Expert Analysis: Telep talks IU’s 2012 recruiting class

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With signing day on the horizon, Inside the Hall caught up with one of the best in the business, Dave Telep, for some national perspective on Indiana’s 2012 recruiting class.

Telep is a senior basketball recruiting analyst for and the former national director of recruiting for He’s covered recruiting since 1997. A transcript of our chat with Telep follows:

Alex Bozich: This is obviously the best collection of talent that Tom Crean and his staff have put together since arriving in Bloomington. What are your thoughts overall on the class and the impact it can make on Indiana over the next couple of years?

Dave Telep: I think the best part about this class is that it’s dynamic. There’s five different position players. I also think there are three guys that are going to eventually be starters. At least three who will be starters for Indiana at some point in their career. That’s a heck of a thing to get out of a recruiting class. Jeremy Hollowell, Kevin Ferrell, Hanner Perea should go in with expectation that those guys are going to have 12-to-15 years of starting experience between them.

AB: As far as the other two members of the class — Ron Patterson and Peter Jurkin — they both committed early. They’ve kind of fallen down on some of the national ranking lists. What have you seen out of those two specifically? Peter hasn’t played, but where do they fit in?

DT: Well Peter unfortunately has been really injured. With his setbacks, it’s been a lot of physical stuff so he hasn’t been able to get on the floor. I think with Peter Jurkin defensively, you look at a guy like Baye Moussa Keita at Syracuse, who kind of carved out a role with his length and his ability to protect the rim. I think that’s what you want Peter Jurkin to do. He’s not a scoring threat unless he’s getting a rebound or a stick back or catching an alley-oop. But in terms of a rim protector, he can carve out a niche.

I think Ron Patterson, it’s really up to him. I think he’s a talented kid who can shoot the ball and be a good defensive player. It’s just about, again, carving out a role for himself. This class, going back to five different positions, there’s five different style guys. If Ron Patterson can carve out his role, there’s no question he can have a nice career at Indiana. But when you get to college, the reality sets in. And the reality is, for guys like Jurkin and Patterson, is the sooner they figure out who they are on Indiana’s team, the more likely they are to play bigger minutes.

AB: As far as Yogi Ferrell goes, I know you’ve seen him quite a bit. Talk a little bit about what adding Ferrell can do for the whole team and the impact of having a guy that can both score and distribute the ball.

DT: He’s very quick. He’s going to be a different look for some of the other point guards in the Big Ten because his speed and tenacity are his best attributes. He just wants to get into you. He’s a fearless kid. I think once he gets comfortable with using the weapons that are going to be at his disposal, and he will have a revamped lineup of weapons at his disposal, that’s when he’ll truly max out his ability. He’s difficult to guard, you can’t knock him down and he’s just got an edge to his game that has always been very helpful.

AB: Hanner Perea’s a player that a lot of people have labeled as a “potential” guy, but really hasn’t put it all together consistently as far as developing a midrange game or consistent moves around the basket. What have you seen out of his development from when you first saw him up to now? Where do you project him to end up as a player if he continues to improve?

DT: Athletically and physically, he’s in an upper tier of guys. There won’t be a whole lot of guys in the Big Ten who look like him. He’s at a little bit of a crossroads because from an evaluation standpoint, you’re asking yourself ‘is he a guy capable of being a frontline scoring threat or is he going to be a complimentary starter?’ As a rebounder and in transition, he’s a real big weapon. Can he develop a consistent offensive game where you know what kind of numbers he’s going to kick out every night? That would be my question with him.

A guy like Jeremy Hollowell, you know exactly what you’re getting. You’re getting a jack of all trades, junkyard dog kind of small forward. And with Hanner, you have a guy that’s still a little bit more prospect than he is consistent producer. So can he bridge that gap will ultimately define how successful he is at Indiana.

(Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports.)

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting to hear Telep’s opinion since he clearly has the lowest opinion of the IU class among the big national guys.  Seems like he really doesn’t care for Patterson.  It’s a shame because I think he’ll bring a tough defensive mindset that we could use.  Agree on Jurkin, he’s a real wildcard.  

  • Anonymous


    And I don’t mean Telep.

    This is a GREAT idea for an article. I am continuously impressed by the new features and ideas that ITH’s staff rolls out. Fantastic job on this one Alex, I really enjoyed this piece.

  • Thanks. 

  • MillaRed

    This class as far as the media is concerned has been old news for months. Basically since the Hollowell commitment. I wouldn’t trade this class with anyone because they are Hoosiers.

    Yogi is talented enough from day 1 to play and he will. “could eventually be a starter.” Whatever.

