talking about going to a game. I'll report back what I see.

  • GFDave

    I live in fairfax. Maybe we can take one in and form a hoosier block at the game.

  • BGleas

    That would be cool, I'm sure it would be a surprise to have a Hoosier fan section at one of the games in MD.

  • BGleas

    I hate to speculate on players leaving, but have to agree with this, and even wonder about David Williams' commitment. I just don't see where Roth gets playing time the next few years. I know he's a lights out shooter, but it looks like Creek is a pretty good shooter and Dumes can knock down some threes, then you have Carlino and Ethrington coming in '11. I can't see Roth being happy as a specialist at the end of halves and games.

  • jgongora86

    So with Kyrie Irving I'm envisioning this team to be guard orientated with an athletic power forward and center (Bawa, and Elston) capable of running up and down the court. Does that sound right to you guys? I honestly can see pritchard, roth, having a tough time with this type of offense. I would hate to see more transfers but I think Crean might be forced to take away scholarships. THe key for 2011 is to get Christmass and zeller and we have it made.

  • Bryan

    He may not be ranked high by rivals/scout/etc right now, but supposedly he's had a good summer in AAU, so he may be on the rise.

    That's something I've noticed about Coach Crean thus far. He seems to be good at identifying which kids are going to improve over time, versus kids who have their status handed to them early. I read that he was one of the first people to give Kyrie Irving a look a year or two ago, and look where that guy is now.

    With Oladipo and (hopefully) Irving on board, we still look to be a more guard-oriented team. I can't remember what style of defense Crean preferred at Marquette, but is there any chance he adopts a pressing style of defense?

  • Kelin Blab


    I am going to hold out on TP. I think he has a place at IU and especially in the big ten…this year will be very telling about him and matt roth. Also the development of Bobby C could play a role in TP future…..nevertheless I like what is on the way. I still say to my IU faithful….D.Will WILL be in an IU uniform. Not sure how retracting a scholly would play in the recruiting world……..

  • Eric

    Say goodbye to Matt Roth after this year!

  • jgongora86

    Actually K, retracting schollies is very common in the college athletics. My brother is assisting a professor at UNC who is doing a documentary on recruiting. Apparently a coach is given a certain amount of scholarships and he or she can use it any way they want. If he wants to give one player $200 and another $2000 a year he can. Also scholarships are only given on a one year basis ( not four). I hate to say it but Crean might not offer certain kids scholarships after a certain amount of years. His brother in law coaches football at stanford, and in college football taking back scholarships is very common. Perhaps he's going to take a college football mentality when it comes to recruiting.
    Just a theory though.

  • Kelin Blab


    I think you will definitely see more of a pressing and half court pressing type of team. Ofcourse lots of man to man and trying to force the tempo alot. I remember with Crean's team there were always strong guard play and good shooting big's……What you won't see is grind it out a whole as he continues to build his type of team….other than when we play Wisconsin they seem to do that to everyone……

  • aerialM

    am I the only guy not doing cartwheels over VO? sure he seems super-athletic and thrives in an up-tempo game and his D will get him early looks. he's going to be a real prize for someone, don't get me wrong, but I wonder, where we are at IU, right now, with the way the 2010 and 2011 classes are shaping up, if this recruitment is going to help us as we think it might. I trust Crean, I trust Crean, I trust Crean…but I shudder at the Steve Hart comparisons and can't help but wonder how our size is going to be effected by his commitment. We seem to be heavily guard oriented, which has its pros and cons. we certainly need to focus on bigs for 2011. Two questions: what does VO give us that Moses Morgan does not? And where does this leave us with Jeremiah Davis?

  • GFDave

    At this point the only definitive thing that VO gives that Moses doesn't is a commitment, and that's entirely up to the player. Crean can't control who wants to and who doesn't.

