Open Thread: Selection Sunday

  • 03/16/2008 10:57 am in

The NCAA selection committee will announce the brackets for the 2008 Men’s basketball tournament tonight at 6PM. Before consecutive losses to Penn State and Minnesota, the Hoosiers were likely a four seed. Most projections have now dropped IU to a No. 6.

With that said, this is the place to discuss all things Selection Sunday. Do you agree with the notion that IU will be a No. 6 seed? Who would you like to see IU paired up with in the first round? Do you have any optimism that IU can make a run? Who’s to blame for the late season collapse: the players or Dan Dakich?

We’ll be back tonight once the brackets are announced. Until then, thoughts leading up to the selection show in the comments, por favor.

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  • Fed Up

    Greenspan, Sampson, Gordon thinking he is a 3 point specialist, players who think they are bigger than the program, and on and on. Dozens of reasons for the demise for this program. The 8 seed they got was well seserved and they will likely get beat 1st round, certainly will get thrashed in the 2nd round. Lets hope we can get a quality coach without dragging our feet too long, and I hope Greenspan is the AD at some high scholl this time next year.

  • TheMiz

    even if the hoosiers get a win they get NC in their homestate in round 2…are these ncaa sanctions come early?

  • BrianK

    Washinton St gets 4 seed? and we get 8 seed? thats crazy

  • BTOWN40

    Selection committee hates the Big Ten IU 8 Wisconsin 3 give me a break. I'm actually more suprised at wisconsins seed…

  • Fed Up

    Anybody who thinks we got robbed with a 8 seed obviously hasn't watched the Big 10 this year or IU the last 3 weeks. They are limping into the tourney, the committee knoes it. Might as well out them out of their misery early. Good Luck DJ in the pros, it was a pleasure watching you this season. EG enjoy some bench time in the NBA.

  • BrianK

    Wisconsin was a top ten ranked team. This is ridiculous

  • BrianK

    Clemson and Gonzaga get higher seeds than us?

  • BrianK

    Yeah but the SEC is worse

  • JamesHardy

    Those two aren't in SHAMBLES and actually won games in their conference tournaments…they both were runner-ups if my memory serves me correctly. Remember this fellas…IU has played up or down to it's competition ALL year. I think the 8 seed is a blessing in disquise! Now maybe they will grow some fuckin testicles and play with some heart because the WHOLE nation is laughing at them. AFTER they beat Arkansas…I believe you'll see the best game the Hoosiers have played ALL year vs. UNC…not saying they'll win for sure, but they're going down swinging! MARK MY WORD!