Crean on 93.9 The Ticket on Thursday afternoon

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Indiana coach Tom Crean will appear on Louisville radio show The Front Row Ticket on 93.9 FM Thursday afternoon with Rick Bozich and Jody Demling of The Louisville Courier-Journal. Fans outside of the Louisville/Southern Indiana area can stream the show at The show is on the air from 1PM EST to 3PM EST and the Indiana coach will appear on the 1:12 segment. Crean wrapped up his recruiting for the summer on Sunday afternoon as he hit Fort Wayne, Kansas City and Orlando.

Update: We’ve got the audio in its entirety below:


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  • MrMike

    Big A: what time does the show come on?

  • 1-3 eastern, he'll be on at 1:12. Should have had that in the post. Just added it in.

  • hoosier07

    thanks BigA

  • TXHoosier

    Anybody hear this? I was away from my computer and I'm still working on positioning my antenna to pick it up.

    (Moment of silence in honor of the Cardinals' KMOX years)


    The interview was from Milwaukee where Crean is visiting.
    Coach Crean discussed the limitations of the recruiting issue.
    Of course he could not mention any players by name.
    He did discuss the outing of past players and managers
    in French Lick later this summer.
    Interview was only 15 minutes long.
    Nice of the blog staff to alert the Hoosier Nation on the interview!

  • We posted the audio for those who missed it.

  • TXHoosier


  • Kelin Blab

    Gee Memphis being investigated for recruiting violation…..what a surprise….

  • Kelin Blab

    Does anyone know when the NCAA is supposed to rule on IU I thought it was this month…..

  • BigA, who is coach recruiiting in Orlando.?..Guessing Byrd in Ft Wayne and maybe Goff in Kansas?

  • AAU nationals were in Orlando this past weekend.

  • The “failure to monitor” allegation could drag things out a little bit longer than originally expected.

  • tetkalee

    Great idea to host the past players outing in French Lick. Crean knows how to rally the Hoosier Nation. This is something Kelvin would have NEVER done.

  • hoosier40

    I love me some Tom Crean! Everytime I hear him talk about the program I get excited. This guy IS the right man for the job. Hoosier nation will be back to the power it used to be very soon!

  • JerryCT

    Several months ago I put Aug4th on my calendar for the NCAA announcement on our penalties. Is this still on track ? Anybody know for sure ? Could be a big week if this is still the schedule.

  • BornRed

    What are the chances Memphis actually gets punished?

  • BornRed

    What are the chances Memphis actually gets punished?