Dakich: “That ain’t quittin, that’s just missin”

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ddak1.jpgFormer Indiana Director of Basketball Operations/Assistant coach/Interim coach Dan Dakich talked to Al Hamnik of The Northwest Indiana Times and Hamnik fired off some questions we’ve all been clamoring to have answered. Dakich gave a couple of good responses and predictably, dodged the toughest question:

NW Times: It’s been rumored there was a drug problem on the team.

Dakich: I’m not going into that.

NW Times: The Hoosiers finished 3-4 with you at the helm, leading many to believe the team quit on you.

Dakich: We were 3-1 and then a lot of things started happening, internally, that I’m not about to go into. Truth of the matter is, it got easy for people to say the players quit on Dakich, they quit on Indiana. But Eric Gordon went 7-for-50. That ain’t quittin’. That’s just missin’. Guys didn’t make shots they had made earlier in the year. This team lived on the edge — with Gordon making shots. This whole notion of the players revolting or being against me … the players were against losing Coach Sampson. I’m not going to say they weren’t (ticked) off at the administration, at the school. The players didn’t understand why phone calls were such a big deal when some of them had been called numerous times by other schools.

NW Times: Following the season, you kicked sophomore Armon Bassett and junior Jamarcus Ellis off the team. The exodus of players continued when Tom Crean was hired as the new coach. Were these simply bad recruits?

Dakich: When I took over the team, there was going to be accountability for class attendance, getting to practice on time, things of that nature. There were kids there that absolutely did not respect Indiana University and had no respect for the basketball program. My decision to dismiss two guys was really easy. Crean’s decision to dismiss the rest of ’em was really easy. The only way that wasn’t going to happen was if somebody came into Indiana University and didn’t care about anything. I said that in my postgame after the (NCAA) Arkansas game: The culture needed to change and get back to being Indiana University basketball, which is on the level with North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and UCLA.

For all of the second guessing that a lot of us (myself included) did when Dakich kicked Ellis and Bassett to the curb, it’s good to see the man has been vindicated for his actions. He started the cleanup of the program and now Tom Crean is moving forward with the rebuilding process.

As far as Dakich saying the team didn’t quit on him, I think the effort was there from guys like White, Gordon, Stemler and Taber, but there were definitely others who looked like they could not have cared less. Sorry Dan, but the downfall of the season can’t simply be blamed on missed shots by Gordon. The swagger the team had in those two home games against Purdue and Michigan State completely evaporated after Sampson’s dismissal. Combine that with an injured Gordon and a group of players that weren’t on board with Dakich and well, you know how the story ends.

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  • Ryan_Btown

    I would still like to know, has Dakich endorsed the Crean hire? I know he said there that Crean has made some decisions that were “really easy,” meaning that he would have done the same thing, but has he come out and supported the hire?

  • hmm, good question. Never thought about it that much……He hasn't said anything bad about it

  • HoosierSmitty

    What is the status of Jordan Crawford? I thought that was going to be the big news from yesterday, but I still have not heard about that? Is no news good news or bad news?

  • peaychris

    I think its important for everyone that loves IU basketball like i do to thank Dak for his commitment to IU basketball. I think he did some things that were very unpopular at the time, but will turn out to save the program for the future. Sampson let the inmates run the asylum. Can you imagine Dak on the sidelines just having to watch Samson and his circus not being able to say anything??

  • JerryCT

    I am with you. I have had JC's return on my calander since it was reported. he was off to Detroit and now Its keeping me awake at night not knowing if he came back.

    In addition I would love to hear what he has to say about things ie coach, next season, his role etc

    Again, I analyzed his stats and if you adjust his stats as if he played as many minutes as Gordon ( vs # of shots which actually makes him even better ) he would have scored 5 fewer points per game but had more rebounds, more assists, fewer misses and fewer turnovers……………..he is good.

  • JerryCT

    Off subject again but I am still interested in what players if any are in Btown and if they are allowed to play pickup games together . Anybody know or seen our new players around campus ?

    Is what reported that Negedu played pick up w some guys . So who were they ? Taber and FInkelstein ?

  • B_MD

    I think a real important line from Dakich that is probably being overlooked is that the players didn't understand why phone calls were that big of a deal, when they got phone calls from other coaches all the time that could be questionable.

    I'm very happy that Sampson is gone, and I understand that there is a difference since he was already on probation, but I just feel sometimes that IU is getting raked over the coals here.

    Look at the FSU football academic scandal…No repercussions for Bowden.
    All of the scandals at USC with Reggie Bush…No repercussions for Pete Carroll, none yet for Tim Floyd.

    Look at how Beasley ended up at KSU and how his single mother with i believe 5 kids, moved the whole family from DC to Kansas and ended up with a nice job there…No repercussions fro KSU.

