IU, adidas agree to eight-year, $21 million deal

  • 04/29/2008 7:48 pm in

Here’s the release, courtesy of IU Media Relations:

Bloomington, Ind./Portland, Ore. – Indiana University and adidas have entered into an eight-year partnership in which the Portland, Ore. based company will supply footwear and apparel for all 24 of the university’s sport programs. The new agreement extends Indiana’s partnership with adidas, who has been the official footwear and apparel supplier for Hoosier Athletics since the 2004-2005 academic year.

The contract begins with the upcoming 2008-2009 academic year and extends through the completion of the 2015-2016 seasons.

“We are proud to extend our relationship with adidas,” Indiana Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan said. “We appreciate their willingness to provide our student-athletes and coaches with the best products to aid their development and training, as well as their financial assistance to our department.”

The Hoosiers are a part of a select group of universities that have similar all-school agreements with adidas including fellow Big Ten Conference members Michigan and Wisconsin. Other adidas schools include Notre Dame, UCLA, Tennessee, Nebraska and Kansas.

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  • ZachH

    I like the three stripes.

  • I want Nike back.

  • RD21

    Booooo. This sucks. Adidas equipment sucks. Nike or Jordan would be the best. Oh well

  • nealE

    if you gave me $21M, I would wear whatever you wanted me to. forever.

  • Hoosier_Hound

    I'm glad, I like adidas. All Nike was good for was that horrific oval logo and a bunch of black on the unis, no thanks.

  • nealE

    yes, i agree nike sucks. do we really want tight jerseys and ridiculously baggy shorts? and do we really want that ugly template EVERY school has for football and basketball. i like having our own style. and i also like not having 11 year old laotian children now make my hoodies.

  • MikeinNC

    I'm all for anything that meets two important criteria:

    1. Good quality stuff that gives the players what they need and represents the school well.
    2. Ain't Nike. They blow.

  • B_MD

    This sounds stupid, but a lot of recruits want to wear the same gear that guys like Jordan and LeBron wear. Not saying they decide their college choice on this, but it's something to think about.

  • Much fun as it might be to blame Nike for the Randle El era, that was not Nike's fault. IU wore the STP logo from 1997-2001, and IU didn't wear Nike until the 2001 football season, the last year of the ugly football uniforms (they were slightly different from the 1997-2000 uniforms–in 2001 the home unis were all red and both home and away uniforms had a Denver Broncos-like stripe down the side. Nike even produced the first couple years of Dinardo uniforms, which basically were like what we wear now. Nike doesn'r require schools to whore themselves out in terms of design, but it must be lucrative to do so.

  • onsalecc