IU security: No “bring back Bobby” t-shirt for you

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Apparently, you can’t wear a shirt that says “bring back Bobby” to an Indiana game. Or so says a man named Josh (pictured), who called into the “Front Row Ticket” on 93.9 FM in Louisville.

According to the story told to hosts Rick Bozich and Jody Demling, Josh was asked by an IU security guard during the first half of last night’s game to remove his homemade white t-shirt because it was “offensive.” His other option, again according his story, was to be arrested. So he removed it.

For the second half, he put the shirt back on and a friend sitting with him also donned a similar shirt. The security person returned and asked him to once again remove the shirt or be arrested. This was, in the words of security, a final warning.

I’m not sure if free speech is extended to those in Assembly Hall, but if this story is indeed true, I find it to be utterly ridiculous. I have to agree with the sentiments given by Josh at the end of his story: “The only people it was offensive to was Rick Greenspan and Coach Sampson.”

Be forewarned, Hoosier faithful: Don’t show up with your “bring back Bobby” t-shirts in Assembly Hall.

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star noticed this as well and mentioned it in his column today. Also, thanks to the the Hoosier Scoop/Herald-Times for the picture. Much preech, fellas.

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  • tom

    would have been interesting if he was arrested. for what? it was not offensive. talk about bad press.

  • Mark

    Well, if Sampson is still around for Tuesday's game w/ PU, I'll see what they do to me as I plan on wearing my “Fire Sampson” shirt to the game that I will also make at home. Maybe we should read the fine print of the rules of Assembly Hall, but I plan on wearing it and let's see where it leads. I may put Fire Greenspan on the back if he doesn't come up with enough guts to fire Sampson before then. He made the mistake, now it's time to fix it.

  • Jimmy

    I say everybody shows up with a similar shirts and see what happends. It is freedom of speech at a public university. They can't throw everybody out…

  • Disco_Briscoe

    I'm with Jimmy…have the student body wear Fire Sampson or Bring back Bobby and see what they do. They cant boot the entire crowd.

  • Timmy

    The guy who wore that shirt is lucky. If I was at the game and saw him wear that, I'd be arrested for punching him in the face.

    I'll be at the game on Saturday. All you smartasses have been warned.

  • Joe W.

    I was at the game sitting just to the side of the basekt as I watched them tear up 2 or 3 signs that all said “Bring Knight Back.” The logic was Hoosier Fans should remain “nuetral” until everything is taken care of.

  • DavidC

    I absolutely hate the notion of Bobby Knight ever being hired back to coach Indiana University again, but I can't help but shudder at the 'big brother' aspect that story brings to Assembly Hall. If true, that's sad and a little dis-heartening.

  • kelin

    I am going to sell some …..Sire Fampson T shirts and see if people still get kicked out….
    Does the administration really think people are just going to be so jovial about this a not react……How about we BOO every time he calls a timeout, everytime he is introduced, everytime………..how about a strong Fire Sampson chant is that illegal.

  • Kirk Haston

    I just wanted to discourage any further comments suggesting Scott Drew as the next coach of Indiana University. Indiana can do way better than this. I am a recent graduate of Indiana and my best friend from my high school team plays for Baylor. I hear quite a bit of inside information on Coach Drew and have been to a number of Baylor games this year. No questions at all about his high moral standards and ability to recruit but the guy can't coach worth anything. There have been three Baylor games that I attended where it was so blatant that Scott Drew was outcoached. He crumbles in high pressure situations and has a very poor ability to finish games. The head coach of Indiana basketball may one of the highest pressured positions in the country and people who are expecting a hard nosed, tough coach, they're not going to find it in Scott Drew. I've heard a number of times that his ability to analyze game film is bad and he consistently fails to address problems during timeouts. If Baylor is struggling on defense, he'll coach on offensive sets during a timeout – and vice versa. All in all, I think we could get a much better coach if the situation arises. Great guy definitely, but I don't think he could handle the job and we as fans deserve a better coach.

  • deedubbadoo

    I would have left the shirt on, and made them arrest me in front of ever single person at that game. Arrest me for wearing a “Bring Bobby Back” t-shirt. Then I would have sued their asses so fast they wouldn't know what hit them. Honestly, offensive is the pictures of aborted fetuses protesters hold up in downtown Bloomington. A t-shirt with “Bring Bobby Back” is not offensive to anyone except the asshole who got us into this mess sitting at the end of the bench!

  • Brian

    Even if you wouldn't like to see KNight come back or you would I think everyone should either wear “Bring back Knight” or “Fire Sampson” shirts. I think the Bring Back Knight is more saying about bringing back the standards of the program and “look at what you did to us IU faculty” than rather saying acutally bring him back. What about VCU head coach or (For reaction pruposes) Pat Knight.

  • jgongora

    I don't agree with the individual on the photo, buthe has every right to wear that shirt. Man sometimes it kills me when we apply simple logic to everyday situations.

