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Aug. 18, 2010 - Madrid, C. A. de Madrid, Spain - MADRID, 18/08/2010.- US national basketball team player Eric Gordon, during the trainning session held by the team at the Caja Magica pavillion in Madrid, Spain, 18 August 2010, ahead of their Madrid Tournament matches against Lithuania and Spain the upcoming weekend.Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew. So go ahead, get your read on.

+ Stephen Curry is hoping for a quick recovery from an ankle sprain, but missed Team USA’s practice on Thursday. Curry, Eric Gordon and Russell Westbrook are reportedly competing for the final spot on the world championship roster.

+ The NCAA’s new President, Mark Emmert, isn’t a fan of the one-and-done rule and would prefer the baseball model.

+ Matt Snyder weighs-in with a Big Ten edition of summer session over at FanHouse. Maurice Creek and Guy Marc-Michel are mentioned.

+ ESPN updated their Super 60 rankings for the class of 2012.

+ Northwestern guard Michael Thompson is hoping forward Kevin Coble will return to the program, writes Teddy Greenstein of The Chicago Tribune.

+ Our friends at UMHoops have been all over preparation from Michigan’s upcoming trip to Europe, including video interviews with players and practice footage.

+ According to this tweet, Cincinnati guard and former IU target Aaron Thomas has a top five of Cincinnati, Clemson, Florida State, Nebraska and Purdue. Brian Snow of Rivals has more on Thomas’ list.

+ Former IU forward Lance Stemler will host a basketball clinic at Nolan Fieldhouse in Sellersburg, Indiana on Saturday, August 28.

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  • Dear Aaron Thomas,

    Please don’t choose Purdue. Anywhere but there.

    Thanks and good luck,

    a fan

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    There is a terrible omission on that ESPN Super 60 list by leaving off Patterson but it’s nice to see Jurkin all the way up at 37 already! That doesn’t surprise me at all since a few of us have been predicting he would end up as a top 20 player all along. Patterson will end up high on this list too, trust me.

    As for all the other recruiting targets. I see numbers 12,17, 20, 31, 39, 46, and 51. That’s a lot of talent that IU still has a shot at. I’m also a little surprised to see Bhullar on the list. I think that’s just because of his size. The same sort of goes for Hammons as well. I don’t think he’s developed enough to be up at 31 (especially ahead of Jurkin) but he’s just such a big body that he’s ranked highly just because of his size. He could end up being a top ranked player but he’ll have to improve.

    Perea is all the up to 17 and DSR is at 20, which sort of surprises me because everything I’ve read about him says that he has sort of dropped off a bit because of his injury and lack of upside. I just don’t know if he’d be more valuable than a BJ Young or Harris. Harris is all the up to 12!

    Come on CTC and finish out strong on this 2012 class before BJ Young and Zeller make it official for 2011!!!

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Oh, and I also noticed, no Kenny Kaminski! I wonder if that’s going to turn out to be a good recruit for Izzo or not?

  • Plane1972

    Izzo is a system guy. Kaminski’s demeanor in the interviews I’ve seen appears to be one ready to accept a role in that system. He’s going to be another blue collar guy for Izzo. Love what they do up in East Lansing. I think Crean is following the same road map.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I’ll tell you what . . . Tom Crean must be one heck of a recruiter. When you look at this list he has one commitment from the list, one that will eventually be on the list and 6 other times you see IU on the list of possible schools and that doesn’t include Yogi or Tar(something)ki. We all know Yogi’s high on IU and that other guy has mentioned them as well. Not to mention Sim Bhullar has IU on his list as well. It’s just hard to believe that CTC is in so many of these recruiting battles and faring so well after 6 and 10 win seasons! The guy must be a dynamite recruiter!!!

  • Jcopey

    The FanHouse article is a good read to get caught up on Big Ten pre-season expectations. Here’s how they predict as of today:

    Pre-Fall Power Rankings

    1. Purdue – Jumps over State due to Allen’s departure, but it’s close.
    1a. Michigan State – Of course, they won’t be missing Allen much come March.
    3. Ohio State – Expect a second consecutive Sweet 16 berth.
    4. Illinois – Enough talent to win the conference, but can Weber make it mesh?
    5. Wisconsin – 20 wins, NCAA tourney … ho hum. Just another Bo Ryan year.
    6. Northwestern – I think this is the year. Seriously.
    7. Minnesota – Tubby has made progress, but most teams have made more.
    8. Indiana – Could drop to 10 or rise to six, depending upon a myriad of factors.
    9. Penn State – Could challenge NW for sixth with the return of Battle.
    10. Michigan – Dreadful.
    11. Iowa – Even worse.

