Bob Knight is none too pleased with Dickie V.

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It’s one thing to relentlessly rant during an IU game about how Indiana should honor Bob Knight by renaming Assembly Hall after the Hall of Fame coach. It makes sense (but to be honest, since I’ve heard it about a million times, it’s getting annoying at this point). It’s another thing to campaign for Knight to return to the helm in Bloomington, especially in front of the man himself, who clearly wants no part of it. Dick Vitale did just that for the second time in as many days and if his facial expressions are any indication, Knight appears ready to go Neil Reed on Vitale. Witness:

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  • JamesHardy

    That's got to be the most calm I've EVER seen RMK. Check out the look as Vitale is going off….top 3 list of “What RMK is thinking…”

    3. GO back to ACC country and hop on Coach K.'s schlong…you F*CKER!


    1. I sure hope I see Miles Brand in prison some day….cuz I'm gonna pay “Bubba” to f*ck him as bad as he F*CKED ME!!!

  • Will

    As i watched that last night i was in utter disbelief. It actually made me uncomfortable sititng in my living room cause i didnt know what Knight was gonna do. Shut up Dickie V that was just RIDICULOUS!!

  • Chi-city Hoosier

    good one, vitale. because the one thing iu needs more than anything else right now is to revisit the coaching situation which started the current 8-year tailspin of coaching situations in bloomington. brilliant.

    here's my top 3 on “what rmk is thinking …”

    3. this guys sucks. i want to throw this chair at him right now.
    2. i can't believe i have 3 more weeks of this to go. what the hell did i sign up for?!
    1. suddenly i'm in the mood for digiorno. that's weird. i wonder if vitale can … oh, he's still talking. for the love of god, shut up and go make me a pizza!

  • Vitale somehow pulled himself away from Durham long enough to make an ass of himself (again) on national television. Granted he was being completely facetious (at first) I can think of little that would be worse for the Indiana program than to bring back Bobby Knight. The game has changed and he has shown that he can no longer recruit the elite talent needed to compete in the modern game.

  • deedubbadoo

    Yeah because trying to bring elite players to Lubbock Texas is just as easy as bringing them to Duke, North Carolina, Memphis, etc. Kids know that if they play for Knight they are going to have to play by the rules and it is not going to be a cake walk. And please stop spamming this blog with a link to yours, you have been told several times, your name links to it, there is no reason to have another link in your posts.

  • Agree with you on the links. This is the final warning. After this, I will just remove his posts.

  • nealE

    i missed this last night, glad you posted it. this seriously has made my day, week, and month

  • JamesHardy

    Over the past 5 or so years, I've been asking myself “What happened to the Dick Vitale I used to tune into to for to watch a basketball game?” And then it occurred to me…the game has passed him by too. Just like someone above mentioned about RMK being passed by (which I don't totally believe, cuz I think he still has ALOT to offer) I think the college game has blown WAY by Vitale. The fact that he has SUCH an ACC bias has completely ruined ANY credibility he once had. He used to be a fan of NCAA basketball and now it's just ACC ACC ACC BABY! ESPN should just cut his contract and let Coach K or ROY WILLIAMS pay his salary for as much “pole polishing” he does for those guys! C'mon really…DUKE a 2 seed and Wisconsin a 3???? R U KIDDING ME?

  • BrianK

    He could of used the segment to ask an actual question about IU to KNight and get more out of him abotu it but thats what teh execs of ESPN were hoping for was something lke this to happen. They just wish Knight would of done something a bit more news worthy.

  • BrianK

    Good reading in that one articke Dj saying they need to come together as a team.

  • REBEKAHoosierGal

    Dick Vitale needs to freakin shut the hell up about RMK. I mean seriously, I turn the tv on mute when I hear him commentating during the games. If IU EVER comes up in a conversation, stupid Dick has to run his mouth about how RMK should come back, never should've been let go, and how Assembly Hall should be named after him. COME ON….let's be realistic here…it's not going to happen and I'm getting SICK AND TIRED of hearing Dick talk about it! He's like a broken record…everyone knows if IU is brought up Dick will say the same crap he always says. It's pretty bad when RMK himself gets annoyed by it. Dick….go do something for Duke since you're so obsessed with them…no one wants to hear you ramble on and on ANYMORE!!!!!! Oh and on another note, IU fans and NCAA commentators need to move on about Sampson. I'm tired of hearing about it and it's harder for the players to move on if we bring it up alllllll the time. Ok that's all. Sorry I practically wrote a book.

