Ray McCallum hired as head coach at Detroit

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raysr.JPGRay McCallum, who spend the past two seasons as an assistant at Indiana, is taking over the reigns at Detroit. He’ll fill the void left by Perry Watson, who recently retired:

DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Titans hired Ray McCallum to be their basketball coach.

McCallum was introduced Friday at a news conference after beating out candidates such as Michigan assistant Mike Jackson, who had experience as a Detroit player and coach.

The 47-year-old McCallum was Ball State’s head coach from 1993-2000 — going 126-76 with two NCAA tournament bids — then led Houston for four seasons and helped the Cougars play in the postseason in 2002 for the first time in nine years.

This is a big blow to IU’s chances of landing 2010 point guard Ray McCallum Jr. who is one of the top 30 players nationally in his class. Ray Jr. played for Bloomington North the last two seasons and was behind the IU bench at almost every game this past season. As far as Ray Sr. goes, he’s a class act and should do well at Detroit.

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  • B_MD

    I hate to make this about it his son, because congrats are in order for Ray. So, Congrats Ray and thanks for your service to IU!!

    But as an IU fan looking at the recruitment of Ray Jr., I think things could have been worse for IU. I wouldn't put it at zero chances, but I'd be surprised if Ray Jr as a top 30 recruit went to Detroit to play for his dad.

    It would have been much tougher to recruit Ray Jr if Ray Sr had gone as an assistant to another Big Ten school or an SEC or Big 12 school. Now we have a kid who is familiar with Bloomington and the history of the program. He's played with many guys that are on the team, including the barnstorming tour last summer.

    I think we'd still have a shot to get him.

  • tberry

    Good luck to Ray McCallum in his new position at University of Detroit Mercy. I think they made a great hire.

  • msdiu81

    Me too.

  • msdiu81

    I can't imagine him playing for Detroit either if he's that good. I think this means the recruiting will really heat up for him. Question is will he come to IU if he and his dad felt he was mistreated by not becoming the interim coach? I think Ray will do well at Detroit and wish him and his family nothing but the best.

  • Good luck coach and thanks for being a class act . The measure of who you are is seen clearly Ray Jr.. He has been taught basketball and so much more. Father, mentor and coach. Thanks again..

  • easy

    I agree, I think we have a shot.

  • TomCoverdaleIUHero

    is anyone else concerned that this might be a way out for Jordan Crawford……he is from Detroit and loves McCallum puts some thoughts in my mind give me feedback on what u think

  • If Jordan Crawford wants to leave….let him. I mean we have already lost gordon, ebanks, holloway, (and as of right now) ellis and bassett…….so good luck stitting out a year, maybe being on TV once, and not having the fan base, tradition, support, and chance to play in a big tim conference. I like Jordan, but we need players that want to play for IU……I really think thats the root of the problem. We need to eliminat the cancer on this team if we want to rebound in the near future.

  • bahickma

    I never like to see players leave the university, but I have to agree with you here. People used to come play for Indiana because it was Indiana, not because they loved a coach so much they couldn't play without him. However, that was back in the day when everybody who came through here knew they were playing for Coach Knight and that he wasn't going anywhere.

  • MikeinNC

    I agree with your comment about Crawford…we need players who want to play for IU so if he wants to leave, let him leave.

    This is a big-time hiring move for Detroit. McCallum is going to give them a shot at recruiting players they never would have been able to recruit previously. He can take them to the next level. Throughout this whole nightmare, McCallum comparted himself with dignity and class, I hope he finds great success at Detroit. I do find it interesting that there doesn't seem to be much talk about Dakich regarding any coaching openings.

    Sometimes I wonder if the reason Greenspan didn't put McCallum in the interim slot was because he didn't envision McCallum as the long term solution to IU's coaching needs and he was afraid McCallum would do a decent job and he would find himself in a “Bill Lynch” situation – complicated even further by the minority hiring issue….maybe Greenspan was afraid of being in a situation at the end of the season where McCallum had done a respectable job and there was now pressure to give him the position or risk creating the appearance of unfair hiring practices….maybe it's a crazy thought, but I think it is possible.

