IU President will address media at 3PM presser

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mcrobbie.jpgUpdate: Full text of McRobbie statement (The Hoosier Scoop)

Those of you who wish to watch the press conference, both WTHR.com and WISHTV.com will have streaming coverage.

Here is the official release from IU:

February 15, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University President Michael McRobbie will respond today (Friday) to the notice of allegations received last week from the NCAA. He will preside over a press conference scheduled for 3 p.m. in the moot courtroom at the IU-Bloomington School of Law, which is located at the corner of Third Street and Indiana Avenue. He will take questions afterward.

Those of you who have questions you’d like answered, The Hoosier Scoop is offering an opportunity to submit your inquiries for McRobbie.

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  • jdhoosier

    Sorry, wrong link. Don't have text of NCAA report, but it sure seems it was the interviews with those players that turned up the heat.

  • jdhoosier

    Sorry, wrong link. Don't have text of NCAA report, but it sure seems it was the interviews with those players that turned up the heat.

  • peaychris

    Just like Beavis and Butthead say….. FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!!!

  • kelin

    I am still trying to figure out………..as KS says, this does not affect the team…..that is impossible. I am also trying to figure out why would they let him coach another second……….suspension or firing…….something has to happen.

  • Jerry

    What worries me is that IU already investigated this stuff last October and felt the best action was what they already did with no firing or suspension. Now IU is forced to save face and be credible with the NCAA and future possible coaches by either 1) defend KS and our earlier judgement or 2) claim the FACTS HAVE CHANGED .

    This can potentially go beyond KS and hurt the university especially under a wrongful termination lawsuit like O'Brien, Knight etc.

    I would like to see an indefintie suspension, a willful resignation or a tearful Hillary CLinton-like explanantion by the coach before a firing ………….but if we have no defense then we should move fast and fire.

    Let the rumors of all the good new coaches folks have touted on this site carry us with next years recruits.

  • BrianK

    The difference in the investigations between Indiana and the NCAA is that IU based there findings on their investigation and weren't able to contact or find some of the recruits, parents, coaches. They didnt have the resources that the NCAA has. The NCAA talked to teh people IU coudln't find or talk to. The NCAA dug in the knooks and crannies to find evreyone and get statements. NCAA has plenty of resources to spend to investigate a school suspected of cheating. (Unless your Duke and they'll turn the other way)

  • kelin

    Jerry I agree….but everyone brace yourself…….
    We know how IU presser's have been in the past…..here is what to expect….

    At this time we are opening a further investigation into these allegations. We will not be taking any questions about this til the investigation is complete and Devin Ebanks, Matt Roth, Tom Pritchard, and Terell Holloway have all decomitted….At that time we will hold another press conference where we will not answer any questions at that one either. At this time I would for coach Sampson to speak….

    Thank You Rick……At this time I cannot speak about these allegations. I am not here to talk about the past, and for the most part I misremembered anything as it relates to these phone calls. Finally let me say this…..I did not have sexual relations with that women or any phone……thank you.

  • BrianK

    I think at Saturday's or tuesday's game there should be a fan “Knight Out”. I'm not saying necassarily to bring Knight back. (Although would be cool as strict interim to finish out the year and retire as he should have…a Hoosier) I'm for Grant from VCU personally. But more in defiance of them making that guy take his shirt off and for what the Knight era for..Not cheating, high player graduation rates and Championships. Wearng bring back Knight shirt should not be considered offensive especially for we the fans have had to endure with teh faculties incompetence the past several years.. Nobody what you thought of Knight you cannot deny his impact and greatness at IU. Offensive is us being labelled as cheaters, offensive is this great class this year being over shadowed because of this, offensive is us having to having ot go look for another coach again, offensive is the sham coaching search last time. Wear bring back knight shirts or anyother knight shirt you can find. Not to necassarily bring him back but what he stood for.

  • kelin

    That is insane that they would make you take those shirts off….what about a I love bob knight shirt…….I still say someone should make a Sire Fampson shirt and see what they say then…..

  • JamesHardy

    priceless! this made me piss myself laughing! NICE!

  • kelin

    there you go, 5 minutes of nothing….let the fury begin….or continue

  • Brett


  • kelin

    I called it…..absolutely NOTHING.
    I hope like HELL they boo Kelvin Sampsons ASS so so bad………I normally don't agree with Kravitz but KS needs to resign NOW, for the players sake.

  • drode

    If anyone wants to go back in time and get away from all this mess and see some good basketball tune your televisions to ESPN classic.

  • Luke24

    Andy Katz doesn't think Sampson will finish the year and all IU is doing is making sure they don't get sued. I would say his last game will be purdue.

