No TMA this morning; open thread instead

  • 12/01/2008 8:55 am in

As my one final act of irresponsibility from my week-long vacation, I’m ignoring The Morning After yet again today. Sad. I know. But I was traveling home through treacherous snow all day, didn’t see much of the game, and I’m not going to fake my way through it. That’s what she said.

So again, here’s an open thread. Got something you want to add? An early-morning revelation? Something you’re just dying to get off your chest? Post it in the comments below.

I’ll get us started: Last night, I had not one but two Whoppers from Burger King, and I’d like to posit that nothing makes you feel simultaneously great and horrible than a full meal from Burger King. It’s like eating a physical contradiction.

That is all.

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