Negedu’s coach: A lot of words, little substance

  • 06/16/2008 11:08 am in

negedu.jpgAs much I like to follow recruiting, there are some things that drive me crazy. One of those things is when a recruit, parent, coach, representative or handler takes a list of schools and discusses it with a reporter. Take Emmanuel Negedu’s coach at Brewster Academy, Jason Smith, for example. Smith talked to Adam Zagoria of the Zagsblog about the four schools in the running for Negedu and the result was a big pile of nothing:

Indiana has tremendous tradition and passion for basketball. The previous staff recruited Emmanuel, so he was familiar with the University, but it was a great chance for him to get to know Coach (Tom) Crean and hear about his style and track record of player development. They are rebuilding and would offer a shot at immediate playing time. He is very familiar with Bloomington, since he lived there and played for Indiana Elite. A few of his former teammates at IU definitely make it an attractive option. Emmanuel enjoyed getting to know Coach Crean. It’s very evident he’s a high-energy, upbeat coach who Emmanuel reports works non-stop…constant motion.

Indiana has tradition and passion for basketball? Who knew? I know some of you are waiting anxiously on a decision from Negedu, but all signs point to Tennessee or Memphis. Luckily we have Kyle Taber* back to hold down the paint.

{HT: Basketblog}

*For the record, Kyle Taber is a fine lad who I enjoy watching play basketball.

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