IU to play Notre Dame at Conseco next season

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This came across the wire a little while ago, but here’s a copy of the Notre Dame release on the subject. Purdue and Butler will play in the other match-up, and then the opponents will switch in 2012. Early impressions suggest everyone is giddy as a schoolmarm about the event, dubbed the Crossroads Classic.

It’s too early, obviously, for deep reaction to the Irish, but having covered them over the last year, here are four names to watch for: Tim Abromaitis, Scott Martin, (yes, that one) Eric Atkins and Jerian Grant. The former pair are solid, scoring wings with legitimate 6-foot-8 size and plenty of athleticism. Atkins and Grant are both freshmen, but talented and about to get plugged into Mike Brey’s points-happy offense.

Release after the jump. (Courtesy of Bernie Cafarelli at Notre Dame media relations.)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —- Notre Dame and Indiana will renew its storied men’s basketball rivalry during the 2011-12 campaign when the two teams will meet at Conseco Fieldhouse on Dec. 17, 2011 in the Crossroads Classic. The contest will be a part of doubleheader that also will feature Butler and Purdue meeting on the hardwood that same day.

The announcement of the event was made today (Aug. 16) at Conseco Fieldhouse. Irish director of athletics Jack Swarbrick was present for the formal announcement of the doubleheader as were Barry Collier of Butler, Fred Glass of Indiana and Morgan Burke of Purdue. The four athletic directors each signed the Memorandum of Understanding that provides for the Crossroads Classic to be held in the state capital in both 2011 and 2012.

The Irish will play Purdue in the second year of the event on Dec. 15, 2012.

“Notre Dame is very excited to be able to join with Butler, Indiana University and Purdue in making the Crossroads Classic possible,” said Swarbrick. “This is a great basketball event in America’s best basketball venue, but it is more than that. It is also a celebration of higher education in Indiana. The partnership reflected in this basketball event mirrors the many ways in which Indiana’s great colleges and universities work together to benefit Hoosiers.”

“We at Conseco Fieldhouse and Pacers Sports & Entertainment are pleased to be the host for this extraordinary event, which brings four of the state’s outstanding universities together for two great games each of the next two years,” Jim Morris, president of Pacers Sports & Entertainment, said. “This expands our basketball heritage and will be tremendously exciting for alumni and all basketball fans.”

The Irish and Hoosiers last faced each other on Nov. 24, 2008 when Notre Dame defeated Indiana, 88-50, in the first round of the EA Sports Maui Invitational. The last regular-season meeting between the two schools in the state of Indiana occurred on Dec. 12, 2004 at Assembly Hall in Bloomington as the Irish defeated the Hoosiers, 55-45. Indiana leads the all-time series, 47-21.

There have been 40 matchups between the Irish and the Boilermakers and the series is split with each team winning 20 games. The last meeting occurred on March 17, 2004 in the first round of the National Invitation Tournament held at Notre Dame. The Irish earned a 71-59 victory in a contest that marked the first meeting between the two schools since the 1965-66 campaign.

Game times and ticket information will be announced at a later date.

Comments from the three other directors of athletics:

“This doubleheader will be a great event for the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana and for college basketball in general. The tradition and passion behind college basketball in Indianapolis and at the four institutions make this a must-see event that will generate statewide and national interest.”

Barry Collier, Butler athletic director

“We think it makes tremendous sense to resurrect what had been a pretty historic doubleheader with what I think most people would acknowledge are the four premier programs in the state. I think it will be a really good event and a great showcase for the state of Indiana.”

Fred Glass, Indiana vice president and director of athletics

“Growing up in Indianapolis, this event definitely strikes an emotional chord for me. I vividly remember attending the Hoosier Classic at Hinkle Fieldhouse as a young boy. It was my introduction to the significance of basketball in the state of Indiana. Hopefully by bringing together our four schools at the new Crossroads Classic on the magnificent stage of Conseco Fieldhouse, we will showcase this great sport to a new generation of fans.”

Morgan Burke, Purdue director of intercollegiate athletics

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  • Rob

    I’m a ND football fan, but HATE the Bball team. It’s always nice to beat ND.

  • This is great, but how about a full-on tourney? I’d like to see Ball State, Indiana State, Valpo, and IUPUI in the mix too, but that’s probably asking too much.

  • I don’t think IU and PU can play each other before the B10 season starts, so if it were to be an actual tourney, then either IU or PU couldn’t attend (in case they both won all their games and met in the championship).

    I like your idea though. Maybe throw in the Evansville Aces, too.

  • Indiana_Banners

    Any scenario, including a tournament, where IU and Purdue could potentially meet in a nonconference game wouldn’t have a chance of getting done. Neither IU nor Purdue would agree to a tournament because of that. Plus, ISU, IUPUI, and Ball State would hardly offer competitive matches and selling tickets to those early tournament matches would be tough. Havng the four big IN schools play on one ticket gives these schools the best chance to offer compelling matchups and sell tickets.

  • Bryan

    I wonder if IU and Purdue will use this event as a way to ensure they play one another twice per season, given that their home-and-away series isn’t always guaranteed in the Big Ten schedule. It would also allow Butler and Notre Dame to play one another every now and then.

  • Anonymous

    Note to Notre Dame: The IU team you face this time will not be anything like what you whopped up on in Maui so just forget all about that game…..although you might want to remember that cause what goes around comes around and some of the players you will face will not have forgotten how their school was run out of the gym. We all know what they say about paybacks.

    Love the way Crean is renewing the games against other nearby schools. Now I would like to see him put Louisville back on the schedule and not on neutral sites either. I know he said he would love to eventually get that done and I think it would go a long ways toward helping us in recruiting against them.

    Would anyone else like to see Louisville back on our schedule ? Does anyone else think playing them will help when both schools are recruiting the same player ?

  • JerryCT

    I always favor a tough schedule as long as the games result in us getting national exposure. If no national TV exposure then I might think twice about Louisville.

  • Anonymous

    I would have to believe that a game with us and UL would just about have to be televised wouldn’t it ?

  • JerryCT

    Regionally most certainly but I would hope to see it as a marquee game nationally with no competition. IU vs UWV for example would probably not rise to national TV yet UWV may be a better team. If no national exposure then the game has to fit a plan for the season. Right now we need wins and not the risk of good but close losses.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, Bill Lynch.

  • I think I’m the only one on the fence with this whole concept. I’m not saying we should run scared or anything, but no matter what the current situations, IU still is the king of Indiana basketball and IMO the only storyline to come out of an annual matchup like this is “Indiana loses state tourney (or in-state rivalries)”. If IU wins it’s not much of a story because IU should win an annual matchup of the big in-state schools.

    I just think there’s much more to gain for the other schools than there is for IU. IU gains more from beating Kentucky, another out of conference BCS school, winning the Preseason NIT or some other national exposure type game.

    Maybe I’m wrong, just a thought.

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    BGleas….this classic would not have happened if IU wasn’t involved from what I have heard. So IU has to be the center piece due to fan support. There is some risk involved but also on Butlers end and ND….you get pounded by IU each year…you got some splanin’ to do in state.

    IU is also the key this year to keeping the Big Ten tourney in Indy.

  • Of course it wouldn’t happen without IU, that’s the point, IU is the centerpiece to basketball in the entire state. With that IU also holds all the risk. My point is that IMO it’s a better impact on recruits, even and maybe especially in-state ones, if IU beats UK, UConn, wins the preseason NIT etc. than if they beat ND or Butler.

    Conversely, losing to ND or Butler would do more to hurt IU locally than if IU lost in the preseason NIT Finals or lost a non-conference game to another top BCS school from out of state.

  • dabig

    Well, this is a game that should be played every year. It’s got a lot of tradition.

  • Anonymous

    What goes around doesn’t always quite come back around, because I don’t think Notre Dame has ever quite managed to gotten even with the 92-29 whipping IU put on them in Knight & Digger’s first years! (I only wish I’d have been old enough to have seen it. It would have felt as good as when I got to watch the U throttle the ND football team behind hapless Gerry Faust.)

    I’d be happy to see U of L on the schedule since I’m so close, and the Yum! Center is going to be really nice.

  • Anonymous

    Butler’s rise makes it more worthwhile for IU to participate, though. It’s not such a shame to lose to them now. Sure you still expect to win, but it’s a quality opponent.

  • Sataylor316

    They did play a pre-Big 10 game a couple years back in a season where they only played once during the season. I believe that game was also at Conseco. So it is possible, albeit rare for IU an PU to play each other pre Big 10.

  • Anonymous

    Indiana vs Louisville would be a natural rivalry and would become one of the best in college hoops.

  • Anonymous

    Had forgotten all about that one ( I also would have loved to have been around to witness it as it happened) so I guess maybe the good ole fashioned butt kicking we took in Maui was the whole coming back around thing actually coming back around.

    Yea the Yum Center was one of the reasons I would want it to not be on a neutral court that and I just like the real home court advantage thing. If you win on their actual home court it makes it a little bit sweeter and if you win on your own home court it might just be because that venue provided just enough of a little something extra to win a real close game.

