ITH Super Happy Fun Time Coaching Search: Brad Brownell

  • 03/31/2008 12:30 am in

brownell.jpgKelvin is out the door and Dan is not our man, so that can only mean one thing: It’s coaching search time! Here’s a look at the candidates that could land in Bloomington. We’ll give you the pros, the cons and the bottom line. This morning: Wright State’s Brad Brownell.

Pros: At first glance, Brownell might not look like much of a candidate to be the next Indiana coach. He’s never won a game in the NCAA Tournament (he’s 0-3) and his head coaching gigs to date are at UNC-Wilmington and Wright State. However, he’s won 20+ games in two consecutive seasons as the lead man in Dayton including taking the Raiders to their first NCAA bid since 1993 a season ago. The 39-year old Brownell was born in Evansville and graduated from Harrison high school where he was a teammate of Calbert Cheaney. His career record sits at 127-60.

Cons: Based on name value, Brownell probably won’t excite many IU fans and his hiring could get a head scratching reaction from the national media. His record is more than adequate, but will it translate from the mid-major level to the Big Ten? I’m not sure a NCAA Tournament win is a prerequisite to land the job, but Brownell won’t get any points from the committee in that department.

Bottom line: While he’s probably a sleeper to land in Bloomington, there’s no doubt Brownell would be interested in the opportunity and his record indicates he could succeed. The quick turnaround he’s orchestrated at Wright State is impressive and at 39, he’s young enough to build the program for the long haul. At the minimum, if the committee decides to interview multiple candidates, Brownell deserves a shot to say his piece.

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  • drode

    What about Mark Few? His name was originally brought up when there was speculation about Sampson being fired, and then it just kind of fizzled out. I know he turned us down the first time but it seems that the situation is different this time.

  • TomCoverdale's Eyebrows

    Where did that figure come from?

  • tberry

    If our next coaching pick is a good one but is turned down, you may be right about having to take someone less than we want. If we are forced to take someone less than desirable, I hope they are a pleasant surprise and can bring us up rather that settle for mediocrity.

  • easy's WSU site. In their article. It's linked on too, the article about the “2 reason he turned us down.”

  • easy

    Eh. But I'd rather have him than Kruger or Monty. From what I've always heard, Few wants the Oregon job.

  • Kelin Blab

    A couple of things…….Looking at how things have happend with Bennett I am trying to see the cons in taking the IU job and looking at them it could be a little scary for a coach, like Bennet who is in a comfortable position…

    1.Will the NCAA impose more and more severe sanctions?

    2.WIll Gordon Leave…..and how many kids will leave with him…bassett, crawford, mcghee, holman.

    3. Does the IU faithful have the patience to sit through a Kyle Taber lead team next year and a rebuilding process if players leave? Can the IU faithful handle getting beat by Purdue for 2-3 straight years?

    4.What type of recruits are coming in …….How long will it take to establish a recruiting foundation in the state.

    5. Can I handle being in a fishbowl for the rest of my career where basketball is important to EVERYONE in the ENTIRE state?

    6. AM I going into a better situtation leaving my current job?

    7. How will the administration instability affect my coaching job?

    Good things to think about given the IU situtation this year……

    Which leads me to believe there are a handful of guys who would be willing to accept this ENTIRE situtation……Monty, Brownell, and Dakich….hate to say it ….

  • TomCoverdale's Eyebrows

    I was baffled to hear that Bennett didn’t want to pursue talks with IU. Even if he had no interest in the gig, wouldn’t he at least want to make it formally known to WSU that he is now a commodity, forcing them to throw a little more cash at him?

    On the other hand, this is a tad embarrassing for us, but I guess it comes with the position that this program finds itself in.

    However, I don’t think this should put Hoosier Nation in panic mode just yet. There are a handful of desirable candidates out there and if we cough up enough cash, we shouldn’t have a problem nabbing one of them. With Bennett most likely out of the running, what do people’s ‘wish list’ look like now. I think Pearl should now be in the crosshairs of this search.

  • easy

    1. Dixon
    2. Miller

    After that I really don't know. Matta is probably unrealistic or I'd have him on my list.

  • JerryCT

    You have parents do you ? What are they for ?

  • tberry

    Pearl or Miller!

    If we have to go from there is will be down and will spell the beginning of mediocrity.

    The firing of Bob Knight was the beginning of the end and it all leads directly back to how the Sports Administration has handled things. If we can't get a decent coach we should fire Greenspan immediately and look for other failures to fire.

  • JerryCT

    I disagree with your conclusion but not with your CONS. Coaching is a brutal , love vs hate profession. Any coach scared of these CONS should retire. None of this scared Matta from OSU for example

    Furthermore, except for retirements almost all coaching changes at the IU level are driven by negatives, especially losing ie Tubby Smith.

    So, I donot see evidence that IU is the problem but I believe that our handling of everything from firing of KS, self imposed unnecessary deadlines to maybe arrogance in the search lead coaches to reconsider what daily life with these nuts would be like.

    I would prefer to hear a story that we listened to Bennett's needs/objections and came back at him w an offer that he could not refuse

  • easy

    If it's true that we were offering Bennett 2.5 mil (which I personally doubt, that's a freaking ton for a 2nd year coach) then you would think Miller MAY listen, though I still don't think he'd come. Surely Dixon would though…right?! That would almost triple what he's making. Plus he'd be at a prime job, just like Howland and he'd have an easier time in the B10 vs. the Big East. And he'd make more in appearance type money. Just a thought again.

  • Kelin Blab

    JT I see where you are coming from, don't know enough about WSU to make the other case and honestly….If I look at IU from a coaching standpoint and I have a stable position…the unknowns with that team and program would be a little scary…unless you are one of those 3 guys i think. There are some Pro's to coming to IU but the cons may outweigh them right now…I hope I am wrong.