Kelvin Sampson and Scott Skiles are your … Milwaukee Hoosiers!

  • 04/25/2008 10:48 am in

First, it was a guy that people talked about for the Indiana job, and who most fans were happy to see stay in the pros. Then it was a guy who had the Indiana job, and who most people were happy to see go. Funny how that works out.

Kelvin Sampson is close to finding his first full-time gig since getting the big boot out of Bloomington. The job: help Scott Skiles condescend to NBA players. Milwaukee Bucks players, specifically.

While I won’t spend too much time analyzing the state of the Bucks, or what these hires do for them, I will say quickly that the organization must really think they need regimented player development above all else. Skiles’ demeanor is far closer to the traditional college coach’s — he’s more the tyrant who can run all aspects of a program than he is the Phil Jackson-esque, philosophizing nuts and bolts NBA strategist. Sampson is pretty much the same thing, though he does seem to get along with players better.

Anyway, enough about this. Godspeed, Kelvin. May the wind always be at your back, and may your Palm Treo always be buzzing.

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