  • Anonymous

    I completely understand what you are saying in your posts and it should have for sure been factored in before saying yes but I feel like it is just one more way that we show everybody that we are back where we belong and we are once again a force to be reckoned with. As far as still being the king of Indiana bball….. well let’s just say the king had, until recently, been exiled to somewhere other than his natural kingdom. I guess that makes Crean the leader of the Hoosier masses that will settle for nothing short of restoring the king to his rightful throne and it sure looks like we chose the right man to lead this angry mob.

  • Anonymous

    Jerry (and I guess Bill) is right. Saying ‘play the best to be the best’ sounds great….but IU is NOT the best in Football or basketball right now. In a couple years? Sure, Louisville & their deviant coach are begging to be put back in their place as a glorified community college in a rat-hole state, but right now isn’t the time for IU basketball to go picking fights based on principles and tradition. Now is the time for IU to schedule games it can win and rebuild. As for Lynch, would you rather see IU beat lousy non-conf teams or lose to solid teams? I know what I would do if my job was on the line. IU football can’t afford to be proud, take 4 non-conf wins and shoot for .500 in conference and hope for a favorable bowl match-up. After a few yrs of that consistency we can gripe about vanilla schedules.

  • JerryCT

    Ha. I saw it sitting under the AH overhang. It was nearly a sellout. I had a bet with friends where they took IU and gave me 15 pts. As the obliteration got worse they kept laughing as they raised the points to 20, then 30, then an amazing 40 …….etc. One of the best games I ever went to based on the fun we were having ……………. at my expense however

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    Trailrunner, regionally Louisville and Indiana are natural rivalry’s but for some reason I have never been able to see that as such. I think it is partly due to our rivalry and hatred for Kentucky that makes another KY state school rivalry not as intense. Hope this makes sense…..

    Now I would love the for Pitino to come into AH and the fans can unload on him and his restaurant rendevous.

  • Anonymous

    I was trying to figure this out with conference affiliations and whatnot. IU and Purdue wouldn’t be in the same year; Evansville and Indiana St. are both in the Missouri Valley; Butler and Valpo are both in the Horizon; IPFW and IUPUI are both Summit League. Ball State is the only one in the MAC. Somehow you could have it set up where you wouldn’t play anyone from your conference, but then it’s not a true “tournament”.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto Kelin. I grew up in Evansville… 100 miles from Louisville and I never thought of Louisville as a rivalry with IU. We hate UK. They hate UK. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That’s the way I always saw it at least.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. Losing to anyone is a shame. I am not debating whether or not Butler has a good team, but losing to anyone in-state hurts recruiting. Fortunately, TC is doing enough positive relationship building to counteract the recent lack of success due to the rebuilding process.

    I have to agree with BGleas on this one. IU has everything to lose. All the other teams have everything to gain.

    For the record, I don’t think we should run from stiff competition either. However, games need to be scheduled that will help teams confidence, psyche, and momentum. Fortunately, we can finally see the day on the horizon when those games consist of only top-tier teams.

  • Tjdarts

    Growing up in Southern Indiana a Louisville matchup would be nice to see. Alot of true blood IU fans down here also see Louisville as a kindred spirit. Before cable tv alot of us “old guys” probably watched more UofL games than our beloved Hoosiers. We could only catch IU on the radio or if it was a nationally televised game. Bring on the Cards!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind having a cupcake or two on the schedule, but Towson? Western Kentucky? Murray State? Come on, that is just sad. Have two cupcakes and two solid BCS conference matchups. CTC did this last year with Pitt, Maryland and UK. And the football team even had a decent matchup with UVA. Poor result, but you win some, you lose some and I would love to see this more often. It is more embarrassing to play nobody, have the easiest non-conference schedule in the nation and still not run the table. Why not take a risk and prove that you are not scared? Get some respect by having some self respect.

  • Jm23

    Growing up in New Albany, IN (5 mins) outside of Louisville i have a true hatred for U of L. I mean they have a billboard in Indiana that says “Southern Indiana home of the Cardinal fans”. I think its hard sometimes for fellow Hoosiers fans up north to understand that down here your in the minority as a IU fan. Uof L vs. IU would be a great game to have if you remember a few years ago that these series got pretty heated when Reece Gaines and beloved hoosier Dane Fife got into it. Love to see the game played for bragging rights around here

  • Young Kelin Zeller

    JM…..just curious who do you hate more UL or UK?

  • Anonymous

    I would be shocked if IU and Purdue ever go head to head in this event.

  • Anonymous

    I too am an Eville native. Man I would love to grab a ticket to see these games. Think I’m gonna give it a shot.

