Rick Greenspan, you’re on the clock

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rgreen.jpgAs the “blue ribbon” search committee moves to get a coach in place before Saturday’s Final Four in San Antonio, IU fans are gathered at this very blog, other blogs, message boards and water coolers at work commenting about the direction of the program.

There are contrasting opinions on who the choice should be, but there is one consensus: Athletic Director Rick Greenspan better get this right. Nevermind the “search committee.” If this search ends in a decision unfavorable to the Hoosier faithful (see the latest rumors of Lon Kruger and Mike Montgomery), Greenspan, not the committee, will be shouldering the blame. And rightfully so.

Many fans are annoyed and some are downright furious that Greenspan is still employed after the Kelvin Sampson debacle, but he was likely given a pass because of the influence former IU President Adam Herbert had on that decision. There will be no bailing out Greenspan this time around. Not even a 10-person committee will be able to save him. This time, it’s on him to get it right. As it should be.

The fact that IU can’t rely on Greenspan to hire a coach by himself should speak volumes about the confidence those in high places have in him as a decision maker. His approval rating can’t be much higher than George W. Bush. This is the last chance for Greenspan to rectify the void in the leadership role IU basketball has been lacking for quite some time. If he knocks it out of the park, he’ll likely be spared. If not, well, you know where that path will take him.

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  • zvex1

    There is one major element of this entire situation/process that seems extremely unnecessary: the deadline. By setting a deadline to find a basketball coach, the administration at Indiana is backing itself into a corner in which it must perform under unnecessary pressure.

    Browsing through even one blog site, a person will come across multiple candidates worthy of consideration for the head coach position. That in and of itself showcases that there are so many possibilities, that this search isn't a clear cut, black and white decision. So why put a deadline on uncertainty?

    There isn't one candidate that is a true “lock”, but rather many names – each that have the potential of success in Bloomington. Given this reality, why wouldn't Indiana want to take its time and be meticulous in its search? Shouldn't the university explore all options?

    There is no question that expediting the process and finding a coach as quick as possible will help in the stabilization of the program. But by declaring a deadline (before the Final Four no less), Indiana is not only eliminating potential candidates, it is applying undue pressure on itself to find a perfect fit, setting up a situation of magnified failure. It is universally agreed upon that Indiana needs to “hit a home run” with this hire, so why jeopardize the process with self-inflicted haste?

    If Indiana is the destination job that it thinks it is, it would behoove the school to move at its own pace to find the right coach, timetable be damned.

  • Atwater

    I can't remember the details of how that info came about, but I don't think that IU ever intended for the deadline to become public knowledge. Wasn't that info given by a “source”? I could be wrong on that.

  • 123iu123

    indiana needs to open up it's wallet, and get a big name coach in here. I believe Pearl, or rick P or thad or Tom Izzo, all 4 guy go after indiana boys, and we need a coach who can bring iu back to the promise land. I like bennett, but to young, Montg no way. If Iu doesn't get some one big, i'm going some where else like Purdue, at least it a Indiana school.

    we should had fired Greenspan

  • Atwater

    You would become a Purdue fan if IU doesn't hire a big name? Now that is a devoted IU fan…..Why haven't we mentioned Rob Turner's name yet? I'm sure we are all thinking it.

  • easy

    That's a pathetic way of looking at it. Go to Purdue then.

    And I don't think they really have a “deadline.” They would LIKE to have a coach named by then but they didn't come out publicly and announce that a coach will be named Thursday. THAT would be backing themselves into a corner. They would like to have a coach by then for the publicity. That doesn't mean they aren't being thorough in their search.

    Anyone else wondering why all of a sudden our targets after Bennett have turned into Kruger, Monty, and Brownell?

  • Casey

    This is unrelated to the article topic and definitely should be considered a rumor, but my uncle who has some ties to PU (I'm one of the few tasteful college basketball fans in the family) informed me that someone told him that McCallum has expressed some interest in joining the PU coaching staff. Has anyone else heard this?

  • easy

    Haven't heard that, but it would certainly be disappointing. His son is a nice player at Bloomington North. I wouldn't be surprised, since PU just had the spot open up and McCallum doesn't know whether he'll be kept on at IU (just that he will be paid). It'd be a smart move on Purdue's part to pick him up.

  • sierracoach

    I take the surfacing of names like Monty and Kruger to mean that the search isn't panning out the way the Committee (and especially some of the big $$$ donors) had expected or hoped. It makes me even more suspicious that overtures were indeed made to big-name guys like Pitino, Izzo, Matta, and Pearl and the overtures were rejected out of hand. And the longer things go now, the less likely it seems that to me Bennett will accept. It would be interesting, to say the least, if Bennett took the LSU gig instead of IU's. Of course, they can match any $$$ offer IU could make, and they don't have sanctions hanging over their heads, so maybe that would appeal to Bennett just as much as his wife's being from the area. I have nothing against Brownell, who may be a fine guy and for all I know could turn out to be a good major-school head coach, but there's no way anyone can spin a Brownell hire as anything other than a fallback move by IU due to being turned down by some other candidates. Add that to the impending NCAA decision, and a Brownell hire would make me wonder if a certain person's days at IU are indeed numbered.

