ITH Super Happy Fun Time Top 10 List: Scott May

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scottmay.jpgThe ballots have been counted and it’s time for Inside the Hall’s countdown of the greatest Indiana players of all-time. Today: No. 2: Scott May.

Years at Indiana: 1973-1976

The numbers: 1,593 points (17.7 average); 594 rebounds (6.6 average)

Career highs: 41 points (February 26, 1976 at Wisconsin); 17 rebounds (February 8, 1975 at Iowa); 9 steals (February 7, 1976 vs. Michigan)

Notable achievements: All-American (1975, 1976); National player of the year (1976); First team All-Big Ten (1975, 1976); Big Ten MVP (1975, 1976); Indiana team MVP (1975, 1976); Big Ten champion (1974, 1975, 1976); National champion (1976)

The case for May: One of the hardest working players to ever wear the candy stripes, May was the first Indiana player to win the player of the year award in 1976 when he led the Hoosiers to a 32-0 record and a national championship. He won Big Ten titles in each of his three seasons in Bloomington and was a two-time Big Ten MVP and All-American. May was one of three Hoosiers taken in the first round of the 1976 NBA Draft as the Sandusky, Ohio native went No. 2 overall to the Chicago Bulls.

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  • plane1972

    Make room for Brian Sloan at the top of the mountain. Can't wait to read about his uncanny talent for the screen. He should get credit for at least 33% of Alford's points.

    Looking forward to reading about silky smooth Cal tomorrow. The best ever!

    I apologize for digressing. I was 4 when May was at his height in Bloomington.

  • bobo12

    There is absoluteley no way that Calbert Cheaney is the best player in IU history!!!

  • DJW

    I knew this wa going to happen.

    Anger Management classes are filling up.

  • indiananorthshore

    Maybe you can make a lame argument for Cheaney given his full 4 year body of work.
    However unfathomable is Mike Woodson not only not being a top 5 player but totally missing the list.
    IU Hall of Fame
    IU MVP 79-80
    Big Ten Title 1980
    Big Ten MVP 1980
    Pam AM Gold Metal
    2 time All American
    Ranked number 1 in the country until he hurt his back in 1979
    Third all time IU leading scorer
    Would have been all time Big Ten scorer if not for a bad back
    Good solid person and a pretty long and solid NBA career
    Coached Hawks to a seventh game against the Celtics

  • DJW

    Lame Arguement?…Phftt

    All of the nominees were some variation of the below:

    As were many others who were left off the list

    IU Hall of Fame
    Big ten MVP's
    All Americans
    leading scorers
    Part of some kind of championship (Big 10, Nat , etc)
    NBA players with solid careers

    MW missing the list….Not unfathomable at all

  • indiananorthshore

    not just leading scorer but 3rd all time leading scorer. If he would not have been hurt in 79 Isiah would have 2 ncca championships
    If I were picking a team at the hyper building
    1 Zeke
    2 Big George
    3 May
    6th man-Steve A

  • I can understand some disappointed on Woodson being left off the list — but keep in mind there is a large contingency of greats that have played at IU. Someone had to be left off and based on the process used to come up with this list, we feel really good about it.

  • Millport

    Scott May was a great player for IU. If not for a broken arm, IU would have probably won two championships and been undefeated for two years, in a row.
    It is impossible for everyone to agree on topics like this. I can't get my family to agree on where we go for dinner!
    May is deserving of this ranking, could he have been #1, sure. Several others could have received strong consideration for the #1 ranking.
    Bobby Wilkerson should not be on the list, but he was a pioneer of the rangy guard. If May and Wilkerson had been early predictors, who knows. They couldn't play as freshmen, so they only had three years.
    Whatever, all 10 players are deserving. Where they belong can be argued way into the night.

  • MPmike

    Brain Sloan did most of the screens for Jay Edwards. Steve Eyl, Todd Meir, Darryl Thomas, Joe Hillman etc.. did alot of screening for Steve Alford.


    Will never forget his disloyalty in sending his son Sean to UNC.


    Will never forget his disloyalty in sending his son Sean to UNC.