Around the Hall: Assistants speak, Hardy, Keady, Sampson, one-and-done

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— Tim Buckley, Bennie Seltzer, Jayd Grossman and Brian Barone addressed the media on Tuesday and The Indiana Daily Student was all over it. Still no word on the third assistant, but perhaps this guy deserves a look?

— Terry Hutchens tackles several topics on his blog, including (but not limited to): Verdell Jones, Maurice Sutton, big men and Rick Greenspan.

— Former Purdue coach and Big Ten Network studio analyst Gene Keady is baffled by what Kelvin Sampson did at IU. Note to Gene: we’re in the same boat as you.

— Rick Bozich of The Louisville Courier-Journal agrees with Bob Knight and writes that the one-and-done rule was one of the worst things to happen in college basketball. In case you missed it, PostmanE had an interesting piece on The Dagger @ Y! a few days ago about O.J. Mayo and the one-and-done rule.

— Ben Homrig of The Indiana Daily Student encourages former IU basketball and football player James Hardy to get it together. Hardy, meanwhile, is calling the recent altercation with his father a mixup and has apologized. Try to stay on the good side of Commissioner Goodell, Mr. Hardy.

— The new Rivals 150 is out for 2009 and Derek Elston is No. 96, Maurice Creek is No. 136 and Bobby Capobianco is No. 138. What should this mean to you? Absolutely nothing.

— Quinn Buckner is ‘living in the now,’ according to The South Bend Tribune. I’m really not sure what that means, but you can read about it here.

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  • deedubbadoo

    I totally agree that the “one and done rule” is ruining college basketball. It is impossible to build a team when every good player is looking at college as a launching pad to the pros, instead of a place to mature and get better. Let them come straight out of high school if they are good enough. The NBA drafts on potential anyway, so it's not like anything will change. If a player chooses to forgo his eligibility, test the waters and falls flat, tough break. I say the NBA does what baseball does, allow kids to be drafted out of high school and then use the “farm system,” isn't that what the NBDL was all about? Let these kids play in the “D” league against good competition and play their way into the NBA.

    Right now anything seems like a better solution than what is in place now. I think the NBDL could be very beneficial to the young guys that aren't quite ready yet. Forcing a player to go to college for one year is laughable, especially considering that most only have to pass 6 hours in the fall (2 classes) to be eligible to play the season! What is the incentive for them to even go to class in the second semester if they know they are going pro? Answer, not a damn thing.

  • I never thought I'd see the day when I agreed with Gene Keady. Gene FREAKIN' Keady!!!

    Is that a disturbance in the Force? A million IU fans crying out and then silenced all at once?

  • I know a lot of the sports talk guys down here would rather see a system similar to what baseball does, where you can go right away out of high school or go to college for three years. The three year rule works in football because there's not an NFL team out there that's going to draft a kid straight out of high school, but (as you sagely pointed out), the NBA drafts on potential alone, which makes the one-and-done rule useless. That's why, the more I think about it, the more I like the baseball-type system.

  • B_MD

    Not that stars are the determining factor of how a player will be, but I wonder why Maurice Creek lost a star in the new Rivals rankings?

  • JerryCT

    I live in CT and heard nothing about him all season. In addition his team lost 16 games including several blowouts yet they had players who are going to MD, VA, U of Washington, Rutgers. I could not find any stats on the SOuth Kent website to enlighten me either. I am placing my trust in Crean vs Rivals.

    More interesting to me is the progress of Pritchard who I believe was forced to lead his team after Roe got hurt. What is his ranking over last year ?

  • JerryCT

    After a quick check it appears the Pritchard was Cleveland Plain Dealer's MVP in HS basketball and St Edward went to the state fianls w/o Roe ( going to MSU ).

  • ricbraun

    Pritchard is good, he carried that team without Roe, who is in his own right a very good player, and I think he will be a starter next season.

    And you should always place your trust in a coach over rivals or scout or any other recruiting website. Coaches have their jobs for a reason, they are smart (usually), and the websites are just guys who sit around their computer. Recruiting websites are dumb

  • right or wrong gene keady is still a douche bag

  • right or wrong gene keady is still a douche bag