• Ryan_Btown

    “The way it is, the way it has been, the way it will continue to be”….not sure I want it to be the wait it has been…I like his honesty and agree with his sentiments about this university and what our fans demand…but I'm not sure he can't assure that this will happen as President of Basketball Operations.

  • DJW

    I, too, am not sure if Mr. Dakich is the best man for th head coaching job but you can't blame him for the loss when you top scorer goes 3 for 15. My impression is that DD lacks the necessary skills to inspire, motivate and recruit. I just don't see that in him.

  • tberry

    I know Dakich wants the job but to try to put forward that same old bullshit, that only an IU guy can understand IU and be a winner IS Bullshit.

    What we need is one of the several coaches who have proven they are winners and also run a clean program.

    Dakich isn't even as good a coach a Mike Davis was and we saw where that got us.

    Hire the best and you have an opportunity to be the best!!!

  • Kelin Blab

    I like his answer and honesty but he was in an ideal position and had an upper hand on getting this job and this team didn't perform. I don't want the excuse of the guys didn't know him….That is his fault to an extent, because he has been there ALL year, so it is isn't like he hasn't been around. I have been a head coach before and I made my assistants get to know my players as much as I did.

    Keep Dak on maybe as AD or an assistant would be great, but this team was not preprared to compete……play us….but not compete and THAT is what Indiana basketball is about.

    Now….The only reason to root for Purdue is to get Xavier beat so Sean Miller can get here by mid week next week.

    Sincerely…Kelin Blab

  • im not going to be too tough on coach dakich. he is an indiana guy who turned in one of the more legendary performances in IU history, and none of us should forget it.

    but, he had his chance to audition for this job and i think im being gracious when i say he did a less than satisfactory job. frankly, the team gave up on him. im not sure how much of that is his fault considering the situation he was put in.

    IU made a colossal mistake not opening up the job after knight was fired. i doubt they'll make that mistake again.

  • ALH_00

    I admire DDs loyalty to IU. But, in my memory, IU's program was built on great coaching, good players and the occasional great player. DD is none of these, IMO, and he should be dismissed. It may not be “fair”, but he is not the best coach available, so he shouldn't get the job. The “program” stuff will get better over time with a winner who does things the right way. DD is only half of that equation.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Dakich needs to set aside his personal pride and take off the blinders. In no way is it logical to think that he deserves to be the IU coach. He should recognize this and just say “thanks for letting me be the coach for seven games” and go back to the office.

    Now let's just start hoping all of IU's potential coaches start losing in the tournament so we can get them interviewed and the process over with fast.

    Signing off on this season with a melancholy ….

    Dis-Appoint-Ing Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

  • Ryan_Btown

    Also, I really think if he stayed, everyone would leave…I mean, they seem to not be responding to him at all and I don't really think they like him much.

    To-ny Ben-net clap clap clap clap clap…I love that guy

  • msdiu81

    The new coach may have to decide what to do with Dakich since DD has a guarantee to be in a position at IU through the 2009 season. He may end up on the bench as an assistant, but unfortunately he inherited a bunch of Sampson loyalists and they weren't going to play for him. Thanks Dan for all you have done, but we're going in a different direction.

  • MikeinNC

    Gotta respectfully disagree with you – not on Dakich's fitness to be head coach, he is clearly not the right guy for the job. But I disagree with your assessment that he was in an ideal position – he was completely set up to fail. He was given the reins to a team he didn't know, who had just been traumatized, and who wanted someone else as head coach (McCallum). He had a handful of regular season games left to try and get them back on track. He had zero chance to succeed under those circumstances. He actually would have had a slightly more remote chance of getting the head coaching job if he had told Greenspan “I think Ray should coach them until the end of the season, then I would like to throw my hat in the ring”….they might have finished reasonably well (but McCallum would not have earn a legit shot at the permanent job unless he took them to the final four or better). Dakich could have positioned him to get the job next year – it still would have been a 30-1 shot, but it would have been better odds than he faced under the current circumstances. Think about it – players no-showed the first practice – if he benched them he risked losing them entirely (mentally) and if we had lost the NU game because of that he would have been excoriated, so he had to be flexible and “Mr. Leniency” in those first few days, but that made it tough to crack the whip after that point (which is what he needed to do). He was DOA when he got the job. I just hope he had the sense to negotiate an Associate AD or Director of Ops job as his backup for next year.

  • Kelin Blab

    Ray McCallum should be the guy to stay on as an assistant, he can recruit his ass off and definitely recruit in his own house…….I would keep Dak on also and actually put him on the Blue Ribbon committee

  • Kelin Blab

    Ray McCallum should be the guy to stay on as an assistant, he can recruit his ass off and definitely recruit in his own house…….I would keep Dak on also and actually put him on the Blue Ribbon committee