  • Hoosierstormcat

    Someone just pointed out to me that the investigation team is bogus. Greenspan, who hired the guy and stands to lose if the report yields information showing Sampson is crooked. Ice Miller, the law firm that fouled up the first investigation who stands to gain by finding that its first report was sufficient. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. Why don't we just make Sampson the head of the team?

  • Jerry

    You are right on as usual. Speaking of the players however ………….how are they keeping them quiet ? Remember Knight and Davis ……..players had a lot to say ? Eventually they talk. It is infeasible for them to be quiet………so how is that happening ?

    How does KS get rehabilitated after all this ? That too seems infeasible. Why can't he resign willingly after seeing what he has done to IU, the players and the loyal fans ? I cannot forgive Bobby and certainly not KS

  • kelin

    I hate to repeat myself…….I gave KS some credit for having some since of integrity as it relates to caring about his players, he has to know what this is doing to the team. I think this is the first time all year we have the countries spotlight on the program and this is what it will be about. I am sure if Dicky V is doing the game RMK will be mentioned a lot….

  • Jerry

    Kelin- keep commenting, I am snowbound in the north woods w no tv and only a phone line for internet so my only link is this web site and the comments

  • DavidC

    This the only time we have the spotlight on the program? Seriously? That's ridiculous. The spotlight was on this program from the get-go because of fantastic freshman, Eric Gordon and Big Ten player of the year candidate DJ White. The spotlight has only gotten brighter as those two have solidified expectations and in DJ's case he's blown them out of the water with the way he is playing.

    While the current situations at IU have certainly turned up the spotlight at IU to an almost unbearable level, let's not kid ourselves thinking this is the first time the spotlight has been on this program this year.

  • HoosierSmitty

    This has to be the “Jim O'Brien” effect.

    I can't see any other reason to keep Sampson around right now. He should be out and never allowed to touch the Assembly Hall floor again.

    I don't care how minor or major the violations are or whether he knowingly committed the violations or not.

    The simple fact is that he breached his contract when he committed the violations. There is no disputing that. That is just cause.

    It's like wanting to be let off the hook for running a red light because you “didn't notice the light.” You might get lucky and not cause an accident, and maybe no one saw you, or you might just plow into someone. I mean, hello? When you're on the road, there are going to be stop lights. You better be paying attention for them, especially when you're one point away from losing your license.

    Almost all of us drank the Kool-Aid back in October and prayed that the situation would go away and the NCAA would say that Indiana punished Sampson and the basketball team enough. We hoped that the smack upside the head by Dad and loss of the car for the summer would be enough. But then we found out that the police had a camera on the light and little Johnny is going to have to own up to the real authorities.

    What was going on? How did these mistakes happen? There is a clear lack of institutional control and it goes higher than Sampson. But the bottom line is that he was the one who had these sanctions and he should have known better. You have to be careful to the nth degree and he clearly wasn't.

    I understand due process…but suspending him with pay right now was the ONLY logical option. It's a disgrace to see him on the sideline.

  • jdhoosier

    The only other thing I was able to glean from the press conference articles was this from ESPN:

    McRobbie also said that the group conducting the investigation will not conduct any interviews with the players who raised the new allegations in the NCAA reports. Instead, they will review the transcripts of the interviews with the NCAA, he said.

    Considering that it seems these are the interviews that turned up the heat on the allegations, it would seem Indiana should come to the same conclusion, which is that Sampson knowingly violated the terms of his sanctions.

  • Jerry

    I got on the Hoosier Insider blog and I cannot believe how different the comments are from the ones here:
    1. A large majority are in favor of susoension w/o pay immediately but not yet firing him
    2. I learned that some sources of info come from UI and Purdue recruits , True ?
    3. Sampson vigorously denies lying
    4. Replacement coaches mentioned are not in the same league as here ( Crean ? Brownell ? geezuz )
    5. No fixation on KNight

    Very different except for the unanimous and profound disappointment

  • HoosierSmitty

    It's all about due process…which could take till when…August? However, I think the University is just trying to build up a good case…then fire him. I still think they could have easily suspended him with pay until they conducted the investigation AGAIN. …

  • jdhoosier

    2. Yes, the NCAA talked to McCamey and Hummel as well as some others.
    3. The only Sampson denial was in his weak statement after the WI loss.

  • Jerry

    JD – can we get the text of teh NCAA report ? How ?

  • jdhoosier
  • jdhoosier

    Sorry, wrong link. Don't have text of NCAA report, but it sure seems it was the interviews with those players that turned up the heat.