Report: James Blackmon Jr. to sign with agent, remain in NBA draft

  • 05/07/2017 7:33 am in

Indiana junior guard James Blackmon Jr. will sign with an agent and remain in the 2017 NBA draft, according to Jon Rothstein of FanRag Sports.

The 6-foot-4 guard was not invited to next week’s draft combine in Chicago. Blackmon Jr. is currently ranked the No. 107 prospect according to Chad Ford of and is not listed on any mock drafts.

As a junior, he averaged 17 points, 4.8 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 30.5 minutes per game.

Blackmon Jr. is the third Indiana player to leave school early this year and sign with an agent, joining OG Anunoby and Thomas Bryant.

Robert Johnson also declared for the draft, but has not signed with an agent.

On Saturday, Blackmon Jr. went through graduation ceremonies in Bloomington.

Indiana is now at 13 scholarship players for next season.

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  • VOXAC30

    Amazing! I can’t believe anyone would even write that.

  • Larry Brown

    Exactly. I’d hate to open that possibility to guys like RJ who could be an All-B10 player as a senior.

  • HoosierOne

    Good for your JBJ! Thank you for all that you’ve done for the Hoosiers! Congrats on graduating. Good luck at the next level! You are a lights out shooter!

  • Ole Man

    You competing for internet troll of the day?

  • Mark Bando

    Good luck JBJ. I think you have a shot at the NBA with its emphasis on three point shooting. I’m a bulls fan and I would take you over half of the guards on our team. Keep improving your defense and you can do it.

  • Mark Bando

    I’ll take him on the Bulls. We need three point shooting desparately

  • Todd Lindeman

    Good luck JBJ you the man wish the very best for your future. Thanks for all the good bball you gave us @ IU!

    Ernieg is horrible.

  • Larry Brown

    One thing is for certain. The team will have a lot less offensive firepower next year. In fact other than RJ and maybe DG, it’s hard to see where the scoring will come from.

  • nmstan

    Thanks for the good ball you gave us. Good luck and go make some money doing what you like to do. Then go into acting later and be the new Billy Dee Williams!

  • Todd Lindeman

    I think our guard play will still be strong. Obviously JBJ shooting will be missed but I think CuJo and DG are going to step up big time not to mention CH will be back. I am still much more worried about a back up center.

  • SeeingRed

    No doubt about it. But even Yogi was underappreciated by a segment of the fan base. Much like that, JBJ’s departure is going to be “don’t know what you got until it’s gone” scenario when a couple big 3s are needed to win a close game. (Yes, the Cinderella song is going to be painfully repeating in your head the rest of the night).

    JBJ’s only basketball “crime” was that he was not a complete player. Which puts him right in there with about 90 percent of guys who play college hoops.

    James made the right call given his injury history and I hope he can cash a nice check somewhere for a few years.

  • Larry Brown

    He hit the game winners in a couple games for us last year I believe. And he almost single-handedly kept IU in a few games such as the Butler game . And it’s not for having had his third major injuries, he would likely be a first round draft choice

  • Jim Miller

    And now I will fervently hope the Pacers take a chance on him, when just 2 minutes ago I had no Fs to give about it.

  • Eli McNaughton

    I hope that trolling gets deleted

  • Tim Mitchell

    I guess everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, no matter how wrong it is. I thank James for being a true Hoosier. Congrats on graduating in only three years. After all, that is what going to college is all about.

  • Thank you James for your time in Bloomington. Best wishes. I was hoping for a glorious senior season. Go get yours. Light ’em up.

  • If this is your happiness you must be one big failure of a person.

  • Craig Mitchell Ha’o.

    Aloha James. Congrats on Graduating in THREE yrs..Huge deal son. Well Done! Would LOVE to have you be the Focus Offensively should you decide to in fact, COME BACK for One more intensive season of DEVELOPMENT this time under Miller and Co. and Work to become a COMPLETE GUARD-on BOTH ends and playing Both Guard spots.

    You could challenge for All B1G First Team..maybe More. Injury risks aside-and those risks are the same playing in.College..the NBA or in Europe-you would leave Bloomington halfway to.a Master’s Degree and a MUCH more Well rounded skilled Guard-who also D’s it UP!

    But either way THANKS for the Memories, BEST wishes and REPRESENT!! *ALWAYS A HOOSIER. Mahalo JBJ!!

  • Yah. It’s a big loss to the team to lose arguably the best pure scorer in next year’s league. He would have eaten alive the competition next season. Might as well get paid for it suppose. (and he will, somewhere) I don’t blame him and wish him the best. Anybody who thinks this is a mistake by JBJ can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to get paid to be awesome and travel about doing what you love.

  • down low

  • ExMeaSententia

    It’s impressive that he completed his degree in 3 years.

    Congrats to JBJr, Way to go!

    And thanks for being a Hoosier, and for everything you’ve contributed to the program. Best of luck at the next level. I know your family is extremely proud.