    Thoughts? I really can’t argue with the rankings and logic with us, and I think 6th is our upside / realistic goal – although I pray for better!

  • Anonymous

    Westbrook, Curry, and Gordon are actually competing for two roster spots. It’s not like two of them will get cut, they’re all part of the 13-man team that’s going to be cut down to 12 before the World Championship tournament begins. And between Westbrook being a PG on a team stocked with them (and not playing until garbage time in the France game) and Curry being injured, you have to like EJ’s chances. I’d take Westbrook over Rondo, personally, but whatever. I think if Curry’s healthy, he and Gordon make it. If not, Westbrook and Gordon. It’s awesome that EJ is already playing at this high a level. If I were him, I’d never sign another piece of paper with the Clippers. He could be a great player on a championship level team that has a coach who’s not Vinny Del Negro. Imagine him in Chicago starting with Rose in the backcourt. Instant top-3 team.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    + It seems everyone is intrigued by what Guy could bring this year.

    + I can see us flirting with 6th place, we must get off to a good start. If we can weather the storm to January and let mo get settled in and our new guys it could be interesting.

    + DSR at 20 is surprising. Not sure where he will end up, especially if Yogi comes to IU, he may be the odd man out. He is Jeremiah Davis 2012, big strong guard, can score but a tweener.

    + PJ should not be behind hammons but he will end up top 20-25. I just see him getting better.

    + Yes AT please don’t go to Purdue, I enjoy watching painter land role player after role player
    (outside of T. Johnson), I just want to watch his slow recruiting death. If IU lands two or three more of the big name Indiana kids (Yogi, Hollowell, Zeller etc.) Purdue fans will implode.

    + If I look at the schools recruiting Yogi, IU is in good shape. Brey and Beilen won’t be at their schools much longer. Stevens is GONE from Butler in two years tops. He is not enough of a role player to go to Purdue….ouch!

  • Bucky


    Funny because it’s true. And probably most knew who you were talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t Jurkin once ranked around 16 on ESPNU? A 21 spot ranking drop is pretty steep. Is it really that realistic to expect him to jump back up there if he’s already sliding down?

  • Anonymous

    There are only 3 players in that top 60 committed – i guess it puts in perspective that I should be a little more patient with these recruits……nah nevermind – cmon guys – Commit Now and look forward to the future!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, he wasn’t ever ranked that high on ESPN. He wasn’t ranked at all a couple months ago, so look at it as if he jumped 70+ spots.

  • Anonymous

    Yogi is on the list, but he’s listed under his real first name of “Kevin Ferrell” at #39.

  • Anonymous

    It makes the verbals from PJ and RP that much better doesn’t it? The fact they committed so early really opens things up for the 2011 guys on the fence and the other 2012 kids that may not have seen IU at #1 on their list.

    There is more to these early commits than just the players.

  • Scott

    I can’t see us as low as 10th, even with injuries (please no injuries). But I agree that realistically 6th is probably best case scenario. With Coble out NW can be topped. And we are just flat out better than Michigan and Iowa. Anywhere in between is a safe bet. Optimistically 4th or 5th would be our best if we pull out all the close finishes and really click as a team. The way everyone seems to be bonding and working hard this summer makes about anything seem possible.

  • Matt Snyder

    Thanks, Jcopey. Did you know I’m an IU grad and frequent visitor of ITH?

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Yeah, I saw he was on the list but for some reason ESPN still doesn’t list IU as one of the school on his interest list? I think they are sadly mistaken on that little fact but I did see him on there.

  • Anonymous

    I like the fact that we are building depth and athleticism. The rankings certainly support that – and the recruiting expertise of CTC et al. The piece of the puzzle that we need is Perea at this point. Didn’t know he was injured – certainly a knee injury would affect his 12′ leaping ability. Jurkin, Perea and Guy would be a great defensive presence. I know Kelin loves Zellar but I think Yogi and Perea would be more important to a championship run. Add Zellar and Young in ’11 would make this one of the best IU teams ever….just something for the homeboys to think about. Then to think that we are in the hunt for Harris and DSR – speaks volumes…especially considering what we have been through the last 2 years. Mr Jurkin – thank you – he started this swing and a little momentum can go a long way. Can’t wait to routinely beat PUke and pUKe!

