Link dump: Investigation edition

  • 02/16/2008 7:33 am in

Once again, I’ve done my best to gather news and views from around the Web this morning for your viewing pleasure. If there’s an article I missed, please drop me a note at [email protected]. Happy reading.

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  • kelin

    This is nice…..look who is smiling from ear to ear now…………

    Mike Davis told the Web site “it's unbelievable,” although Davis told me the summer after his firing that Sampson would have IU in hot water within three years.

    From Kravitz and the Indy star…..

  • td

    I'm thankful that people like Kravitz are not making the decisions concerning the business-side of this mess. The Star wrote an editorial agreeing with why it's being handled the way it is. Kravitz should check with the editorial people at his own paper before sounding off.
    To the NCAA, I would ask them as well as the IU administration, why would you come up with any penalty that hurts the innocent players if you are truly concerned about the STUDENT/ATHLETES you always refer to in these ordeals? I guess it's easier to harm the players at no cost rather than taking other avenues at some cost. $$$$$$

  • HoosierSmitty

    I still think the timing is crap. Our three biggest games of the season and NOW we have to deal with this mess.

    What does the NCAA gain by sending this to IU now? It sends the “we're going to do what we want, when we want mentality” that might not be illegal, but certainly sends a mixed message when investigating a coach's supposed violations.

    Sampson needs to step aside, and I'm pretty sure these allegations are true (after all IU uncovered most of them on its own) but it doesn't mean the NCAA is in the right to release this info on the cusp of our biggest few weeks in the Big Ten.

    It might be a silly question to ask, but I'd like to know “Why now?” Was the investigation just recently concluded?…had it been concluded for months and they just waited?…why did they not wait until the end of the season…etc.? Did it really take them four months to find out all of this information?

    As was stated above, this is hurting the student-athletes. I feel sorry for anyone (I've read posts elsewhere) who say that these players are not innocent because they signed on to play with a cheater. That's a load of crap.

    Anyway…just my morning vent.

    Go Hoosiers, beat MSU!

  • kelin

    One thing that could come out of this is the players could gain some well needed mental focus going forward that could help them as we enter tournament time….we will see tonight….if as KS says it does not affect the players……….

  • HoosierSmitty

    It will be interesting to see what we hear from students who attended the festivities for ESPN Gameday. I noticed a “Bring Back Bobby” poster…guess security didn't catch that one…

  • kelin

    Here is what I hear…..”Bring Back Bobby” Clap Clap clap clap clap….NICE.
    “Talk about the game” Nicer……

    Nice boo's for KS I hope he hears it tonite………..

  • Justin

    Wow! Hard to believe the madness is only one month away, Cat wait till the games begin, I am also counting on making a little extra cash on the side betting on them, the last 2 years have been good to me and I have made a little extra at March Madness hope I make it a lucky 3 this year

  • Ryan_Btown

    Just got back from Gameday…my assessment…

    1. We got there at 7 am and there were already around 40 people in front of us. We sat 2nd row right behind the MSU kid who got his sign ripped (almost got killed during that interaction).

    2. Before we went in, they announced, any signs that say “hire” or “fire” must be tossed. Other than that, they didn't care much.

    3. As you noticed, every time KS was on the screen, we booed. Any time Knight was on screen, lots of cheers. Now I am one that thinks it is just a ridiculous thing to say “Bring back Bobby” but I must admit, it was fun to cheer it today.

    4. The team watched most of Gameday and seemed to all be enjoying the crowd, whether we were booing Sampson or cheering for Knight.

    5. Jay Bilas is a Duke loving asshole…that's all I've got.

  • nice.

  • kelin

    Thanks…Ryan…..YOu might as well call Jay Bilas…Jay Vitale…they both are on Dukes Payroll……..

    I am glad the guys were there and watched us boo their coach and not them…..

  • You guys do realize that Bilas is a Duke alum, right?

  • Ryan_Btown

    haha…Yes Matt…we do.

  • Okay. Just checking! 😀

  • Okay. Just checking! 😀