List of former Hoosiers that will attend Hysteria

  • 10/16/2008 7:31 am in

With Hoosier Hysteria just a day away, IU issued a press release with details about the event which you can read here. Tom Crean hinted at some type of participation from former Hoosiers and now we finally have the list:

Among the former players who will be attending the event include Adam and Steve Ahlfeld, Lee Aldridge, James Barley, Jack Brown, Archie Dees, Scott Eells, Steve Green, Kyle Hornsby, Ted Kitchel, Mike LaFave, John Laskowski, Todd Leary, Gary Long, Jerry Memering, Mike Noland, Wayne Radford, Steve Risley, Errek Suhr, John Wallace and Frank Wilson.

I’m sure some of you will say, where are guys like Scott May and Quinn Buckner? I will counter with: Isn’t it nice that we have a coach that embraces the tradition of the program? As time moves along and Crean rebuilds this fractured program, you’re going to see more former players getting on board. For now, just be happy that we get one more night with Adam Ahlfeld.

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