    Hanner will need to be coached up but is athletic enough to play an important role. And with the Pritch graduating we will need him immediately. I think he will give about as much as a FR as Pritch does as a SR.

    Hollowell benefits from facing Will and VO in practice and that will help him a lot. Neither of them will back off a kid that could take their spot. Perfect situation for Jeremy and his development.

    The Buss continues to get overlooked. We are going to love him I have no doubt.

    Peter? We just don’t know. Will he ever be healthy? Tijan part II? Hopefully he surprises us.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed.  Often wondered why we aren’t ranked a bit higher.  For example, I am not sure McGary is worth all our other recruits and UM deserve to be ranked ahead of us.  

    So, good to see where Telep is coming from.

    Thanks for making this happen Alex.  Great addition. 

  • Mouse0599

    Well I say let the players ballgame do the talking and the experts will hopefully shut up because i have a good feeling about the future of our Indiana Hoosiers. 
    Indiana our Indiana, Indiana we’re all for you

  • Anonymous

    I think Peter surprises us.  He is not near the project that Jobe was.  Peter can run the floor like a deer.  Maybe doesn’t have the awareness, coordination or hands of Zeller obviously, but can still get up and down the floor.  He understands the game.  Is very aggressive on defense.  Can actually shoot out to 15 feet.  Looks good on free throws.  I think Peter will be a huge surprise.  I think of Leach / Newton opposite Zeller blocking all sorts off shots off of the weak side his soph / junior year.  I guess you can throw Hanner in there too for that matter.  Hell, I just can’t wait for those guys to come – haha. 

  • Anonymous

    Patterson isn’t going to have to “figure out” his role at Indiana. Crean
    has told him exactly what it will be. Patterson is going to see a lot of minutes if he’s able to guard the other team’s best player.

    Consider that Jeremiah Rivers played a ton of minutes because of his defensive prowess even though he was not a threat on offense. In Patterson, Crean has a player who has the potential to be a shut down defender and someone who can make the open shot or drive the lane.

  • BrianS

    All I know is we finally have some light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m so excited about what the next few seasons hold for my Hoosiers!   If Coach keeps recruiting players like this (and it appears he has & will) there is no reason Indiana won’t be back at the top of college basketball where they belong very very soon!

  • N71

    Agree, Patterson will probably be our best defender the day he arrives in Bloomington.  Add to that he can shoot and you have a more capable Victor versus when Victor was a freshman.

    Think about driving the lane with Hanner, Cody, and Peter on patrol.  Then you have Ron taking away the other teams best perimeter player and things just got a whole lot easier for Yogi and Jeremy or Gary.  Yogi just needs to stay infront of his guy and Jeremy and Gary are great defenders on their own so our defense should be outstanding.  As for offense, no worries on that front.

  • Hoosier Clarion

    Exactly, if the “it” YF possesses is described as an edge(correctly so)what do you call the “it” Patterson owns.  His overall performance will be 2nd only to the shot blocking newcomers in changing to the style of practices Coach Crean has longed for.  His impact will influence Hoosier BB long after his 4 years are over. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only seen Jurkin in ITH videos, and obviously Telep and others have seen him in person.  But what stood out to me (and you) beyond his athleticism was the fact that he seemed to have a much better sense of court awareness and basketball IQ than he seems to get credit for.

    Like you mentioned, he’s not Cody Zeller in that area.  But few high school seniors are.  But to compare him to the kid from Syracuse or, as some others have, Tijan/Bawa, is a slight on his abilities.

    It’s hard to know what the guys doing the rankings are evaluating.  It’s obviously a mix of what a player is now along with what they think a player can become.  But I’m sure every scout has different ratios they consider, and I’m sure that every scout evaluates the potential of players differently.

    So I’m sure that has something to do with the disparity in lists, and Telep’s views versus what we (or others) might think.

    Finally, if you want my opinion, the reason Patterson and Jurkin have fallen out of favor (relatively speaking) is because neither really played much this summer.  Patterson had the whole Indiana Elite team switch thing, and then he quit playing AAU partway through the evaluation period.  And Jurkin was hurt.  Those two situations are not conducive to a prospect rising or maintaining their ranking.  But they’re also not really warning signs for their college prospects, either (in terms of talent/potential.)  And since those factors obviously effect IU’s class ranking as a whole, I’m not too concerned about that list either.

  • MillaRed

    Check out the schools that offered Patterson:

    Ohio State
    Virginia Tech

    The media may not love him, but a lot of good coaches do.

