Teague shelved by Pike for excessive technicals

  • 02/07/2009 1:03 pm in

According to a story published in this morning’s Bloomington Herald Times, Indianapolis Pike sophomore Marquis Teague has been suspended for an undisclosed number of games for picking up too many technical fouls. Teague missed last night’s game at Bloomington North:

Foul trouble took the starch out of their defense in the fourth quarter, but Pike, minus star guard Marquis Teague, was still able to iron out a 67-63 Conference Indiana victory at the Cougar Den. Pike (9-5, 5-1) wasn’t handicapped much by having Teague suspended for racking up too many technicals.

I didn’t really address this when I posted video of Teague earlier this week, but his fifth foul last Friday against Bloomington South was a technical for jawing at an official. And that came after he jawed at Jordan Hulls and Darwin Davis Jr. the entire game. I know this is a moot point because Teague is likely headed south to Louisville, but I can’t imagine a scenario in which Tom Crean would tolerate this type of behavior.

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