  • Duke did beat Wisconsin pretty handily in the head-to-head matchup. Just for argument's sake.

  • JamesHardy

    Wofford beat Purdue's ass back in november too…does that make them a 5 seed?

  • Jay

    JH, I like most of your posts, but your insight is diminished when you use the Fs. Not calling you out, not lecturing, and this isn't my site to manage. It's just my opinion.

  • Did Wofford beat them by 24? And make it look like a professional team versus a high school team?

  • Patrick Donohue – Pro Blogger

    hi, im pro at blogging. you guys should all look at my blog, its so cool. i post it everytime i say anything.

    uhh patrick, your blog sucks. your comments suck. no one likes you. fade away.

  • T

    Wisconsin got hosed.

    They were the regular season and conference tournament champions of the Big Ten.

    Duke was neither in the ACC. Granted, the ACC was better than the Big Ten this year, but not by that huge of a margin at all.

    I completely agree with whoever said the game has passed Dick Vitale. I remember a time when he had a lot of knowledge about the game and I found his insight really usefull when watching the games. Now, he's deadweight. Him and Chris Berman need to be taken out back and shot.

  • Awkward.

  • ALH_00

    Who other than UNC, Duke, and Clemson (don't say Miami or VT) were any good in the ACC this year…they're just like the Big Ten…top heavy. Wisc. got the shaft. Hell, even Purdue got the shaft. MSU is the only team in the Big Ten that got what they deserved.

  • Sherron Wilkerson

    Saying that Assembly hall should name its court Bob Knight court is the least you can do for the all-time winningest coach in NCAA history, it cannot be talked about enough, its not only the right thing to do its the ONLY thing to do. For you to say that it is becoming annoying shows your age and maturity, if you dont agree then you need to start a blog about another team because you clearly do not understand what it means to be an Indiana basketball fan, then again your probably a douchbag liberal that hates Knight. Knight has shown during his stint with ESPN that he is the basketball genius that we all knew he was, which is a surprise that ESPN would give him a shot to show his genius sicne they have spent the better part of the last 15 years trying to tear him down, stop buying into the ESPN kool-aid. He is the greatest coach ever and was our coach for a very long time, give him a break

  • Ben

    Sherron is right. If you don't like Bob Knight……um….you may not be an indiana fan. If you didn't like the 3 national tittles or the 11 conference championships….or the amount of consistant wins he accumulated over the years at Iu to become the all time winningest coach in D1… may not be an indiana fan. If you like run and gun street ball…..and inappropriate recruiting…..and inconsistency….well you must love indiana basketball….because thats what it has been since he left.

  • Not sure if you were watching, but RMK was none-pleased either. It wasn't just humility, it was simply the wrong venue/group of commentators/time to talk about any of this.

    But, of course, I'm just a d-bag liberal.

  • Ben

    oh yea…and I wish i had the 4 minutes of my life back that I took to look at Patrick donahue's blog….you suck dude get lost.

  • REBEKAHoosierGal

    Ok first of all, you know nothing about my age or maturity. Also, I'm about as opposite of a “…….. liberal” as it gets.P.S. if you're going to call someone a name, at least spell it correctly. I know exactly what it means to be an Indiana Basketball Fan, and I'm quite a big one in fact. I never said I hate Knight either….I just can't stand Dick Vitale and how he worships Knight and goes on and on about something that will never happen. Afterall…I believe these comments are referring to not liking Dick Vitale, not Knight. Like I mentioned in my last post, even Knight was annoyed by Vitale. Ok well no need to keep defending myself. Have a terrific night Sherron = )

  • Ben

    i'm watching the 81 final…and you know it seemed like back then he listened to the players more

  • JamesHardy

    isn't a win in november still a win?

  • Jay

    If Knight had shown that much restraint as coach at IU, he'd still be here.

  • JamesHardy

    WOW…THAT IS SOOOOO TRUE! I give you my nomination for “Post of the Month!”

  • JamesHardy

    Thanks for the insight…seriously. I hope you understand I was putting those in the words of RMK….you know that's what he was thinking! I apologize…sorry!

  • Brett

    Bahahahahaha. Patrick the PRO BLOGGER.. what a tool. Ben you make me laugh. =) Keep up the good work.

  • Brett

    Bahahahahaha. Patrick the PRO BLOGGER.. what a tool. Ben you make me laugh. =) Keep up the good work.