Crean dismisses Brandon McGee for ‘negligence’

  • 05/22/2008 2:33 pm in

The exodus continues. Though exodus probably isn’t the best word, because that would imply that everybody leaving is doing so because they want to. Anyway, Brandon McGee is officially peaced. A release from IU media relations:

Indiana Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Crean announced today that freshman Brandon McGee (Chicago/Crane HS) has been dismissed from the program for academic and team guideline negligence.

“Our coaching and support staff tried to make this work out, but we felt that there were some basic standard operating procedures that were not being met,” said Crean.  “I feel badly for his family and Coach (Anthony) Longstreet (Crane Head Coach) who were helping us to try and make this work, but in the end it just was not possible to continue in the current direction.”

He played in just 17 games and averaged 1.5 points and 1.0 rebounds.

My favorite part about these releases are the coded quotes. I could spend at least 1,000 words trying to spell out exactly what Crean is trying to say above, but what’s the point? McGee wasn’t going to class, or didn’t care, or whatever, and now he’s gone. We never really had a chance to see if he had any talent last year, so c’est la vie, monfrere, as they say in Latin.

Hopefully McGee lands well, and IU can replace those 1.5 points. Should be incredibly difficult.

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