  • ExMeaSententia

    Archie will be OK, and so will next year’s team. We’re not likely to win the B1G with the roster we’ll have, but I’ll bet IU will have a say in who does. I won’t be at all surprised if Archie has this team somewhere among the top 4 finishers.

    My third wager — we won’t be playing in the NIT or sitting at home watching the first weekend of the NCAA next March.

  • Sure, I tend to agree. I’d be more comfortable with a top-5 B1G finish, but certainly not bottom half like last season. And I definitely expect to make the NCAA tourney, and win a game or two.

  • Ohio Hoosier

    Getting a college degree in 3 years is quite an accomplishment.
    Plus he had major knee injuries to contend with during his
    playing career. Good luck James.

  • AndyCapp

    Once he signs with an agent the decision is made… rules state that he must move beyond IU. Best of luck to you JBJ, you were a good Hoosier!

  • Hoosier4life67

    Its a win win for everyone. He gets to go over seas and play pro ball. IU gets to go back to playing solid defense and not having a JB jr to bring down the defensive intensity. He reminded me of jeremy Hollowel (if i spelled that correctly). Brought the rest of the team down to his level. Good luck to James where ever he plays ball at. Personally I think he will need it. Still remember him bragging about only playing one year of college ball then going pro. Should have learned how to play defense a bit then that might have happened. The pro’s have a hundred guys who can shoot it deep.

  • Shaggy_C

    In my day (my god – has it really been 10 years already!?) the maximum courseload that was included in ‘standard tuition’ was 17 credit hours. If you wanted to take 18 credits, you could, but you had to pay for each additional credit hour and get some kind of approval. My second semester senior year was 21 credits, owing partially to the fact that I was triple majoring, but also because I was (and will forever be) a lazy POS and had a few 12 credit semesters Freshman/Sophomore year.

  • Shaggy_C

    Good on him! Best of luck in the working world, JBJ; hopefully Troy and Yogi can put in a good word and get you picked up on a roster this summer.

  • Dave Carnes

    It is hard to tell about a kid when he plays in a directionless system like Creans.I must admit that I was Hard on Yogi Now I realize he was making the best of a confusing situation.We might find there is more to James when he plays for a REAL COACH.

  • N71

    We’re going to need someone to score next season with both Thomas and now James signing agents. Not sure what to expect from Collin (knee and all), Juwan’s role will become significant, Devonte could breakout, Rob will continue as key, etc. Had a dream Clifton Moore came out of nowhere to become an important element. DeRon and foul trouble has me worried, our achelies heal I fear.

  • IdahoHoosier

    You could probably change that to “most people perform better…”. I still need structure to keep myself disciplined!

  • onehoosier

    Good luck JBJ. Glad he is leaving with an IU degree. I would have loved to see him with Archie’s game plan, but I can understand why he want’s to start getting paid.

  • Kyl470

    I think you are right that his knees probably played a major part in his decision. Not sure if his body will hold up for him to have a long professional career. So if he has graduated or is extremely close then I can’t fault him for trying to get his money now. I know some pro team will pay JBJ to play for them. I just don’t think it’ll be a NBA team.

  • Swishmac IU

    While all we hear is positive things from the outside world regarding Arch, the fact that two guys that will likely go undrafted opt to leave is a little concerning. OG leaving was a given, however TB and JBJ is a bit of a head scratcher. How much of their decision was based on what they have seen (or heard) from Arch that they didn’t like? Really concerned about our ability to put the ball in the bucket next year.

  • Koko

    It would be hard to make an assumption that we won’t score well next season….or be really concerned. We should have RJ back plus DG, Cujo, GG, Josh with JM, CH and DD. Not to mention the new guys coming in. None of us know how they will perform as freshmen. I for one will hold back on any concerns in the area of scoring until I see them play their non conference schedule this season. As far as back up for DD, I think with the proper coaching Priller will be a viable backup and hopefully Moore can fill in much like DD did last season. I look forward to watching Arch mold this team into a legitimate B1G team.

  • AndyCapp

    Firstly, it’s a stretch to say that TB “will likely go undrafted”. For what they’re worth, pretty much ALL of the mock drafts show him getting an offer. Secondly, framing the player’s decision as a leading question is more than a bit presumptuous. I believe that they were all likely to declare whether he was the coach or not and nothing he has done or said has influenced their decision. I am only moderately concerned about putting the ball in the bucket because if we take better care of the ball, something I expect Coach to vastly improve upon over the previous regime, we will have more quality possessions resulting in improved efficiency resulting in scoring.

  • pbhuff

    Also, I think that his struggles on defense can also be attributed to lack of lateral speed. He had a great forward burst which allowed him to drive to the basketball, but his side to side speed and cutting ability necessary for great defense were not on the same level.

  • I’m pretty convinced myself that those three were going to leave regardless of who was coaching. In fact, given all of the negativity around the program right before TC was fired, I think that if he’d stayed we’d see more players leaving. Things have been so positive since Archie was hired that I think it’s easy to forget just how negative things had become — and you can’t tell me that didn’t seep into the players’ minds.