  • I wish the best to Ray McCallum. I think he is a great recruiter and as much as I would like to see him stay at IU, I think its best for him and our program for him to move on. I think Tom Crean needs to be surrounded by people he feels comfortable with. I think that is very important for him to be a success at IU. I what to reitterate the fact that I do like Jordan Crawford and I think he has the ability to become a great player, but like I said if he must go….he must go. Is there any word on Eli? I would hate to see him go because I feel his size is a great asset.

  • BrianK

    I think it;s a little premature to start saying Crawford doesn't want to be here he isn't the one that quit or got kicked off. I wouldn't think he would want to go to Detroit. His brother would probably slap him for that one.

  • TomCoverdaleIUHero

    I didnt say he wanted to leave all i was saying is there is obivously a chance that he might want to and this would be the best way for him to do it i personally believe he is in it for the long haul because he saw what TC did to D-Wade and who wouldnt want the chance to do that

    Crawford will be Big Ten POY befor his career is over

  • Does anybody know the status on recruiting for 08 or 09. What players we are looking at and what players are interested. I know we have Pritchard and Roth for 08 and Eltson for 09……but who else are we looking at for 08? Who is still interested for 09? I see some big names are interested for 09, but I wonder how the coaching change will affect this.

  • TomCoverdaleIUHero

    For 08 we have Verdell Jones,Roger Franklin,Josh Harrelson,Bobby Papianco and Devin Ebanks lol….Nick Williams who signed with Marquette but asked to be let out of LOI and Frank Ben-Eze

  • Bobby Capobianco and Roger Franklin are both in the 2009 class.

    Capobianco hasn't been offered by IU to my knowledge and is likely below Van Treese on the priority list.

  • Well I do like the ides of going after guys 6-8 or bigger. I have felt this has been a problem at IU for some time. We never have a problem finding guards that end up being pretty good. I always look at the 2001-2002 team. Odle, Leach, Jefferies, Newton were pretty tall kids. I think that is why we had such a good team that year. This year if DJ would of been able to play at the 4 spot we would have taked the conference. Also I wanted to know how many scholorships can we fill this year and what the story was on thie Ben-eze kid?

  • Assuming everyone comes back, IU has 8 scholarships designated for next season if you include Bassett and Ellis. They are able to give out 12. Therefore, they could technically add up to 4 guys this spring but that is unlikely to happen. Taber and Finkelmeier could be put on scholarship if all spots are not filled.

    As far as Frank Ben-Eze goes, he is a 6-10, 230 lb forward/center out of Virginia that Marquette was recruiting heavily when Crean was still in Milwaukee. When Crean left for Bloomington, the speculation began that IU could be in the mix for his services. He originally committed to Harvard but re-opened his recruitment in March. He's also being recruited by UCLA, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, LSU, Pittsburgh and Rutgers.

  • I love this site. It has giving me a reason to live.

  • Kelin Blab

    I have heard/read T.Crean will do what he can with this year and is focused on a few guys but looks to make a big splash with the 09 class which makes sense. Van Treese would be a good get despite my feelings that I think he is an OK player, but he still has another year. I will be intersted to see what happens with Ray Mac jr.

    And please TC….get some big guys…for about 5 years I have seen enough of 3 and 4 guard offenses….

  • lol….I agree…no more 6-2 power forwards

  • Is he one of those guys that Amaker got in trouble with for the possible recruiting violations? Ben-eze that is?

  • bbfan

    Big Ten POY????? Are you sick??

  • rifleman

    if any of you think McCallum jr. would come back to IU you need to quit sucking that white stuff up your noses…!!

  • rifleman

    if any of you think McCallum jr. would come back to IU you need to quit sucking that white stuff up your noses…!!