    Any idea when tickets will be available Alex?

  • Anonymous

    I would kinda like to spank Butler in this deal just to let them know things are getting back to normal. Should be the 2012 match-up when we are getting pretty loaded.

  • Not sure. It’s still a ways off, so details are probably still being finalized.

  • Anonymous

    I remember the Old Hoosier Classic and playing ND home or away each year. If IU Basketball is to be a top 10 national program, we need the Crossroads Classic. That will give us 3 solid out of conference tests (KY, ACC Challenge and Crossroads Classic) plus one tournament each year. You have to BEAT some good teams to be good! Plus, if we win 3 out of 4 against Butler and ND, which I expect, then IU has a big recruiting advantage on in state talent. If we cannot win 3/4, then the coach deserves to be on a hot seat. Remember this does not start until Dec 2011 when IU will field a group of players recruited by Coach Crean over a 4 year period.

  • Anonymous

    Kelin if you moved to Wisconsin, took my job and my wife, burned down my house and kicked my dog, I would still hate Kentucky more than you.


  • Anonymous

    Let Purdue have the home/away series with Louisville while the “Big Dogs”, IU and KY fight it out for national and state bragging rights. We play Purdue every year and Ky usually plays Louisville every year. No need to raise up the Big East.

  • Anonymous

    Let Purdue have the home/away series with Louisville while the “Big Dogs”, IU and KY fight it out for national and state bragging rights. We play Purdue every year and Ky usually plays Louisville every year. No need to raise up the Big East.

  • Anonymous

    No. Let them have their own tourney for all DI state basketball teams except the big 4.

  • Jm23

    I would said UK is my most hated school. There is my top five list 1. UK (Coach is a used car salesman and is prolly cheating/ fan base is the most ignorant people in the world) 2. Purdont ( lafayette smells like a buttthole and is made up of ugly girls that couldn’t get into IU) 3. illinois (Coach is a cry baby and complains at every call) 4. Ohio State (Matta loves to run up the score and keep the full court press on when they are up 30/ looks like an idiot when he chews gum like a crack head). 5. U of L (Coach likes to get busy after hours at restsurants) Side note i think cook hall has played a huge part in the recent recruiting success. I think having a state of the art facilities like cook hall really factors into a kids decision. Does anyone know if they will ever build a new AH? (I love AH but it needs some serious repairs). Might be cheaper to build new. Can you imagine having 24 thousand Hoosier fans going crazy instead of 17. I know some older iu fans prolly wouldnt welcome a new arena

  • Anonymous

    Ya know Alex, this sounds like a great venue for the inaugural “Inside the Hall Fan Tailgate”

    Indy is a central location for many.
    ITH will be that much more prolific in another year.
    Gives us plenty of time to plan.
    We’ll be fielding a team that can really compete and welcome the mighty class of 2012!

    I’m all in. Think it over sir. I will do whatever I can to help! I can see the ITH T-shirt sales taking off already so we can recognize each other at the site!

  • Anonymous

    How cool would it be if we all showed up sporting ITH shirts with our login name on the back?

    “Hey, it’s MillaRed! Someone kick him in the shin immediately!”

  • jgongora86

    I would have stopped short of Kelin kicking my dog. Hey Alex I’m moving to B-town soon, if you guys ever need anything or keep in touch just ask. I love this site.

  • UncleKerfuffle

    I like it. Make mine a XXL Tall. Just let me know where to order and where to be.

  • Garyindiana_311

    i’ve heard that they have already purchased the ground to build on, don’t know if that true.

  • it’s Indiana

    I apologize for posting another link, but Yahoo finally caught up to ITH (not uncommon). Some of the blog comments are less than favorable. I figured I’d give a call to arms to defend our honor on the national scene.


    (I posted under Eric Z)

    Alex if this is a no-no, I apologize and feel free to take this down with no hard feelings.

  • silkyslimforIU

    Beating ANY team from KY is always enjoyable, (especially those who tend to cheat.)

  • silkyslimforIU

    Four awesome bball programs from Indiana with great traditions, in one tournament, now that’s what any true bball fan can enjoy. Nothing can top that.

  • JerryCT

    Took the words right out of my mouth

  • Anonymous

    WKU is just about always a solid team, and in a lot of years so is Murray. As far as “cupcakes” go, those are two teams that you have a good chance of seeing again in March if you make it that far.
    In the future, when you’ve re-established the credibility and talent level of the program I’d say it’s fine to amp up the schedule but for now I don’t have a problem with allowing these guys to feel what it’s like to win a few games before you go into the conference schedule (which will have plenty of teams to raise your strength of schedule.)