Hoosiers crush DIII opponent Anderson, 103-71

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creananderson.jpgForgive us for not firing up Cover It Live or a game thread to help usher in Tom Crean’s debut in Assembly Hall, but let’s be realistic and treat tonight’s game for what it was: a glorified practice against a Division III team.

Crean’s team did what it was supposed to do: The Hoosiers started with a nice run (21-2 to start the game) and kept applying pressure to a team that was clearly overmatched.

The starting lineup featured four freshmen (Verdell Jones, Tom Pritchard, Nick Williams and Matt Roth) and Vincennes JC transfer Devan Dumes.

Pritchard (20 points and 10 rebounds), Dumes (22 points) and Jones (18 points) each turned in solid offensive performances and Williams showed a nice touch from the free throw line, going 6 of 7. Roth never got into the flow and totaled just five points in 22 minutes.

IU shot 83 percent from the foul line and 56 percent from the field, which could very well be a season-high when it’s all said and done. Overall, it was a solid performance for a team that will struggle to find consistency due to its inexperience, but should pull out a decent amount of wins on account of grit and hustle.

Your thoughts on the game and complaints about the BTN’s botched streaming experiment are welcome in the comments.

Note: IU is considering adding another walk-on, Kipp Schutz, who plays baseball for the Hoosiers and was all-conference in high school at Evansville Harrison. (Thanks to ITH reader Corey for the tip.)

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  • Kelin Blab

    How interesting……i was about to logon and watch on line and got sidetracked, so the BTN reputation still holds strong with me. I do like the starting lineup. After watching Roth in the intrasquad scrimmage, he will be fine an the kid can flat out shoot it……

    IU has another PG walk-on that is pretty solid on D…..

  • kgork

    Verdell Jones looks really solid at the point. Dumes is a pure scorer; he's able to shoot the j and get in the lane. Pritchard looked good, but did miss a few easy looking buckets. Also, we had trouble rebounding which is somewhat concerning.

  • Kelin Blab

    I expected some rebounding problems given our size….

  • Atwater

    Looking at Jobe, I can't imagine how he can't do more against Anderson. Yeah, he only played a few minutes, but why?

  • NC Fat Boy

    We had trouble blocking out on the boards which leads to the trouble rebounding. While the team looked good offensively, the youth of this team showed with some poor shot selection and sometimes appearing a little out of control.

    Team passing was good, and they ran the floor well. I was impressed with Pritchard's hustle and ability to run the floor with the guards. He also had a nice block in the first half. Will have to watch foul trouble though.

    Jobe, physically impressive, although I did not notice a tremendous amount of athleticism. I noticed him “standing” a bit, hopefully McLeod can develop some skills.

  • tberry

    Have to admit, I didn't watch every second of the game but the BTN coverage was so bare bones that I could not keep track of the score easily. Then we started seeing replays or something. I wasn't impressed with the coverage.

  • Sallad

    I was really pleased with the game last night. We had seats on the floor on the end, and before the game Coach Crean came over and thanked us for coming out, and then did the same after the game. AH was nowhere near as loud as it has been in recent years–but those who were there understood the significance of the game.

    I was quite pleased with Jones and Dumes, though Pritchard's late foul trouble worried me, and he needs to work on his rebounding. Jobe looked out of place at times, but when he did something right you could hear Crean yelling encouragement to him. Crean really did a lot of teaching on the sidelines, you could see it all game.

    I think we all understand that this isn't last year's team, and that this game's score is what you're supposed to have against at DivIII opponent. But the team played with a lot of heart–smiling and congratulating each other, getting excited, diving for loose balls. I left the game last night feeling good about watching this team–and finally matched up walk-ons' faces to names.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Given that we are supposed to “suck” this year (not my words!), I was very pleased that we handed it to Anderson.

    Hey, if we're supposed to be so bad, how could you expect a performance like this, even against a D III school? I'd say it's a solid A performance for the first time out.

    I think Jones has just enough size to hang in there, despite being so thin, Dumes needs to hit his shots, but his FT touch is nice, and Pritchard is solid. We need Taber back and healthy for a little depth upfront. After watching Roth at HH, he can shoot…so if we get him open looks, he'll be a nice option on the kick out. I'm still expecting more from Nick Williams.

    This team hustled and is only going to get better.

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  • Alisha D Herron

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