    I'd argue that all of those transgressions are worse than any phone calls. Just to reiterate, I'm not supporting Sampson, I'm glad he's gone and I'm fired up about Crean, it just seems like the NCAA is doing a whole lot of cherry picking.

  • MikeinNC

    I thought at one point early on Dakich said something about Crean being a good guy for Indiana…not an endorsement per se but something complimentary.

  • MikeinNC

    I agree, the guy ought to receive the Sagamore of the Wabash for what he went through…he really did perform a thankless job for the program. Can you imagine being that close to having your dream job, then being given it under no-win circumstances and knowing he will never have another chance at it again? That's rough.

  • SB_Hoosier

    I agree that the NCAA is making too much out of phone calls, but the issue I've had is that a rule is a rule. I think that the phone call rules themselves are ridiculous, but the fact of the matter is that the NCAA makes the rules and everyone is supposed to follow them. No matter how silly it may be, if you break a rule you get punished. The complete lack of discipline that Sampson showed is evident when the players don't understand why it's a big deal. It doesn't matter if the rule is dumb or not, it's still a rule, and still was broken. They're mad at the school, administration, whoever, but not at Sampson for actually breaking the rule. Not a big deal, but it has bothered me from the beginning of this as to how Sampson's lack of character has translated into the players.

  • JerryCT

    Again, with time on my hands I counted up the calls and analyzed them ……( any one need a retired CEO ? ) and this is what I found:

    – approx 116 impermissable “placed” calls
    – 74 of which were less than 2 minutes ==> probably no realtime contact
    – many calls close together indicating lost signal or no answer
    – Morris twins were treated as one kid , amounted to 23 of the calls ( 18 < 2min )
    – Mackey amounted to 30 of the calls ( 15 < 2 min )

    In addition some calls were more than 30 days from the previous one but happened in a calander month theNCAA determined was off limits ( ie if you called a kid June 1 then you could not call him again until Aug 1 more than 60 vs 30 days later ).

    KS regime broke the rules but putting it in perspective as B_MD says the NCAA seems especially geared up for IU while ducking FSU, USC and others

  • BobbyDigital

    I think they wanted some of his former aau teammates around for the visit. I know for a fact that Roth and Barnett were there. IIRC Jobe and Moore were there as well. Barnett described himself, Moore and Roth as Emman's “best friends during the summer”… That certainly isn't hurting our chances.

  • B_MD

    I agree, I'm not saying the NCAA is making too much out of phone calls, Sampson broke the rules plain and simple. I'm just saying that to me, phones calls aren't nearly as serious as what has happened at USC, KSU, FSU, so where is the NCAA on those schools. Those schools have arguably worse violations?

  • BobbyDigital

    I almost forgot…. They did play pickup together and it was said that Roth was the best player on the floor.

  • hoosiergal

    I am just sooo ready for this to be over and for the Hoosier Nation to move forward. I also don't condone breaking rules whether they are the NCAA or otherwise but in “real life” there is a difference between murder and a parking ticket. It just appears that we are being upgraded to “felonies” over a bunch of parking tickets. Over 100 NCAA teams had phone call violations in the past year alone so that at least gives a hint at either the lack of concern of the rules by NCAA teams or the difficulty in staying within the expectations. All I ask is that the NCAA be consistent. If you are going to rake IU through the coals, then just make sure you hold all NCAA teams to the same line. I personally feel that IU is being hyped by the media due to our years of squeaky clean compliance and they can't wait to yell “Gotcha ya”.

  • BobbyDigital

    I just read that Crawford told the staff he is going to transfer….. reeeaaally didn't want to lose him. I guess we're not in as bad of shape with scholarships as we thought we were now.

  • SB_Hoosier

    I would agree, but I think part of the problem is Sampson's past history of phone call problems. If this were his first incident, the NCAA probably isn't looking as hard. I also agree with B_MD in that what Sampson did was not nearly as bad as KSU, FSU, and USC. Their situations, to me anyway, are much more severe than phone calls. I think Sampson's past history is why we're getting raked through the coals. Hopefully our getting rid of him bodes well for us in the eyes of the NCAA.

  • chimoose

    I couldn't agree more. Dakich loves IU enough that he was willing to fall on his sword for the good of the program. I would like to believe that there is something more the U could offer him . . . Assistant AD? At least support him in getting a decent coaching job if that's what he wants.
    Point is, DD is a Hoosier to the core, and we really need that now that Crean is rebuilding the program. Is there ANY chance that Crean would offer him an assistant coaching position? And if it was offered, would he accept?

  • I couldn't agree more. Dakich loves IU enough that he was willing to fall on his sword for the good of the program. I would like to believe that there is something more the U could offer him . . . Assistant AD? At least support him in getting a decent coaching job if that's what he wants.
    Point is, DD is a Hoosier to the core, and we really need that now that Crean is rebuilding the program. Is there ANY chance that Crean would offer him an assistant coaching position? And if it was offered, would he accept?