  • JerryCT

    Some loose thoughts at halftime:

    IU made a similar “deadline” blunder w KS firing. I believe the deadline since they screwed it up the same way before.

    Gordon needs to stay another year to get the real money. Augustyn, Rose,Chalmers, Curry, COllison, Lee, Mayo, Bayless ……..playing the same role in the pros suck the $ away from a guy who had a protracted slump and a flawed game.

    Maybe Mc Callum was a “deep throat” ratting out KS ?

    I love the offensive motion of Davidson even though it is not going to be enough

    Bennett will be the new coach and it WILL be a home run

  • Kelin Blab

    Great Great Great News about our coaching search people…..this is encouraging that the blue ribbon/chip/5 star committee is doing a great job….

    I am so so pumped……. Read and Enjoy!


  • JerryCT

    Ha ! you are funny . I do actually feel better now that I know they did not consult w Thomas. His reccommendation for coach shows he has no judgement whatsoever

  • Ryan_Btown


    This isn't promising…dont' know if this guy is full of shit or not but doesn't look good.

  • hoosiergal

    Just read on Cougfan.com that Bennett will be scheduling a press conference on Monday or Tuesday for an “end of year report”

  • Ryan_Btown

    NOOOOOOO….He'd be such a great fit…you're killin me Bennett. Now we're really going to get shafted.

  • Ryan_Btown


    Scout is carrying it too

  • msdiu81

    A plane registered to the Purdue Trustees is scheduled to leave B'ton tonight, but the flight has been delayed. Maybe they were there talking to McCallum. May be a coincidence.

  • jgongora86

    report on hoosiernation that Bennett is not going to accept the job. Well this sucks. They bewtter start breaking the bank to get a good coach. I don't want hear this Montgomery crap either. Man I'm pissed.

  • Ryan_Btown

    I expect to get a lot of crap for this, but because I don't really think that Pitino, Pearl, Calipari, Matta, Izzo, and other big shots would leave their current jobs, I think if we can't get Bennett or Miller, I'd almost rather have Dakich. Who's left? Scott Drew? Eh… Skiles? No thank you… Montgomery is too old, and some of the other guys I just don't know about.

    Now, with that said, I know nothing about Anthony Grant or some of the other guys mentioned but if Bennett's really not interested, and Miller seems like a long shot due to his happiness at Xavier and potential buyout costs, I don't know what the hell we're gonna do.

  • tberry

    I just can't imagine that we really have a Thursday deadline. We want the right choice, not a choice driven by a time table.

  • BrianK

    10 Years of Stability. They'll be almost 70 in 10 years. Not to mention they've gotten this far without winning a championship. I'd rather have Pitino if it came down to getting Kruger or Monty. because then theres at least a slim glimpse of a final four appearance in the next 10 years

  • msdiu81

    A plane registered to the IU Foundation left Bloomington at 2:35 this afternoon for Minneapolis. Scheduled to leave Minn at 7:05 EDT. Did we go meet someone there for talks? Or is this something else? The plane that left for Albuquerque is registered to someone in Del., although it could be a charter. I think we just need to relax and let them do their job. We can beat this horse long after it's dead. The article about Bennett says he chose not to explore the opportunity and we were just judging his interest. I imagine we are gauging several coaches interest at this point, or at least I hope we are.

  • BTOWN40

    I have little faith now, if it's true Bennett turned down the job. Maybe we have fallen farther out of the elite than we want to realize…that bonehead from FOX should be fired for getting my hopes up. Cmon alumni pony up some money and get Miller bought out, buy Pitino a new horse get him to come in.
    What is our next choice guys?

  • Ryan_Btown

    Minneapolis/St. Paul…could we be going to talk to the Gophers? Ha, Tubby Smith…wouldn't that be something. This plane thing cracks me up. I never thought to track planes. Interesting.

  • jgongora86

    Guys if were not getting anybody why not take a chane with Anthony Grant? If everyone is rejecting us left and right, nobody could blame us for getting someone with some potential ( I personally think great). Why do we have to settle for somthing we don't really want? At worst case scenario, if it does not work out we could get somone in three years to get a new up and comer or a stud.

  • Ryan_Btown

    Yeah you know…in my post above I didn't even really know who the guy was…I was just reading up…Coached for Donovan…I wouldn't reject that. However for some reason I'm getting the feeling that since Miller and Bennett are out of the picture, we might hire someone totally off the radar, kind of like the Sampson deal. I just don't know what will happen now.

  • BrianK

    God this is depressing. I'm pulling for Grant. Hopefully at the least it'll be Grant, Brownell or something. How can you not talk one of these coaches into it. This is why I say we need to get Jurich or someone like that for AD. If Jurich can get Pitino to U of L and the other coaches he has gotten in his program's then how the hell can our guys not sell heat to an eskimo.

  • BrianK

    Hutchens just reported Bennett saying no also

  • BrianK

    Rumor around U of K is Billy Clyde isn't happy, I know he still doesn't have a contract. Lol. Sorry for trip Post