Crean’s latest target: 2010’s Aaron Cosby

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acosby.JPGWith the 2009 recruiting class wrapped up barring an unforeseen event, the Indiana coaching staff is shifting its focus to 2010 and beyond.

The latest to garner an offer from Tom Crean and company: 6-3 guard Aaron Cosby from Jeffersontown High School in Louisville, according to Jody Demling of The Courier-Journal:

Jeffersontown junior guard Aaron Cosby told The Courier-Journal that Crean watched him in open gym on Thursday and offered him a scholarship this afternoon.

“He told me he was very impressed,” Cosby said. “This was the first time he had seen me play. I am going to think long and hard about it this week.”

Cosby noted the Hoosiers will only have two scholarships available in the Class of 2010. He’s making a visit to Miami of Ohio this weekend and was already scheduled for an unofficial visit to Bloomington next weekend.

Cosby sat out most of last season after transferring from Manual to Jeffersontown. He committed to Travis Ford and Massachusetts before his sophomore year, but re-opened his recruitment after Ford bolted for Stillwater. He currently doesn’t figure into’s rankings for 2010, but I would expect him to end up as a four-star player in that class. Here’s a list of schools involved with Cosby: Minnesota, Miami (OH), Purdue, Dayton, Ohio, Western Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Louisville, Auburn, Virginia and Oklahoma State.

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  • junkman

    I'm confused…On Hoosier Nation it has IU in the hunt for Chris Braswell…and that would consume our scholarship allotment….
    Scholarship Seniors by class
    2008 – Taber
    2009 – Dumes, Jobe
    2010 – Rivers (Finklemeier walk-on)
    2011 – Jones, Pritchard, Roth, Story, Williams (Moore, Lewis, Barnett walk-ons)
    2012 – Muniru, Capobianco, Watford Elston, Hulls, Creek
    2013 – ??? (2 available)…
    2014 – Carlino

  • jgongora86

    Personally, I think we should not sign crosby and focus all of ouf attension, in trying to get another power forward for the 2010 class. I want to save crosby scholarhip for Marcus teague of the 2011 class. Can you imagine a carlino and teague compo. wow.

  • I'd be shocked if IU got Braswell. I just don't see where the scholarship would come from.

  • TomCoverdaleIUHero

    So first you want them to not sign Cosby to get another forward and then you say you want them to use it for Maquis Teague what do you want? A big man or another PG it doesnt matter to me we have plenty of big guys now……Teague would be excellent tho

  • jgongora86

    Nothing against cosby, but I would rather sign a forward or another big in a class loaded with big time bigs, and save it for teague. I just think teague is that much better than cosby. I'd be happy if with we got Ross but Teague is a Indiana product and a lot more upside. we need balance and in 2010 and 2011 we only have a couple of scholarships. It would be nice to have to bigs for the 2010 class and two guards in the 2011 class.

  • Taskmaster75

    Unfortunately, Indiana is going to have to get used to Crean's offense, which is loaded with guards. I'm in full support of landing as many good guards as we can get. Crean should definitely get this guy, but Teague should probably be our main target.

    I've heard rumors that Braswell still wants to come to IU, and Creek(Braswell's teammate at hargrave) says that if Crean keeps talking to him, he will come. Any truth to this? I would love to have him, but i really don't see anyway unless Bawa decides to sign in the spring because of his failing grades

  • BobbyDigital

    Where did you hear Bawa had failing grades? I know his school had trouble with the ncaa but I don't think it had anything to do with him. The kid speaks 6 languages, I think he should be ok to graduate high school.

  • pacino

    It would b really nice to get Braswell. Is it even possible though, with the number of schollys available?

  • TomCoverdaleIUHero

    Braswell would be such a good pick up if we do get him I would suspect that a player like Malik Story would probably transfer his playing time would be shot after this year and the idea of Rivers walking on is nice but i dont think literal……this whole thing could come out to be pretty interesting with Braswell we would have what 5 or 6 legit big man with Tijan being the exception and stellar wing and point guard play wow the immediate future is very bright

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Braswell!…Lets have Rivers pay his way. Come on Doc, dont be cheap.

  • pacino

    Yes, if we can get Braswell that would be great. He is a legit big with much promise. Can't wait to hear were he decides to go. Anyone know if he is going to make his decision soon?

  • pacino

    He commited to Charlotte today. Bummer!

  • ts

    This guy was in one of my classes at Manual. He is really quiet and nice. I hope the hoosiers get him.

  • ts

    This guy was in one of my classes at Manual. He is really quiet and nice. I hope the hoosiers get him.