  • roninjeffersonville

    First let me say ” Welcome VO”. Cant wait to see you play.
    Second, I think I can see what coach is doing. Like “jgongora86 ” said earlier. I believe at the end of the year. Coach will look at each player and determine which will stay. Each player will have to earn another year, by playing well. The person at the end of the bench will be in trouble.
    I would like to see Morgan come. And I am not counting out Poole and Irving. But with more and more coming in to this program, some will have to leave. I guess price you have to pay for a deep and talented team. But what a motivational tool.
    Plus the ones that get into trouble or cut classes will be at risk. If this is what he is doing,look at the demun shirt years/compared to this

  • steventexas

    STOP THE HYPE ! Our two commits would not be able to walk-on at top programs. They might be ok for Ball State or IUPUI but this caliber player will insure us the bottom rung of the Big 10.

  • tg1438

    I like this commit. When was the last time that IU had a lock down defender who played about the rim like this kid? From the sounds of things he's also very dedicated to improving his all around game. Are the Hoosiers going to be very guard oriented? Yes, but we are also in on a nice group of bigs for 2011 (Christmas, Zeller, and Plumlee). KI's signing will be huge, but if we are expecting him to come in and lead this group then we have to have athletes around him, and VO is an athlete.

    Also as said before on here many times, you can't have all 5 star recruits. There just aren't enough shots to go around for all those stars. Great teams have role players who do the little things that win games and championships (Jarrad Odle and AJ Moye). And at IU we reward those role players and forever give them a place in the storied history of IU!

  • JerryCT

    Recruits: I personally donot believe we can predict the outcome of a recruit, ie skills, keeps committment, grades etc. For now I am pleased w VO but ALL kids need to get better to play college ball.

    Roth, TP: Pritchard will definitely play if he wants to. He is not slow getting down the floor and he is active and is rarely moved around under the basket.

    Roth, I like, but have always said he has the most work to do to play in TC's system. I think after this year he needs to decide whether this system is his cup of tea.

  • MillaRed

    As we go through this process, I continue to get frustrated with the policies in place by the NCAA when as it pertains to the gag order they have on coaches regarding recruiting. I understand specific player names scannot be mentioned etc. But how frustrating is it not to know what is on Coach TC's mind? It leaves so much speculation out there in terms of what the rebuilding process is.

    When you look at the scholarship link on this site, noting we are “guard oriented” is an understatement. Firstly, we HAVE to assume Bawa will be eligible. If not, we have two bigs for the next three years. Even if he is, let's not talk about TP, Bawa or Capo going down with injury. And no I am not comfy with Elston ever playing the 5 spot.

    On the other hand, when it comes to J. Davis, M. Morgan etc. If they stop shopping themselves around and concentrate on what they really want perhaps they will be happy. We cannot hold the program hostage while they screw around with the process. VO just took the scholly one of these kids were looking for and personally I think they will regret it.

  • BFowler

    VO reminds me of Jordan Crawford. He has long arms, very athletic, somewhat unorthodox. I believe (I could be wrong), Jordan was rated similarly to Victor and he turned out to be a pretty good player in the one year he played with IU.

    This is Coach Crean's M.O., he loads up on guards and usually has big men who can shoot. His class with Matthews, James, and another guard whose name escapes me right now, was exactly what he was looking for. His final four team was Deiner and Wade and Novak. VO fits the mold of Crean's style.

    I am going to be forced to agree with many who are saying that Roth's days may be numbered. I don't like to think of IU as that place, but I also understand this is a business. I hope it would be by his choice, but I have a feeling it may not be. I also would not be surprised to see Williams go elsewhere, but I also think he is the only player who comes close to Christian Watford on the defensive end.

  • because it's Indiana

    I'm reminded of the an old Tom Crean quote regarding recruiting, in response to working hard and rebuilding, “Don't blame me if we get someone else that wants to do that.” Oladipo is that guy. He pulled the trigger while others shuffled around. Carpe Scholly!

    I could care how many stars are by his name. He has great athleticism, work ethic, and IMMEDIATELY chose IU after visiting.

    Welcome Oladipo, welcome to IU, there's nowhere else like it.

