2014 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board

The 2014 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board is a collection of information on recruits that Indiana is believed to be recruiting for its 2014 class.

Information that appears on school lists is collected from public recruit profiles on ESPN, Rivals, Scout, 247Sports and various news outlets. School lists only denote reported interest, not offers. The board should not be considered a complete list of prospects being recruited and is not endorsed by Indiana University.

If there is a prospect we should consider adding, please drop us an email at [email protected].

Last Updated: 5/5/2014

Projected Class Size: 5


Robert Johnson (Signed Letter of Intent)

Guard, 6-3, 190-pounds, Benedictine College Prep (Va.), Boo Williams
247Composite: 4-star (47); ESPN: 4-star (47); Rivals: 4-star (48); Scout: 4-star (47)

Notes: After scouting Johnson at the Nike Peach Jam in July, the Hoosiers offered Johnson a scholarship and he took an official visit to Bloomington in late August. Johnson took an official visit to Virginia on Labor Day weekend and an official visit to North Carolina the weekend of Sept. 6-8. Florida State received Johnson’s final official visit before he announced a commitment to Indiana on Sept. 20. Johnson signed his National Letter of Intent on Nov. 14.


Max Hoetzel (Signed Letter of Intent)

Forward, 6-7, 210-pounds, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (Mass.)
247Composite: 3-star (351); ESPN: 3-star (NR); Rivals: 3-star (NR); Scout: 3-star (NR)

Notes: The 6-foot-7 Hoetzel, who transferred to Wilbraham and Monson from Calabasas (Ca.), committed to the Hoosiers on an official visit the weekend of Oct. 26-27. Hoetzel signed his National Letter of Intent on Nov. 14.

James Blackmon Jr. (Signed Letter of Intent)

Guard, 6-2, 175-pounds, Marion, Spiece Indy Heat
247Composite: 4-star (28); ESPN: 5-star (20); Rivals: 5-star (22); Scout: 4-star (33)

Notes: Blackmon Jr., the son of former Kentucky standout and McDonald’s All-American James Blackmon, gave a verbal pledge to the Hoosiers a little over two months prior to playing his first varsity game at Luers. He later decommitted on August 8, 2013, but rejoined the program with a commitment on Oct. 31. Blackmon Jr. signed his National Letter of Intent on Nov. 14.


Jeremiah April (Committed on April 18, 2014)

Center, 7-0, 235-pounds, Westwind Prep (Ariz.)
247Composite: NR; ESPN: NR; Rivals: NR; Scout: 3-star (NR)

Notes: April, unranked by most of the national recruiting services, gave Indiana a commitment on April 18. Originally a member of the 2013 class, April decided to do a postgrad season at Westwind Prep.


Tim Priller (Committed on April 27, 2014)

Forward, 6-9, 210-pounds, Richland (Tex.)
247Composite: 2-star (374); ESPN: NR; Rivals: NR; Scout: NR

Notes: Priller, also unranked by most of the national recruiting services, gave Indiana a commitment on April 27.


Ryan Anderson

Forward, 6-8, 220-pounds, Boston College
Schools: Arizona, Indiana, Iowa State

Notes: Anderson, who won’t be eligible until the 2015-2016 season, is visiting Arizona, Indiana and Iowa State and has one season of eligibility remaining. He recently underwent shoulder surgery after averaging 14.3 points and 7.3 rebounds per game as a junior at Boston College.

Others to keep an eye on: Andre Adams (Avondale, Ariz.)

  • Outoftheloop

    Blackmon, Exum, and Okonoboh are 3 NBA first rounders in one class! What re you thinking “not a dream scenario” (much better than Pinson and Lyle)? The fourth will be Humphrey, a talented, BIG 4 year player.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I didn’t say it wouldn’t be a great class. I said, “not a dream scenario”. In my mind, having Theo Pinson as the 4th member of the class (a guy we were very, very close to getting) would have made it perfect and when I dream (not that I dream about these guys, that would be weird and creepy), things are perfect. Still, I would absolutely love to end up with Exum, Blackmon, Okonoboh and Booth (or only those 3, we may not even have room for a 4th).

  • Gram Book

    How can you say they are going to be NBA first rounders when they haven’t even steeped foot in a college game. Only 28% of the ESPN Top 100 have played a game in the NBA over the past few years. You need to rethink what you just said.

  • Gram Book

    You need to watch out for Robert Johnson. He is a rising star at the #2 position. Phil Booth and Ahmed Hill really aren’t saying much about IU. Robert Johnson with the Boo Williams connection would be my guess for possible the next man in candy stripes.