  • JerryCT

    I honestly believe he can eventually be our MVP by stuffing stats and setting the tone on D . I disagree about him finding his role. His role is to do it all ….. defend, rebound, set screens, shoot, drive, blocks, steals , assists .

    I believe the other kids will be good at a few things but BUSS will be good at everything.

  • MillaRed

    I agree Jerry I like him and I think the other players already do.

  • ace133

    I think Telep makes a good point on Patterson. Believe me, I love his game more than anyone. But he does have to decide what type of player he is going to be. Great defensive player that sticks 3’s and makes hustle plays. Or a guy that forces it too much on offense because he has the skills but does not have the consistency.  

    Patterson is a guy that looks great on youtube. Athletic, long, some moves and good form on the J. Clearly though, he has not put it all together yet. Not saying he won’t figure it out at IU, but Telep is right. Patterson needs to know his role and embrace it

  • HoosierFromCt

    Patterson will be the Big 10 Defensive Player of the year down the road. Book it!

  • CJP

    Excellent interview… concise analysis.  Well done Alex

  • He is right about Yogi – he will be a game changer.  Can’t wait to see CZ and yogi on the floor together.  Usually three star players will get you deep into the NCAAs – who will be the third leg of that stool?

  • Anonymous

    Hey all, I guy (Michigan State grad and mediocre employee) I work with
    just mentioned to me that Gary Harris added “MSU” and “Going out of
    state” as his interests on facebook.  What is the validity of this?  If
    true that sounds no bueno post-visit there…

  • stonaroni

    It is nice to see IU in the Top 5 in this recruiting class.  Do we really care what they are ranked inside the Top 10 (I think we fans expect now to be at least around the top 10 in recruiting under CTC, he is tireless)?

    Not one school in the nation can say that all 5 of their recruits have strong Indiana ties, I am guessing not 1 school can say that they landed 3 legit players from their own state.  This class is just helping solidify the future and is exactly what CTC needed to bring in talent, help close the border, and put IU back on the map.

    Arizona and UK can bring in what they want, but our class has the potential of all 5 guys being 4 year players. 2011 Class, 4 year players, 2010 class, 4 year players, 2009 class, 4 year players, I think you get what I am saying.  Our program is made up of talented, smart guys who value an education.  I hope in about 3 or 4 years IU will be mentioned by the true analysts as a winning program doing things right and graduating their players like in years past. That is what helped make IU great under Knight, I believe CTC is cut from some of the same cloth.

    McGary will not play with Hardaway Jr btw and isn’t any better at his position than Yogi, UK will constantly turn their team over, Arizona is becoming UK of the West.

    Who is Dave Telep.  Oh yeah, he is a guy who goes to watch entertainment in the summer events and knows very little about these kids as far as grades, personality, etc.  He judges the players on the acrobats witnessed on the court.

    IU’s recruiting classes are filled with high character guys.  Maybe Telep needs to build in a standard deviation of some sort to rank these classes to account for the early exits to the NBA, drug possessions, academic liabilities, criminal behaviors, and family issues that drives some players out of college early. Then and only then will I put a lot of stock into what Telep is trying to sell.  He is like the weather man, only right 50% of the time.

  • IUoptometry

    This class with Hulls, Zeller, VO, and WS will be UNREAL!!!!!! Can’t wait for the movement to begin.

  • Indianamorris

    I think Bus Patterson could start by his sophomore or junior year. He’s athletic and looks like a great one on one defender, something this team needs. He can score a little bit too. I like that he’s underrated by pretty much everybody, because I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re being a bit harsh on Telep.  With his job you just have to judge what you see on the court.  Grades, attitudes, and maturity can all change. It’s just impossible to predict if/when things will “click” with teenagers.  .

    Also, it’s impossible to predict who’s a 4-year player anymore.  Hansbrough was a top-5 or so recruit who stayed 4 years.  Some guys (say, Derrick Williams at Arizona) come from nowhere and leave after a year or two. Heck, I don’t think Zeller is necessarily a 4-year player.

    Guys like Telep have to rate players based on talent and production on the court, naturally a subjective process.  Anything else is just making it up.

  • Jcraw1234

    How do you get 15 years of starting experience from 3 guys?

  • Who is Dave Telep? Probably the most respected high school scout in the country by his peers and college coaches. He can’t get them all right, but his job is evaluate what he sees on the court and he’s one of the best at doing that.

  • He misspoke. Probably meant to say 9 to 12. Mistakes happen.

