Complete ACC-Big Ten Challenge schedule released

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Cornell v Wisconsin

Per IU Media Relations:

Indiana will travel to Boston College to face the Eagles in the 12th annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge Presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and This will be the fourth meeting between the two teams, and first since the 1996 NCAA Tournament.  BC won that game, 64-51, and in the 1994 NCAA Tournament, 77-68.  IU won the first meeting in 1983 in Indianapolis, 72-66.

“Boston College has one of the most experienced teams and they are battle tested and our players will have the opportunity very early in the season to compete against a nationally prominent program away from home, much like the Pitt game last year,” said IU Head Coach Tom Crean. “I have a lot of respect for their new coach Steve Donahue, who brought his Cornell team to Assembly Hall two years ago.  It will be an exciting matchup for the players and fans.”

IU will return all five starters from last season and 12 lettermen, while BC could return 11 seniors or juniors to their roster.

The Big Ten is the defending Challenge champion, defeating the ACC by a 6- 5 margin a year ago. Road teams won six of the 11 games in 2009, and seven of the contests were decided by seven points or less, including four games won by four points or fewer.

The schedule for the 12th Annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge is as follows:

2010 ACC/Big Ten Challenge schedule

Monday, November 29
Virginia at Minnesota

Tuesday, November 30
North Carolina at Illinois
Ohio State at Florida State
Michigan at Clemson
Georgia Tech at Northwestern
Iowa at Wake Forest

Wednesday, December 1
Michigan State at Duke
Purdue at Virginia Tech
North Carolina State at Wisconsin
Indiana at Boston College
Maryland at Penn State

Game times and ESPN platform designations will be determined and announced at a later date.

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  • wbellamy

    If I can get a ticket, will be there.

  • hoosierboy

    Penn St. and Iowa will prolly get worked! The rest of the games seem to be very competitive.

  • JerryCT

    anybody going to Boston for this ?

  • IUonetwo

    Very good match-ups. I think this will definitely go 6-5 one way or the other.

  • walton

    Ok – i will be honest – didn't even read the article – just want to blog.

    What's going to be the identity and lineups next year? (i still like elston, capo, watford, vj, and creek on the court at the same time) definitely mix in hulls with them: Identity would be creek scoring, hustle, physical, watford playing potential/position)

    – add bawa and guy (they have to play a little right??) – identity: fill up the lane presence, hack the other team up a little (hope bawa has been practicing the sprint)

    – Lets see what these freshmen can do – i honestly think they will be fine filling in at the guard occasionally
    – Pritch has the body to help capo, could use one more kid here.
    – Watford can't play the whole game, so who replaces him?
    – Point guard will play itself out with all the combos we have; there just won't be a true.

    Missing another big body w/Capo,Pritchard and a taller small/w Watford. But if that's it we should be competitive. I hope a certain good lineup gets to play together more than the others and develop more team chemistry.

  • JerryCT

    Don't stop w IU , give us a run down of BC

  • MillaRed

    How cool would it be to see that game? Boston is a great city. I'm going to have to keep that trip in mind.

  • Taskmaster75

    I don't know about Capo, but I think one of Guy or Bawa will end up starting, and will probably be used interchangeably. These next few months are critical in their development with the team it seems.

    I would end up with


    I think Oladipo will fit into the rotation nicely from what I see in video. Pritch is there in case one of the bigs gets in foul trouble. I think Sheehey will end up taking Watford's minutes if he can't play the entire game, and At least we have 2 capable PG's in Hulls and VJIII.

  • MillaRed

    Ya know Walton I think we really have two big questions to answer. And I think we have back-up plans for both.

    I think we can “ink” in three for sure starters.

    Mo Creek at SG
    CW at SF
    Elston at PF

    So where do we go with the point? I still believe start Verdell and see how it goes. If he adds more strength and limits the turnovers, we will be OK. Furthermore, why can't Mo bring it up once in a while and rotate VIII to the 2? I know there are doubters out there in VIII at PG and I understand that. But I am trying to get the best players on the court at the same time.

    Backup plan – I still like Jordy better than Rivers. I really do hope JR can put it all together. The kid has all of the tools. I hope he learned something about himself last year. He can only get better. Jordy? He has to be able to create. I hope the year of experience gets him closer.

    With the addition of Guy, we now have four players working toward one position. For the love of goodness you would think we could get one solid contributor, if not two decent ones out of this group. Guy, Capo, Bawa and TP. Please, PLEASE someone step up.

    As far as spelling CW and Creek, we have wings out the ying-yang. I'm not worried. Roth, Sheehey, VO. It would be nice to add Offutt to that group.

    With these starters and a big man stepping it up, I think we'll get the 15 wins we're hoping for. