Austin Etherington to transfer from Indiana

  • 03/24/2014 12:53 pm in

Redshirt sophomore wing Austin Etherington has asked for his release and will seek a transfer from Indiana.

Etherington averaged 2.0 points and 1.6 rebounds for the Hoosiers last season.

“Austin told me this past Saturday night that he would like to take advantage of graduating in May and continue to play by relocating to another University,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “He is going to be a three-year graduate and wants an opportunity to look for somewhere he can have a larger role. Even though that is his choice, we are going to miss him. He is a fine young man.”

The 6-foot-6, 213-pound forward started six games this season and scored seven points twice, most notably on Feb. 27 in a 93-86 win over No. 20 Iowa at Assembly Hall.

Originally a member of the 2011 recruiting class, Etherington came to Bloomington with Cody Zeller, who left early for the NBA, and Remy Abell, who transferred after last season.

“I would like to thank Coach Crean and the entire coaching staff for helping me to realize my childhood dream of playing basketball at Indiana and graduating from such a prestigious University,” Etherington said. “My experiences on and off the court are memories that I will never forget.  After talking with my family, I have decided to move forward with the next chapter in my life.  After graduating in May, I will pursue other options for my remaining two years of eligibility.  I will forever be a Hoosier at heart and will always cherish the memories and friendships I have made at IU.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.”

The Hamilton Heights product will have two seasons of eligibility remaining after suffering a serious injury last season in Indiana’s 100-69 win over Central Connecticut State.

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  • Kyl470

    I understand this move. He never was going to command big minutes. He is probably better off going to a mid major where he can be a starter.

  • drewheck

    Austin leaving is not the worst thing people will be forced to see if play more and it will make more minutes available for Cunningham should he come to iu

  • hoosierfan2336

    Sad to see him go, I think his injury was a big letdown in his development. He had some great moments this year and he was fundamental for getting zeller and others to come to IU. Good luck to him. Now watch him average 25 ppg. somewhere else haha.

  • INUnivHoosier

    I like Austin. That’s too bad.

  • JJ

    Great kid, but he’ll probably start for a mid-major right away. I wonder if anyone else will transfer…

  • Kyl470

    I’m positive he won’t average 25 ppg for anyone.

  • KmanCRK

    I heard from a friend last week that Crean had let him know he wouldn’t have a scholarship next year. I tend to be a Crean supporter but I was hoping that story wasn’t true. I think AE was going to be the kind of Jr. and Sr. leader that every team needs and a dept we’ve been lacking in the last 12 months. I assumed he’d be a very serviceable 6th man type as a Senior. Every team needs upper classmen as leaders. We are going to add another year of lacking depth in that dept.

  • Lobills

    Setting aside Vonleh for a moment (because that is totally unrelated to what’s happening as far as other player movement). It’s likely that later today/this week that Hollowell announces he’s transferring as well. That would be 3 players transferring from IU in the last 6 months (Etherington, Hollowell, Fischer).

    We can all rationalize (and probably successfully argue that taken individually) they aren’t great losses for IU. But, when you have this kind of turnover of players within the rotation the question has to be asked, “are there structural issues inside the IU program?”

    I’m not saying there are, but this kind of exodus REQUIRES that that question is asked. It seems as if TC is not going to have a year end press conference, but the next time he makes himself available to the press TC needs to have an answer for what is transpiring. From the outside looking in these developments are a bit concerning.

  • HoosierGrampy

    I wish the best for AE and truly hope he finds a home in which his talents can be better utilized.

  • hoosierfan2336

    i wasn’t being serious.

  • INUnivHoosier

    If that’s true, the fire Crean bandwagon just got another passenger.

  • drewheck

    Hanover just kidding hate to see him go good kid the injury really screwed him bad

  • RonB

    Me too. With the incoming shooters and Troy, Stan and DD he probably figured his playing time next year would not get better. Now he has a year to work on the 3 point shot he lost with that injury and go to a mid-major, like Butler if he wants to stay in Indiana, and score some points an PT.
    I really thought JH might leave but he can have a great chance at more PT next year with a chance to prove he can defend and play in the Big Ten now that Noah has gone to the NBA. Austin deserves a lot of credit
    for helping to recruit Cody. They were great friends but Cody is gone, so no surprise from me about this move. Good Luck Austin!

  • JJ

    He hasn’t answered tough questions in any presser all season, why would he now?

  • hoosierfan2336

    Hollowell next? not necessarily asking for it, just thinking it’s a very realistic possibility.

  • And One

    Heard from a friend, did you? This guy, this friend of yours, is he reliable enough to justify putting an unsubstantiated rumor up on this board? This sounds fishy to me.

  • CreamCrimson

    Nice kid, likely a good teammate. Let’s be realistic… this is a GOOD thing for IU.

    There are rumblings about Hollowell too, so we can approach them together.

    -2 open Schollys (1 of which will likely go to a big)
    -Both Austin and Hollowell underachieved up to this point in their career (No idea what kind of player either will be or can become)
    -More minutes and a better rotation for the core group (Yogi, Stan, JBJr, Robert Johnson, Devin Davis, and hopefully Josh Cunningham)
    -No more “What in the world is wrong with Hollowell” chatter
    -No more Etherington mismatches in crunch time (Wisc game vs Kenny Kaminski?)
    -Etherington/Hollowell —-> Stan/RJ/Cunningham would be a massive athletic upgrade

    -Appearance of multiple transfers
    -Etherington likely had a solid GPA
    -Hollowell went to my High School alma mater, so I was pulling for him on a personal level.

    It’s a big IF, but IF we can add Cunningham and Lee for next year this team will be far better off.

    The only main factor we would be losing from this year to next is Vonleh. Because a player transfers doesn’t mean it’s a “loss”.

  • bpw97214

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Gregory Spera

    And so it begins…

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Etherington would be let go, but Jurkin would stay? Sorry, that doesn’t compute.

    No offense to you or your friend, but without substantiation that can be independently verified, there’s no reason to believe that claim. Understand that I’m not attacking you with this post – not in the least bit – but I am stating a firm opinion about the credibility of the claim.

  • CreamCrimson

    What did we really “lose” here? Anything really? Not to be too harsh, but I welcome these 2 transfers from a pure talent evaluation & roster improvement standpoint.

    We should get over the appearance of transfers real quick. When the gloves come off (which they clearly did) then this team needs to make any and all changes to it needs to improve the overall personnel and sometimes that means parting ways.

    Their minutes would be taken over by more talented players, that’s seems to me to be a welcome positive.

  • Kyl470

    When AE didn’t produce as a reliable outside shooter that this team needed him to be he really lost a lot of his value. I know he played hard, but he isn’t the same athlete after his knee injury and I expect IU to use a 3 guard line up a lot next year with Yogi, JBJ, and Stan. Then you have RJ coming off the bench. Also the other recruit Max is suppose to be a good shooter and might be able to fill the role we hoped AE could this year.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    I hope he doesn’t leave. He is basically our center next year. I think Hollowell is staying IMHO.

  • Xavier Harkness

    Possible. I’d rather him not. I was liking what I saw from him toward the end of the season regarding his hustle. Now if only Crean would stop trying to make everyone a post player we’d be fine.

  • KmanCRK

    Considering how shocked I was a week ago that AE would be one of the transfers this year when i heard it, to now seeing this story. It was a week ago that I heard this was coming. In all honesty, I was really hoping it was just a rumor. So if part 1 is accurate, its a little easier to believe part 2 if you know what I mean.

  • CreamCrimson

    I was secretly hoping this is where we would begin. Didn’t think it would happen, but it is happening and IU could be better off because of it.

  • notfargj

    well said.

  • JJ

    Still, 3 transfers in one year would be a tough one to swallow…

  • Xavier Harkness

    We havent gotten to know what Hollowell could be because of Crean. Hollowell isnt a post up player like Crean was making him do. Hollowell was a shooter. Same with AE. A shooter that Crean tried turning into a big man.

  • MK

    Transfers do look negative but AE averaged 2 points on a crappy team last year.

  • Brian Evans

    ‘m not sure why it isn’t more obvious. who wouldn’t transfer from this program? if it wasn’t obvious by the end of last years season, the players this year knew it: crean was holding them back, significantly. can anyone explain to me why a team with ferrell and vonleh and a host of other future nba talent didn’t even make the NIT? unless yogi or sheehey had a career night, under crean they had no shot at winning.

    So yeah, etherington was probably never going to see serious minutes on this squad, but maybe he would have, who knows? Maybe he would have developed into the next kyle hornsby, its not out of the question. But the thing is that if you are going to ride the bench and be as good as etherington, you’d better be on a championship caliber team and going to the final four. If not, why not go to a tournament where you’ll play and you’ll go to the tournament. Like Mo Creek, like Remy Abell. Etherington could have started for some of the teams in the tourney this year, and I can’t blame him for wanting out of Indiana.

    Right now our programs shaping up to be a poor man’s kentucky. New players every year, but instead of going pro they transfer. There’s no obvious end to the mediocrity. And unlike Kentucky, our players even get arrested. Great!