  • Martin

    I bet the university loves this kind of publicity. NCAA violations and censoring a persons t-shirt. How is this offensive? Isnt it more offensive what has happened off the court with Sampson than a t-shirt? Would it be OK to wear a shirt that said bring back McCracken? That may be more offensive on a few levels. I'm sure the students will be all over this as well. How many students (and or people) will try and wear a shirt like this on Saturday night? Glad ESPN gameday will be there too.

  • JamesHardy

    I must admit, i'm one of the people that is pushing for Scott Drew. He would be my 2nd choice behind Mark Few. I'm saddened to hear this about Drew. I read the article about Baylor in last week's SI. It was pretty informative. From the sounds of the article, Drew is the type of guy that IU could use. He's young, demands discipline, and can recruit anywhere in the world. As far as being outcoached, I've seen that for the past 6 years with the last two dill weeds that have been sitting on the bench. I guess with this new information, I will have to get back on my knees and change my prayer requests to include Mark Few and Matt Painter instead. Thanks for the info.

  • B. S. Detector

    You'd be arrested after your health was stabilized in a few weeks. That guy would maul you!

  • JamesHardy

    arrested for going against the government of course…didn't you know we've officially transformed our country into the Cold War Era Soviet Union???? Geeeeez I thought everyone knew!

  • OneMoreAlumni

    Hiring Sampson was bad enough, but how low can IU go? As an alumni and life-long IU fan, I am really disappointed.

  • Don

    To the contrary – EVERYBODY show up with a Bring Back Bobby T-shirt…

  • the wolf

    Really? The government is running security at IU?


    Bring Back Bobby t-shirt available at


    Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone wore them to a home game. Would they all be arrested? FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!

  • It is a public university–so, yes.


    You sound like a gigantic douche.

  • tim

    He should have refused to take it off. If they threw him out, he'd have an enormous settlement to be earned from the university/law enforcement agency that did so. This kind of public speech has been long-protected by the courts.

    For more, see here.


  • P. Lee

    B. Knight may have pissed off too many people but he ran a clean program, much better than that schumck Kelvin Sampson.

  • Damon Bailey

    Well Scott Drew is a bad candidate because he is highly overated and is coaching
    in a conferance known for it's football, much like Kelvin Sampson. The fans won't
    like Mark Few. Have you heard of painter's recruits for next year. No one has. They
    suck. The best candidate for the job is Dan Dakich. He can coach for a long time.
    He's a hoosier native. He played at I.U. He also coached ten years at Bowling Green
    and did pretty well. How many bowling green coaches have gone into mackey arena
    a beat purdue.

  • Brian S

    I want to see a thousand “Bobby” shirts at the next game!!

  • Brian S

    what a brown-nosing puss you are!!!

  • Visit BringBackBobby.org and Buy a Shirt… Shirts will be sold outside Assembly Hall before the Michigan State game 2-16-2008 by Press Row (where press vans and buses are.) $20.. and All proceeds go to benefit the V foundation!!!

  • Friend of guy who wore shirt

    First of all talking about punching someone in the face makes you look like a smuck.
    Second of all if you were any of a true IN fan you would appreciate the shirt. Bobby Knight is IN basketball. My opinion is he won't come back to IU but I do believe the University needs to name the court after him. Bottom Line.

    Timmy I really wish I had tickets to the game because I would love to wear a shirt and hopefully you saw me in it. (After the big warning you put out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • If Bobby Knight came back, would TT in a fury fire his son? I think so

  • Bobby

    Next game everyone should wear a shirt that says “Bring Back Bobby” even if you do not agree it is to make a point that this should not have happened. It takes the masses in unison to make change and make a stand!!!

  • Basketball Bruce

    All of you in Indiana unite and wear”Bring back Bobby t-shirts!” There is not enough jail space to have all of the fans arrested, small children should sport their T's also.

  • brad

    you people are missing it. I love when youngsters cry for freedom
    of speech! Is yelling fire in a theatre FoS? Assembly hall is not public property. They can make the rules just like a theme park can set dress codes to avoid gang violence. Your home is also a place where FoS isn't safe. Kick me out for wearing a smiley face T and can I sue? No. Now, bad judgement call by the guard? Absolutely. But do you have FoS to do whatever you want in Assembly Hall? Absolutely not. Think about it…

  • Here at Missouri State fans have been thrown out of games for wearing “Fire Barry” shirts.

  • Atha Belsha

    I think the answer to the Hoosier problem is to bring Bobby back.
    He IS Indiana basketball.
    A Chicago sports station said, Dan Dakich will be gone after this year, because of his loyalty to Bobby.
    The faculty was so hell bent on getting away from someone with Bobby Knight ties.
    And look what happened!

  • Atha Belsha

    I think the answer to the Hoosier problem is to bring Bobby back.
    He IS Indiana basketball.
    A Chicago sports station said, Dan Dakich will be gone after this year, because of his loyalty to Bobby.
    The faculty was so hell bent on getting away from someone with Bobby Knight ties.
    And look what happened!