Crean talks IU’s four seniors in advance of senior night

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On his weekly radio show Monday night, Indiana coach Tom Crean talked about his four seniors on this year’s roster heading into Wednesday’s senior night against Nebraska.

Below are Crean’s entire comments on Evan Gordon, Jeff Howard, Taylor Wayer and Will Sheehey:

Evan Gordon

“Evan Gordon is a guy that wanted to be back at Indiana, has a great future in front of him. And I just wish we would have been able to coach him longer because he would be even more indoctrinated into what we’re trying to do. But he’s getting better, he’s working at it and he’s spending time improving. And with his intensity level this high, we’re a better basketball team.”

Jeff Howard

“Jeff Howard has earned his way into being a guy that we can count on and has done a great job in practice, as has Taylor (Wayer). But Jeff has gone in and been instrumental in games. And to see where Jeff has come from from his freshman year to the point where he’s at now has been tremendous. And we feel very, very confident. I mean, Jeff is a play on-demand guy. He is the pitcher that can come in and he can start the game and give you six innings. He can come in in middle relief and get you two or three innings. And he can come out and get the last batter out. And that’s what he’s done a little bit with closing games. We really trust him.”

Taylor Wayer

“Taylor Wayer has shown leadership. He’s shown his teammates what it means to go through adversity and challenges and to continue to be the same person and continue to get better. He was coached by Travis Daugherty, who coached Derek Elston, so he came highly recommended. And he’s continued to work, and he’s like all the other walk-ons. They don’t get the accolades and they don’t get the playing time that maybe some of the guys on scholarship get and some of the better players get, but they get all the (inaudible). And they get all the coaching. And I think he’s responded really well to that. ”

Will Sheehey

“When it’s all said and done, long after this is done and years pass and decades pass, everyone will remember Will Sheehey for being a huge part of the comeback of this program. Not just the comeback of the team, but the comeback of a program. The program always stayed strong because the foundation was so strong — because of the tradition, because of the fans, because of the former players, because the winning was there. But the culture had dropped, I think everyone knows that. And it didn’t come back easily. And it was guys like Will that changed that culture with their work ethic, with their energy, with their edge. And he continues to do that to this day.”

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  • CreamandCrimson

    Tom Crean became really emotional when asked by Don Fischer (post-game radio interview after beating Ohio State) about the Nebraska game. He said that it was Will Sheehey’s final home game and it was a game that they just couldn’t lose. He was choked up and it was really obvious that he was either in tears or holding back tears. Fischer jumped in and helped fill the dead air and Tom Crean attempted to finish the interview but he really couldn’t get another full sentence out.

    The point of that little spiel is that I greatly respect the love and high-level of care Tom Crean has for his players…I think it is a real strength of his and of his program. I feel the same way he does about Will and I’ve been thrilled to watch him excel this past week. However this season turns out, I’m always going to remember Will Sheehey’s contribution to this program very fondly.

  • InTheMtns


  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Well done to all of our seniors. You will always be Hoosiers and we will always be thankful for the hard work you put in to being a student, athlete, and role model at IU.

  • Walton

    Sheehey looks like he’s having fun again

  • Your description of CTC’s love of Will is palpable. I think those of us faithful followers see Will as an instrumental piece of leading the program back to respectability. He will be greatly missed.

  • marcusgresham

    Tomorrow will be my first Senior Night in person. Truly, it was my 14 year-old daughter pushing to see her future husband (her words,) Will Sheehey’s speech (if my wife doesn’t divorce me and marry him first,) but I’m thrilled to death I’ll be there…and I’m glad they’re the two wearing make-up ’cause I’m afraid my mascara would run.
    Oh, and watch for my daughter if you’re watching on TV. We’re way up in the 30-somethingth row but she threw in her own $200 to get in the 2nd row. She’ll be the blonde girl in candy-stripes and the “0” jersey. Well, she’ll be one of them.

  • Laffy

    That’s cool………..

    I’m not the biggest Will fan, don’t like all the hot dog stuff, but I appreciate what he did for the program.

  • SCHoosier

    I think the Hoosiers will really WANT this one tomorrow night..and I want it for those seniors. My favorite ” Will” moment was that game winning jump shot against tough VCU team/ Not sure Sheehey will get a shot at the next level unless its in Europe…and for him..Law School may be the preferred direction.

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Anyone have a link to this audio?

    I didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • Hoosier Hall

    That is still one of the greatest “White Guy Dunks” of all time! 2nd only to Tom Chambers over Mark Jackson.

  • PDXHoosier

    What about The Pritch putback???? someone post a youtube link please!

  • PDXHoosier

    saw that one in person. Very underrated Will moment and a great game

  • 323SGrant

    IMHO, Will has been a great representative of IU and I am very glad he came here. I really hope they beat Neb. on Wednesday and give him another great memory of his time in Bloomington.

  • Court Storming Hoosier
  • Hoosier Hall

    Awesome! I tried posting that earlier but it wouldn’t work for some reason… That kinda makes me want to make a highlight video of the top 25 Hoosier dunks of all time!

  • CreamandCrimson

    I wish I could help but the only thing I could find was an “All-Access” feature on the IU athletics website ( that appears to have all of the radio broadcasts archived. You need to have a user name and password for that so I am guessing you have to pay for it. If someone else can give us some help with an audio link, we’d all appreciate it…sorry Aiken!

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    It’s all good…..thanks for looking.

    If I find something, I’ll share.