  • kristheboss

    Kelin I like all the points you make except the DSR one, I feel DSR has been playing at a higher level than Jeremiah Davis has, he has led a young team to a state championship in 4A along with Terone Johnson. Thats pretty impressive in itself, and his summer was just slowed down by his knee surgery. I feel his ranking is pretty spot on, now having him that many spots above Yogi is questionable I thought he’d be top 20, but ESPN doesn’t always put their best work into HS rankings either. Sorry for the long post, not trying to make this a Daryl Baker type argument.

  • Anonymous

    This is from the original post introducing Jurkin: The Ranking: ranks Jurkin the 16th best prospect in the 2012 class. Was he not ranked, then jumped up to 16, then back down? or was 16th, went out, then came back to 37?

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    First Darryl Baker is easily #1 in the country, in fact I could make an argument he is better than Lebron.

    I get your point about DSR, I just saw Austin get dinged by rankings and being out with an injury and not DSR. I think he would be a very good college player, not sure what position..or he will be just a guard and will fit in. I know IU has a huge North Central connection and they are on DSR but with patterson signing, the pursuit of Yogi, don’t know if they need him

  • I don’t know who ESPN hires to do these rankings, but I think Rivals/Scout do a better job… but even those rankings can be finnicky because the whole ranking system is just opinions and guesses after the first 10 or 20 guys. I think ESPN gives guys high rankings simply because they’re tall. “Oh, he’s a seven-footer? Put him in the top 60 RIGHT NOW!”

  • Even if PU ends up with AT, the bigger picture is that they lost out on Branden Dawson, a possible 5-star, in-state product from The Region … should’ve been a lock.

  • IU_Fan_99

    so….. Peegs said there was another commitment coming this week… the week is almost over. Will one take place this weekend? or is this all just hype and wishful thinking?

  • I Bleed Crimson

    Guy’s Senior year is spring of 2012 and Perea and Jurkin would be Freshman in Fall of 2012. They will not get to play together.

  • Daburns0

    All you put was the link to That doesn’t show anything. I was under the impression that he was not ranked until now, and to see him ranked that high has to be a good thing. Plus, these rankings are all BS anyway. These guys probably move the players they’ve seen lately up and leave the others as is.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I will hate it if A Thomas goes to Purdue. But did you notice that Nebraska is listed? If a talented basketball recruit in IN, IL, OH thinks that he has been overlooked by IU, Purdue, IL, OSU then he can hook up with Nebraska and take revenge in the Big 10 on the offending state schools. Interesting development from expansion.

  • Anonymous

    I think that you are spot on.

  • Anonymous

    WI is never lower than 3rd in the Big 10 during the regular season. IU will be 6th or higher. I predict that either IL or OSU drops below IU. So 1) MSU, 2) Purdue, 3) WI, 4) OSU (who do you hate more Motta the thief of Hoosier talent or Weber the great whinner?), 5) IU, 6) IL, 7) NU, 8) MN, 9) PSU, 10) MI, 11) Iowa. Go IU, win 20 and make “The Dance”!

  • Anonymous

    Until we win some games, every recruit who commits to IU will drop 10-20 places in these rankings. Get a chip on your shoulder and lets “hurt” some teams on the court, 90-60 scores, with no back-off. Just “crush” everyone we can! Run on offense, attack on defense, even when up by 30, even in the last minute. When the shot clock goes off, then we can stand down.

  • Anonymous

    I copied the line from this entry: I was just curious as to why his ranking has slipped. I’m not saying a 37 ranking is a bad thing, but with no rivals/scout ranking and a slipping ESPN ranking, is there something we are overlooking? I hope I’m wrong but I’m just trying to see everything with a level head.

  • IndianaBanner

    Lebron is literally a generational talent. His combination of size and PG skills are literally unheard of. There aren’t many players in the history of the league that can be fairly compared to Lebron (Note: I really don’t like comparing players across positions. I think comparing Lebron to Jordan is as unfair as comparing Shaq to Kobe… their duties are so drastically different). I’ll admit that I haven’t seen this Baker kid play but better than Lebron?