  • drewheck

    Take from this what you will Austin told don Fischer in a interview that he was walking as a senior this year

  • hoosierfan2336

    depends on what those players meant to his teammates, what they contributed in practice. there are a lot more factors at play than just what they did during the game on the court.

  • Xavier Harkness

    There is something I never understood…. Devin Davis, Jeremy Hollowell and Austin Etherington were SF’s in high school… Then Crean turns them into PF at the collegiate level…… hmm…

  • Lobills

    Like I said, taken individually these aren’t too concerning. But when you have (for whatever reason be it player or coach)…Creek, Abell, Fischer, Etherington and Hollowell all leave within the last year it is a bit concerning. Sure, none of those guys would be what I consider cornerstone players.

    But, 5 rotational players leaving? Sorry, that causes me to be VERY concerned about systemic issues within the program. It’s difficult to build a cohesive culture year in year out when there is this much roster upheaval.

  • Rosco73

    JH’s high school coach apparently tweeted that he was still playing for IU, so I dont think he is leaving. Another player is transferring for sure though.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I’m just curious, what “host of other NBA talent” did this year’s team have? I’m not calling you out but I would like to know who you see as future NBA talent.

  • Rosco73

    Heard that too but I wont believe until JH for sure declares for a release. Itd be interesting to see where theyd all go.. Butler?

  • CreamCrimson

    Hollowell was “held out” for a few games his freshman year because there were eligibility concerns. Some said it was because their family is friends with the Conleys who is an NBA agent, who knows but that wasn’t a good sign. That cloud passed quickly.

    Hollowell was benched during a crucial stretch of the season for what was described by some as effort/attitude concerns. There were grades/class rumors as well.

    He came billed as a talented wing forward with a high upside potential but very stoic. Even his scouting reports during recruitment said his approach and on-court demeanor can seem to just disappear at times.

    I don’t blame Hollowell’s play on Crean because he was given opportunities early and never really gelled. I can’t recall “Crean making Hollowell post up” ever really. He let him play a Watford wing type and slash, with very little success.

    If Hollowell is a “shooter” then why is he shooting 35% from the field and 21% from 3 in 20 minutes of action?

  • hoosierfan2336

    sheehy seemed completely uncomfortable being ‘the guy’, our guards never figured out how to give vonleh the ball and yogi’s arms are bigger not from weightlifting, but from pounding the ball onto the wood for the first 30 seconds of every possession.

    I’m not as concerned as you, certainly players transferring is never a good sign of things internally and crean had some ridiculously questionable strategies this year. But at the same time, we lost four 1,000 point scorers, a handful of seniors that turned our program around, and two top-five draft picks. it was pretty clear this year was going to be a letdown if you thought about things realistically. We have some talented young players that I’m excited to see develop this summer and a couple great recruits on the way.

  • Brian Evans

    Definitely Troy, maybe Stan. Yeah, kind of an over statement on my part. Even so, the point remains: a decent coach could take yogi, NV and 3 good role players to the tourney, maybe even deep into the tourney.

  • hoosierfan2336

    troy can’t dribble, shoot, or play a lick of defense as of right now. he is a freak athlete, but will need an oladipo-esque summer.

  • INUnivHoosier

    When your PFs are playing C, you gotta get someone to fill in.

  • Rie

    Where is all of this Hollowell talk coming from? I may be missing something

    If it is out of the blue and unsubstantiated, I think we owe our program and its players the benefit of the doubt and should not speculate. Jeremy is a good kid and I hope he stays with this program.

  • pbhuff

    I think you’re confused, Crean was forcing him to be a ball handling which was screwing him up. He isn’t a true post player, but his biggest upside is on the inside.

  • CreamCrimson

    Fischer was the tough one and hurt the program given the absence of Vonleh. The word is he transferred to be with his girlfriend supposedly and was greeted by a coach who left Marq for Virginia Tech so it clearly wasn’t a style-fit as much as a closer-to-home situation.

    Etherington isn’t a tough loss at all. You’ll get over his 2.0 ppg quicker than you think.

    We’ll see what Hollowell does, but how would “potential to maybe be good eventually despite his Fr/So years” be that “tough to swallow”?

    If Blackmon / Robert Johnson are as billed then these are upgrades. If Cunningham / Lee fill their schollys then we are seeing across the board improvement aside from the C position.

  • Hoosier gal in Iowa

    Just curious because you say ‘for sure’ how you know this?

  • Xavier Harkness

    I hope he stays as well.

  • drewheck

    He’s got a meeting with coach crean to discuss his future role on the team

  • Rie

    Where did you find this out at? I keep seeing people say that, but no source is ever provided.