Bennett: “I am not going to pursue the Indiana job”

  • 03/30/2008 6:53 pm in

bennett.jpgAccording to a report by Vince Grippi of the Spokesman Review, Washington State head coach had preliminary talks with Indiana and has decided not to take it any further. In other words, he’s not coming to IU.

Indiana University called. Tony Bennett answered. He listened. Then he decided to stay put.

“I had an exploratory conversation with Indiana,” said Bennett Sunday afternoon, “and I am not going to pursue the Indiana job.”

Bennett said Indiana called Saturday evening to gauge his interest. He didn’t say whom he talked with, but added “they made contact last night and they went through the proper procedures by contacting (WSU athletic director) Jim Sterk and, like I said, I had an exploratory conversation with them.”

So it’s on to the next option for Indiana and it’s not clear at this time just who that might be. Two of everybody’s early favorites, Bennett and Sean Miller of Xavier, are likely out of the picture. We’ll continue to keep you posted as news is reported or if we hear anything of interest.


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  • I didn't see the report because I don't live in the Channel 13 viewing area, but this is just a rumor to my understanding. Ellis said after the season that he was looking forward to coming back and working with the new coach so deciding already that he's leaving would seem to contradict with that. I doubt anyone is going to announce they are transferring before finding out who will be taking over the program. That would just be common sense, in my opinion.

  • Seems like Ratliff wants Alford to get the job, while also stating that IU has interest in Montgomery (nothing new). Also says he thinks the players will wait until a new coach is hired before deciding anything….

    I really doubt anyone will transfer.

  • An early April's fool joke, perhaps?!

  • CJames0569

    I just heard that AJ Ratliff, who now works for Channel 13, said that the rumors about armon and ellis leaving are not true. My friend told me and I just turned it on right after he dismissed the rumors, apparently he is going to be back on next week to talk more about IU.

  • ChiCityHoosier

    man i really wanted bennett. i'm still going to tell myself that we still have a chance with bennett. is that naive? yes. but i'm ok with that. the only thing better than having bennett as head coach of the hoosiers would be having erin andrews be head coach of the hoosiers …

  • BrianK

    Maybe they has as much in the committee as us

  • Kiddo2050

    Who the hell is Tony Bennett? This isn’t the type of coach IU needs they need to buck up and get a big time coach. It’s supposed to be (historically speaking) one of the best programs in College basketball. After Knight (who yes, should have been fired simply because he was no longer a good coach) Davis, Sampson, Crean, come on, none of these guys are high stature and neither is Tony Bennett.