  • Gram Book

    2014 class predictions:
    James Blackmon Jr.
    Robert Johnson
    Michael Humphrey
    Possibly either Goodluck Okonoboh or LeRon Black

  • Fondue

    Does it bother anyone else that IU isn’t really giving too much of a crap about its own state with regards to recruiting anymore? 2 out of 11 of these guys are from our own backyard (aka one of the most fertile basketball grounds in the nation), and from what I understand Blueitt isn’t even being hit all that hard. I used to be able to say to annoying UK fans “yeah, but how many of your guys are even FROM KY?”, and I don’t know if I have ground to stand on with that anymore. IU basketball used to not be FOR Indiana, but OF Indiana. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna pull for the Cream and Crimson through and through, just kind of annoying imo. Harris, Lyle, Irvin, there are plenty of options that would have been great Hoosiers and it didn’t turn out that way.

  • B-TOWNdawgs

    We didn’t make Jaquan Newton’s final six so might as well take him off this list

  • Crean&crim

    Why are we wasting our time with Humphrey? He lacks weight, as well as shot and handling coordination. Just because he can run the floor and fit in with our transition does not mean he’ll be of any use in motion or regular sets. Why waste time on a 3 star? Backup for Fischer? Or maybe in case we can’t get okonoboh? Still he’s too underdeveloped and flat out weak to be considered a top big man especially in the big 10. Not being negative just being honest. Thoughts?

  • PacoTaco

    Because at this point he might be all we get for 2014.

  • Taz

    Alex, you may REALLY want to put him back there now. IU likely to get involved with the departure of JBJ.

  • CreanFaithful

    From the video I’ve seen on him, he can both handle the ball well for a big and also hits jumpers from about 18 ft out, with good form. Also hearing that he is expected to climb in the rankings… Obviously I’ve never seen him in person, but if CTC is offering him a scholarship, I’m guessing he’s a much better player than you are making him out to be.

  • Ole Man

    Laughing here. Use to see Blackmon listed at 6’3″; then right after he decommited, saw him listed at 6’2″.
    Now they have him listed at 6’1″.
    The incredible, shrinking former commitment.

  • Guest

    He has amazing handles, flashy passing, and knows how to score. Excited about this guy.

  • SCHoosier

    Hey the kid is an athlete…he was playing HS quarterback at 6-7..he’s got a nice touch..needs to get stronger..a perfect prospect for TC’s development program.I MO if Goodluck and The Hump both stay four years..The Humpump is the better play at the end of that time. I think IU is probably in better shape with GO’s recruitment however.

  • Ole Man

    Big write-up on the MI site about Devon Robinson and his interest in him. Yet, MI is not even listed on his schools above.
    What gives?

  • Sean G

    Hmmm… That is interesting. Is their recruitment of Robinson a recent development (I didn’t see the write-up you’re referencing)? I checked with ESPN.com and Rivals.com and they don’t seem to have Michigan listed under him either, Scout did, though.

  • Ole Man

    From Bleacher Report:

    “Devin Robinson Keeps Michigan on His Short List”. There is more in the article.

    Also interesting is that Blackmon, Jr is featured in an article on the same site, in which he said, in part, ” I like the way Michigan plays. I think I fit their style a lot because I fit their playing style. I can shoot the ball and I like the offense they run. It was just a good feel.”

  • IU76’s

    Snider just eliminated IU from his list

  • eglinden

    That’s probably because they never offered him. Must have been something about this kid they did not like.

  • colinbb10

    with Bluiett to UCLA that’s another top in-state kid to another program. Beilein, Izzo, Calipari, Pitino, and now Alford taking top kids from IN while we pursue kids from Baltimore/Virginia

  • John Tuck

    what did you want IU to hire his HS coach in order to get him?

  • Jerry Smith

    That is an excuse Crean supporters keep giving. colinbb10 makes a great point. All these in-state kids are going out of state and Crean just keeps recruiting the east coast. Crean needs to go. There is something about him that kids don’t like.

  • John Tuck

    So where did Yogi, Hollowell, Perea, Zeller, Etherington, Davis and Hartman go to school?

  • Andrew

    Can’t get them all…let the recruiting play out before you jump to conclusions.

  • Andrew

    Thats only 7 scholarships! Gotta be 10 at least around here to keep them happy I guess. A few years ago we had recruiting violations followed by total roster clearinghouse….now we are defending Big 10 champs, Sweet Sixteen team recruiting the top in the nation and they say “the kids don’t like Crean. He’s gotta go.” Will be sure to look for Jerry Smith when we sign the next big name and see what he has to say…

  • cdog

    The good news is that the updated Rivals rankings have every US college senior rated in the top 70 players in the country. Exum would be on that list if he lived in the US. Hurt will be a JUCO all-american this year. The question is, who if any, will sign with IU in November? It is a great list in which any 3 would rank the class pretty high. But it is only a list and a scrinking one at that.

  • lolman

    87 Championship, 3 Indiana natives.
    82 Championship, 9 Indiana natives.
    76 Championship, 5 Indiana natives.
    The number of players from Indiana has no correlation with tournament success.

  • Rico

    FYI ’81 was the National Championship not ’82.

  • Bobby34

    You conveniently ignore all of the facts regarding recruiting state vs. in-state and babble on about Crean. Being a blind hater sure is easy.