    So, that said, I think the roster next year is going to be very similar to what it would have been if TC had remained, and possibly even a bit better. And having Archie as coach rather than TC means we’ll have a better season than we would have had.

  • just a fan

    Agreed ! Check the exact numbers if you wish, but over 20% of I.U’s scoring opportunities were lost due to a turn over…one out of five. That’s pathetic, and even more rediculous to be doing that year-after-year. Coach Miller will not have his team play so fast (and loose) that they simply don’t have a chance to score a basket. Correcting that stat (alone) will make IU a more efficient team.

  • The pack line defense helps with fouling, and so if Archie can get them coached up on it then DD should be in better shape from that alone.

  • iugradmark

    Archie came in with a plan to try and keep as much of the current roster and current recruits as possible. I give him high marks on accomplishing this. We already have quite a few kids graduating next year and Archie wanted to avoid a totally unbalanced situation and didn’t want to be stuck in a major rebuilding situation for several years.

    The only surprises to me are CH and RoJo. After CH participated in Senior night, I assumed he was going to move on. The other surprise to me is RoJo. There are reasons he could decide to leave. If he is close to graduating, his family could use some support, etc. he may try to earn some money playing professionally.

    I am pretty surprised we haven’t had any other transfers, especially from the freshmen class. If we can hold the rest of the team together, we have a foundation and a year to work out the future. Fingers crossed but I think we are in pretty good shape v. where we could have been.

  • VOXAC30

    @ Swishmac IU you make a good argument and it is worth discussion. I don’t think there are any internal issues for the team but more individual based. I do believe that TB, JBJ, and ROJO are CTC guys and I just don’t see them coming back. Say what you will about CTC coaching at IU but know one can argue his devotion to his players. They love him and CTC is truly a players coach which is what I think the issue is.
    We all knew that JBJ was going pro this year there was no question I also thought the same TB and for OG he had to take it while his stock was high especially after an injury. For ROJO he is a CTC and I do not think he will be back. I hope I am wrong.
    I’m sure there are more angles that can be discussed but those are my thoughts.

  • Swishmac IU

    Nothing against the kid, but if Priller is our second option at center and will counted on for multiple minutes, it will be a long season. In reviewing Dayton game tape, the improved defense will create additional offensive opportunities however we will be lacking a prolific/consistent scorer

  • Koko

    Priller is better than you obviously think. Give him a chance to actually put in some real minutes before you dump on him. Don’t know how you can come to the conclusion we will be lacking a prolific/consistent scorer without ever seeing the team play under their new coaching staff. How do u know Cujo won’t come around?….how do u know DG won’t come out firing on a consistent basis and JN seemed to come around in the shooting category towards the end of the season. And really how do you know if Arch won’t turn GG into the scorer you sound like we so sorely need? You and no one else know how the new recruits will play their freshman season…ie…Justin Smith. Observe them play under Arch before you say all is lost….stop dubbing in things that aren’t there yet.

  • Swishmac IU

    Some fair comments, however of all those players who you see stepping up, how much crucial high level game time experience do they have? They may all turn out to be the superstars you feel they are capable of, but only one of your mentioned players (JN) has any substantial experience. That is not a coaching issue, that is just a reality. You are taking every one of my comments as negative just because I am not drinking the same Koolaid that you are.

  • John D Murphy

    Spot on.

  • adam

    agreed, im pulling for some al jefferson type stuff from deron

  • Koko

    Actually it is a coaching issue. It is not a matter of drinking koolaid….per you there is no koolaid to drink. There is only one way those I mentioned gain experience….they have to play. Why not give them that much? Why not wait to see them play under the new coaching staff before you decide what is real and what isn’t? You like I have no idea how the season is going to turn out with any of the current players we have mentioned in our comments. And I will mention that Cujo did quite well in the Kansas game which appeared to me to be a high level game. Then after that he didn’t do so well……why?….in my opinion not so great coaching. We shall see what unfolds but I prefer to have a more upbeat opinion on how it goes under the new coaching staff.

  • John D Murphy

    I think it is a fair question to ask. I personally don’t think there is any concern in the decisions however. I have said for quite some time (and many times on this site) that the best decisions for TB and JBJ would be to leave. There simply isn’t anything that is going to happen in the next year that will put JBJ in the draft. What he needs to do is use what is left of his knees to earn to most he can before he moves into real life. He extends his career by entering it a year earlier. There really isn’t any reason to come back. For TB, one of his biggest assets is his age (he is a young year for his class). That assets shrinks every year. He showed he could shoot. He has a good chance to get drafted. I said multiple times that if he came back it would be for two years most likely as very few bigs leave after their junior year. Becoming a polished college post player simply wouldn’t improve his draft status as he isn’t going to play deep in the post in the association. The chances he could post up NBA rim protectors is pretty far fetched. If he is leaving because of the coaching change, I think it would be because TC gave him the freedom to play outside while Archie was honest about wanting TB to play in the paint (all speculation).

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    With the 3 players so far leaving I think this season is going to be a rough one. Maybe 6th in the Big Ten.