  • Anonymous

    I love this article. We needed some outside perspective on where this team is headed and got it. However, I crave more outside perspective on the team that will be taking the floor this season. It seems like Coach Crean is grooming the 2011-2012 team to play with the 2012 recruits by incorporating a higher tempo, run-and-gun type offense this season. If that’s the case, he’s a genius. With the athletes that Hoosiers currently have, mixed with the athletes coming in next season, this team will run opposing teams RAGGED in 2012-2013. Again, great article. More please!

  • Pb1230

    also, I see Patterson getting significant minutes if not starting because we don’t have an over abundance of guards.  He may not be the star of the team when he’s out on the floor, but other than Yogi, we don’t have a guard that is going to demand playing time. 

  • Anonymous

    I think people are really overlooking Ron Patterson.  He is a high-energy guy who can score, handle the ball, play defense, and run.  Not a whole lot more you can ask for.  

  • Do an interview with Dan Dakich

  • Anonymous

    I agree.

  • Anonymous

    Greg Oden played left handed and still led OH St to the final game! I will take that in a heart beat. Who cares about any “lack” in Peter’s physical health until he gets to IU where the best medical advice and training will be available. He will be huge for Indiana basketball for 4-5 years.

  • Anonymous

    Include Watford and Creek in that group, with both Remey and Austin close.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Never crossed my mind that may be exactly what he is doing but I also think that’s his style…he is a genius.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent points.

  • Anonymous

    Possibly Sheehey.  We’ll know more this season.  If not, then Hollowell.  Both perfectly suited to light it up from the wing spot next year.

  • IUball

    I second that

  • IUball

    Telep’s comments on Henson are funny. Jurkin has as much length and athleticism as Henson, plus Jurkin has a very solid free throw stroke. Jurkin will shock many.

  • cooper

    Always fun to read the arm chair QBs disagreeing with a guy who does this for a living. I’d say he is one of the more knowledgeable guys out there trying to project how a player is going to look 2-4 years down the road.

    Frankly, I don’t have a clue on whether he is right or not. I’ve never watched 2 minutes of any of these guys play in person or on video but I appreciate him (and Alex) taking the time to do an interview.

  • Anonymous

    Dakich said today during his interview with Fish that IU will win 23-25 games this year…He is really high on us.  Don’t know about you all but that prediction excites me!

  • IUJeff

    My guess is that he will graduate in 3 years. But even as a junior he will be one of the best bigs in the country. 

  • IUJeff

    I hope you are right because it looks like our juniors are still not exactly fleet of foot. 

  • IUJeff

    I think X offers every good Indiana kid. 

  • IUJeff

    CTC is coach of the year if that happens. I hope DD is right. 

  • Anonymous

    No doubt about that. It is pretty difficult for me to buy into that prediction, however. Dakich wants IU to succeed as much as anybody. That’s not to say that because of that I don’t respect any predictions he makes for IU — I mean after all, he’s certainly been right on some (Zeller, etc.) — but I just think that is an overly optimistic prediction for this Hoosiers team. By the way, pUKe just beat Morehouse College (a Division II team that has lost in the 1st round of their conference tournament – the SIAC – 4 years in a row) by 80 something points. Valpo leads at Arizona 5-4 15:25 1st. I don’t imagine that lead will hold up for too much longer lol.

  • Anonymous

    Well Said. In addition, I like the angle that Patterson will influence Yogi to match his defensive intensity in practice and in games.  This brings a balanced offensive/defensive point gaurd.

  • stonaroni

    I know who Dave Telep is, but what does he know as far as who is good for Indiana, who will be good at Duke, and so on?  He doesn’t know and that was my point.  He rates these guys on what he sees on the floor as he is entertained in the summer circut.  Athleticism is the main component of his rankings, that is not hard to see.  A shooter with a floor game at guard is always rated lower than a guy with speed who can’t shoot from 15 feet.

    Patterson has a ton of intangibles that so many of the kids that play his postion do not have.  Take his all around game, defense, rebounding, scoring, shooting, quickness, strength and athleticism and he is a top 10 SG in the country.  Instead, Telep focuses in on the upside projections because a kid is a slasher who can score and dunk like a monster.  In IU’s scheme, that doesn’t mean much, but what Buss brings to the table does!

    I am not asking Telep to get them all right but it is an extremely subjective ranking system that is given far more credit than deserved.  Outside of the obvious top 20 players in the nation, the rest is just a crap shoot and too often the top 100 is soft and many players cannot even stay in schhol which lends more credibility to guys like Buss.

  • Down below someone says DD predicted IU could win 23-25 games.

  • Mrkev

    I agree with those concerned about Jurkin’s health. Has anyone heard a recent update?