  • George

    I think we should only get 1 of Morgan, Irving, Poole, or Davis (preferably one that can play PG and SG) then get at least 1 of Zeller, Plumlee, or Christmas. The oversigning will work itself out, and we will see what happens this year. If someone doesn't do well this year, I do see them getting pushed out which is good and fine and should happen. Plus, if a committed recruit doesn't work hard to improve throughout high school, I think it is fine to replace him with someone else too. If Crean and staff see something is David Williams, I will wait and see how it plays out because he has good size for guard/forward versatility. But, if he doesn't do the things that he needs to to get better, I'm fine with pulling that scholarship too and helping find him another school. No need to keep him for a year to only push him out the next if that is the case.

  • GFDave

    This video/story on Oladipo was posted on Peegs. Its good and it answered one of the biggest questions I had on VO: how to pronounce his name.

  • Thanks for the link. I added it to the post.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Welcome to the Hoosier Nation Victor. I know we are all concerned about the number of guards we are accumulating on this roster. I would say one thing, there is still some time for one or two of our big guys to commit. Don't forget that Bawa Muniru is a big and Derek Elston, Bobby C and TP are all big bodies. I know we need one or two more bigs but I trust Crean. His Marquette teams usually gave at least five different guards a lot of minutes and I think he is planning to do the same here.
    I love Victor's athleticism and I love that we have a defensive-minded defender (you can never have enough defensive guards on your roster). Let's get Kyrie Irving in here, sign a big guy or two and get at it. Great job Coach Crean!
    As for next year, I completely agree with everyone on Matt Roth. It is looking like it will be increasingly difficult for him to find the floor. However, we have seen a lot of players make a significant jump from their freshman to sophomore year. Let's hope Roth is in that camp, I would love to see him make it as a Hoosier.

  • GFDave

    No problemo

  • hoosier2601

    I live in Baltimore.. I'm in if u guys decide to go to some games..

  • BGleas

    We don't have any five star recruits, yet. Yes, you need role players, but without 2-5 five star guys, you're not winning a championship.

  • BGleas

    It could be IU holding Davis and Morgan hostage. Crean knows he wants Irving and we're thin upfront, maybe he's holding Davis off because he's waiting for Irving/Zeller/Plumlee.

    It happens that way too. When I was being recruited I had a couple schools all over me, and then the school I really wanted said, “We have 1 scholly left for this year, and PG is our priority ( I was SF), we have two kids we're looking at, if we don't get them, then your next.” I ended up delaying my decision until spring of my senior year so I could wait for the school I really wanted, needless to say I didn't end up at the school I was holding out for.

  • Just my opinion, but I believe Davis has the green light to commit whenever he wants.

  • Wood

    As a fellow Hoosier now living in MD, I’d love to go see VO and Dematha play this season.

  • tg1438

    I agree, but hopefully our 5 star guys are coming soon (Irving, Christmas, Plumlee, Zeller). 2 of those guys accompanied by a mature group of role players would be a great group.

  • BGleas

    I agree, it would be great if we got two of those four. Hopefully Irving, and I'm especially intrigues by Christmas, not sure what his offensive game is like though. If Bawa develops, we might be better off with Zeller and or Plumlee.

  • Moye Cowbell

    I think the instances where it is opportunistic to applaud Coach Crean on his abilities to develop and maximize talent should cover every player, both prospective and current. So its a bit premature to write off Matt Roth after just one season. Besides the fact that he’s wearing our colors and we should be 100% supportive, he should get the benefit of the doubt as far as his progression as a basketball player. The increased level of talent brought in this year will elevate practices and inspire higher levels of competition, making everyone better. There is no reason to suggest that Matt Roth won’t improve as well.
    On another note, with Victor Oladipo committing to a school after his first official visit, could cause some anxiety with Kyrie Irving and his official visits, being that Duke is his first stop.

  • Kyle Burcham

    Crean just posted a pretty good video on twitter talking about the offseason workouts and stuff. From the way he sounded he didn't seem too thrilled with how pritchard and roth have been compared to how excited he was to talk about how much better other players are getting. That may have just been how I took it though.

  • cager

    kid can play…u will love his game and spirit.

  • cager

    kid can play…u will love his game and spirit.