Academic progress rate (APR) released by NCAA

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The NCAA released academic progress rate (APR) for all of its Division I schools today and IU ranked No. 268 out of 337 in men’s basketball. The report scores each institution through the 2006-2007 school year. The minimum score a school can achieve without losing scholarships in a particular sport is 925. IU’s score was 899. Since this only covers data through 2006-2007, IU could see a significant drop in next year’s score based on the rumored academic troubles in the program as well as the mass defections in recent weeks.

Update: After a further examination of this report (and a Hat Tip is due to Chris Korman for this revelation of footnote 3 on Pg. 1), IU has avoided losing another scholarship because “the team demonstrated academic improvement and had a favorable comparison based on other academic or institutional factors.”

Here’s a link to the complete report:

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