    People may not be fond of Lebron because of his ESPN antics (though I think that’s short-sighted and a bit unfair – Lebron has not at all led a normal life and I think it’s only natural to be somewhat arrogant when you’re that good at your job at such a young age and that talent wins you an absurd amount of attention), but let’s not discard his basketball talents.

    I’d be curious to see your argument, Kelin. A big part of what makes Lebron Lebron is the combination of his tremendous size and strength with the skillset of a guard. He’s an athlete and his body and the strengths and limitations that come along with it falls under his ‘talents’

    Baker appears to be a normal sized guard. He might be explosive and talented and have great manueverabilty and everything else but I don’t see how his could really be compared to a SF in a PF’s body like Lebron. I think it’s make more sense to compare a 6’1″ guard to… a guard… and not a 6’8″ player…

  • Anonymous

    There is NO way Hammons is better than Jurkin.
    Hollowell (54) seems to be kind of low, too.

  • Anonymous

    I pretty much agree with you on Crean using th same road map. I know some people think WS and VO are not that great of a recruit but to me they both fit the in very nicely with doing things like we are speaking of. Think VO really falls into this type of category. Almost every championship team has the one to three guys who fill a need and I think in todays game it will be very hard if not impossible to win it all without the kind of players that do the quote little things that don’t show up in the stat sheet at the end of the game but are essential to racking up the W’s.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody that thought he wasn’t when he got here probably didn’t know that much about him pre IU and people that still think he isn’t are either not IU bball fans to begin with or just don’t like him because he doesn’t have any Knight lineage and then there is the third category which is just plain stupid.

    When it comes to recruiting what makes me as excited as just about anything is that if he can get these guys to sign on after a 10 win season what is he going to be able to do when he has us really rolling in the near future. Wouldn’t want to be a coach trying to recruit against him now let alone in the future. What are they going to say then, they can’t win very many games NOT, they don’t have any other talent to help you NOT, their bball related facilities suck NOT x 100 well you get the point. Plus you know they have to have a bad feeling inside when they have to think about trying to out work him on the recruiting trail on top of all the other things

    Forget which player it was that said it but always liked it ” Coach Crean, ah, well he’s naturally caffinated”.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I think that was the position rating because he’s never been rated by any of the three (rivals/scout/espn) and I check these rankings all the time (every time they update)!

    He was not ranked in the Super 60 but was the 17th best center so imagine how much he’s improved and shot up the rankings to go to 37th overall (and probably a top 5-7 center).

    That’s a huge jump in one update.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I agree. Hammons is only rated that high at this point because of his size and I think Hollowell’s athleticism is underrated.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Does anyone have any really good information or ideas on the next IU commitment? I read all the same stuff about another domino falling soon, possibly this week, but I haven’t read any articles or heard any chatter since. At first I thought it was Perea, but then Patterson committed and talked up Hollowell. Then Hollowell admitted that he was trying to convince Harris to commit to OSU so he could play with a friend, but Harris seems pretty high on IU, ND, and OSU now.

    In the end it may be Yogi that’s close which would make me extremely happy because I think he has the best relationship with Zeller, but someone needs to crap or get off the pot because the suspense is killing me!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just read over on HT where Bawa had just completed his transfer to Tenn. State. Wish him nothing but the best. Gotta admire a kid that comes her all the way from Africa and takes his situation so serious that he always goes to class and always wears a tie to boot.

    Good luck Bawa !

    Also seen where CTC said that JR would not be seeing very many minutes, if any, at the point guard position this coming year and that he will have to earn his minutes this coming season. Says Jordy, VJ3 and Creek will be doing the bulk of the ball handling and said with this team he really didn’t see that it was important to have a specific person named as the primary ball handler. Liked everything I read in the article.

    Alex hope you didn’t mind the mentioning of HT. Thought you might not mind since you had a link to there on here and it is on the ITH ON TWITTER.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    IUMike I read that a second ago and alot jumped off the page.

    + I think JR may have been a bigger headache last year than many of us thought.
    + I think there was a sense of entitlement with JR being a Rivers and coming in with the G’Town experience….those days have ended.
    + If he doesn’t play point, where the hell does he play?
    + Crean is more comfortable with Jordy which is a good thing.
    + Would not surprise me JR doesn’t make it too the season or through the season at IU.

    G- VJ
    G- Mo
    F- Christian
    F- Elston
    C- Guy

    Here are your starters kids.

