I, for one, welcome our Big Ten overlords

  • 08/17/2007 2:16 pm in

big_ten_network.gifA helpful IU student passes along the Big Ten Network’s, and IU’s, latest attempts at pushing public opinion decidedly in their favor:

On August 30, the Big Ten Network (BTN) will be launched nationwide.The BTN is a first-of-its-kind partnership between the eleven Big Ten universities and a major television provider.Through the network, IU students and fans will have the opportunity to see an unprecedented number of Big Ten sporting events, including football and basketball.

The broad appeal of intercollegiate athletics at IU calls for the widespread distribution of the Big Ten Network.The network is currently in discussions with all cable and satellite providers nationwide. As an IU student season ticket holder in football or basketball, you should be able to have the opportunity to watch the BTN among the 70 or so channels included with your standard or basic level of local cable service. As a loyal Hoosier fan and IU student, the best thing you can do to get the BTN as part of your basic service is to contact your local cable provider or satellite company, and ask that the network be added to your basic package.

Our student fans are great supporters of the Hoosiers – please call 1-866-WANT-B10 today so that your voice can be heard regarding the Big Ten Network.Click on the video link below, and IU football coach Bill Lynch will direct you through this process.

Go Hoosiers!


That’s right, kids. Don’t have the Big Ten Network? Streak the quad! Destroy campus art and architecture in a bizarre display of Duke victory-esque joy! Burn it down! Burn it down!

Since most students have tickets, I’d argue this isn’t as large an issue as it is for people who, like us, live in large metropolitan areas and can’t watch our teams because two old white guys are bickering about price structure. Can we get this figured out already? Please?

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