  • GL81

    Coincidence that RJ just declared he will announce September 20th the day after a visit from Crean. When a player at his same position Nairn is coming to town Sept. 21st. Like Crean said we need to know by then because Nairn might commit on site.

  • JustATownie

    This is the 2014 class:
    Goodluck Okonoboh-They say he’s our to lose, so we’ll see how that goes.
    Isaiah Whitehead- Sounds crazy but, I bet he signs randomly when nobody expects him to.
    Robert Johnson- He’s already pretty much committed.
    Devin Robinson- I don’t know why but sonething tells me he’s a diamond in the rough.
    If were lucky somehow and snag Dante Exum, this class will be legendary but in reality were probably not gonna get him.Cliff alexander is gone he’s goingnto michigan state or kentucky. Ahmed hill is gone, I don’t think he was ever really in the picture.

    I have no facts behind these statements but I do have a special set of skills for basketball recruits for IU.

    Now let me know how you guys feel

  • Kyl470

    So is JaQuan going back on the board?

  • Andrew

    Highly doubtful….seems Memphis with Cliff Alexander could be the landing spot????? Sure hope its not MSU

  • Andrew

    I feel less and less confident in nabbing Whitehead by the day though I hope you’re right. Things will start to fall together after Friday when Johnson makes his call. My gut says we are the team to beat for Johnson, but my head says UNC might have worked their way in, in which case we are kinda all in on Whitehead, who I don’t think we will be able to secure.

    Exum is bound for the draft if he’s projected top 5 is my guess so it doesn’t really matter there. I’m worried we miss out on all 3 of Blackmon, Whitehead and Johnson and the class ends up like below but like you said, Robinson could be a star IMO along with Goodluck so things could be much much worse

    My class for 2014:
    Devin Robinson
    LouRawls Nairn

  • JustATownie

    I agree with you. I just wish we could have kept our indina boys lyle, lyles, blackmon. I think they wanna play together but at the same time they wanted to come right in and play. Goodluck is gonna be a star regardless so adding him in the mix will be great for our rebounding which has struggled at times. Has anyone heard anything about exum?

  • Benhyoung14

    Going to end up at Kansas with Cliff Alexander is my best guess. Both players have tweeted something to that affect.

  • Kyl470

    So with RJ officially committed does IU still pursue JBJ and Nairn?

  • Andrew

    With Johnson in now, it will be very interesting to see what happens with Nairn. Feel Nairn might be destined for Michigan State and hope we secure Goodluck as soon as possible.

    Johnson is sure to be in Robinson’s ear, whom if I’m not mistaken are good buddies??? Perhaps a HH commitment? Then if by some crazy chance Exum in March decides he wants a taste of the NCAA we pursue him?

  • John Tuck

    Bluiett looking to stay closer to home backs out of UCLA committment.

  • CheesyHoosier

    Booth, Lyle, Whitehead, Pinson, Russell, Alexander, Lyles and now Okonoboh. Eight star recruits that we have missed on, been beat on, etc.
    This is uncharacteristic of any team that has this history, recent success, and two top draft picks.
    We have Exum, Blackmon, and Robinson left. Do we get one, two, or zero? Our recruiting has taken a step backwards it appears.
    Hope I’m wrong.

  • Kyl470

    Only have room for 1 so that’s all they need. You don’t need class sizes of 5+ every year.

  • Andrew

    So do you want Bluiett still since he’s from Indiana? Or would you rather nab Robinson and hold out hope for Exum? Seems like there may only be one more in this 2014 class and is there a need for a Hoosier bred?

  • Dwayne

    Blackmon is not coming to IU. It’s over. He’ll go to Michigan. Done deal.

  • Dwayne

    Exum is not gonna play college ball in the US……..period. Write him off.

  • Dwayne

    Robinson is a stud but he’s not coming either. If Perea gets his head straight, he’s a starter, Hollowell is the man, and Vonleh is better than both of them. Sorry to tell you.

  • CreamCrimson

    Only a handful of programs have landed 4 consecutive 5-star McD All Americans.

    If you look at the offer lists for these blue chip players it usually is about 15-25 schools long and involves some of the best programs in the country.

    When you go after big names you are going to miss on quite a few.

    A few years ago we would have done about anything for a 5-star… now we are potentially looking at a starting lineup that includes 3 with a 2nd tier group that is made up of a platter of 4 star recruits.

    Most IU fans would agree… Recruiting isn’t really the issue right now. Chemistry and strategy seems to be the focus of concern.

  • jahluv33

    Now that Holowell and Etherington are leaving, Crean better go find some players that want to play for him.

  • afnewell01

    anybody heard anything on when cunningham plans to announce?

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Alex/Team…any info on Trevor Thompson? Are we a possibility?

  • Chris Cleveland

    I’m hoping the NCAA allows universities to pay their players, then we can start buying our recruits. Otherwise they are just going to go to schools that can win.