  • cdog

    I think that is because Yogi is interested in other schools more highly than IU right now. There were other schools that have been after him longer. IU got in kind of late and he has only been a hot target in the last few weeks. If you go back a ways on the board, most people thought he was a little undersized to play D1. Now he is one of the hottest PG in America.

  • cdog

    I think that is because Yogi is interested in other schools more highly than IU right now. There were other schools that have been after him longer. IU got in kind of late and he has only been a hot target in the last few weeks. If you go back a ways on the board, most people thought he was a little undersized to play D1. Now he is one of the hottest PG in America.

  • It can’t be a good thing for you when the coach publicly states that you will have to “fight for minutes” when you’re the team’s lone senior.

    And are those your B10 season starters YKZ? Not that I have any inside information or anything, but I’d be surprised a little if Mo starts right out of the gate based on his injury. I feel like he needs to be eased into significant minutes (we’ll need his fresh legs in Jan and Feb!).

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Yeah that is not good at all for JR….

    Those are my starters and they changed when I read that article. I too thought mo would be eased in also but Crean says he doesn’t expect him to have any limitations when they get started with instruction…… His game may begin more VJ3 like initially and not as much going do the bucket for dunks on people, but once he gets full confidence after that first hit or fall he will be good to go.

    I have been disappointed in players before at IU (AJ Ratliff) but none ever like JR. Everything I thought he would be he was not and although they are different talent levels, it now doesn’t surprise me that Crean did not make a hard push for his brother. JR has been so disconnected with this team since he stepped on the floor. If nothing changes he could get a ‘fuzzy’ senior night welcome.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with the professor on this one YKZ in thinking that Mo may not be ready to be a starter right off the bat but then again everything you read and hear about his rehab is that he is working his a$$ off trying to get back to full speed. I think he felt like he had something to prove when he got to IU and he may again feel like he has something to prove at the beginning of this season. I defy anyone to find anything negative to say about this guy bball wise or in any other aspect. Make no mistake about it though if he is not starting at the first of the season it won’t be long before he will be. Crean may feel like he can kill two birds with one stone with this situation in that he can ease Mo back into things and he can get an extended look at some other lineups in actual game situations and against someone other than who they practice against every day.

    I know Guy has been playing pickup games against the other players but pick up games and playing against other Div 1 teams will be a big step up from the level he was used to playing against and may need a little time to get acclimated to the speed and physicality of where he is now. One thing about it though if both or either one starts at the beginning of the season I feel like this bodes well for IU right from the start.

    I’m like you in thinking that JR may have been more of a headache than what we realized last year. Another one of those only know for sure unless you know what goes on behind the scenes things. If that was the case it says something about Crean and the kind of program he is running in that it was not played out in public by him and JR or the other players. Handled it in house and that’s the way it should be done even if all us do like to know all the little tidbits that go on behind the scenes.

    I’m thinking
    C-TP… at the start of the season but with a very short leash and even shorter if he spends too much time looking over his shoulder at who is after his minutes.

  • Anonymous

    It can’t ever be a good thing when the coach also says that you are the fastest one on the whole team with the ball in your hands and play pretty good defense but also says, more or less, you won’t be a starter and that you will not be seeing much if any playing time at the point guard spot and if you do it will be because all three of the others that Crean mentioned are all out of the game at the same time. So JR your chances of running the point are, well let’s just put it at slim and none.

    I am officially pumped for the season to start right now. If we get another big commit anytime soon I may have to find a walk in freezer to get in and take several deep breaths. Coach put me in I’m ready to go out there and kick some butt !

  • Anonymous

    NO! That was last year and IU went 10-21: C Michel, PF Elston, SF Watford, SG Creek, G Jones. Hulls is the first sub for any of the guys 1-4 who is having an off night. Capo and Pritchard split relief for Guy at the 5. Roth gets a “heat check” early, if he hits 2/3 from 3-pt he gets more time. Jeremiah, Vic and Will get 15 min/game to run, run, run on offense and attack, attack attack on defense. Rest Mo when the 3 dobermans are attacking. Never let up on the pressure until we are up 40 with 1 minute left. Take NO PRISONERS!

  • Anonymous

    Great minds etc., etc.

  • Anonymous

    We need Mo on the court starting! He can rest during the game when Jeremiah, Vic and Will are destroying the opponent with constant pressure, attacking D and running O.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously Peegs does not know that much more than we do. Which can be summarized as “IU is close with a lot of great players”. So stay tuned.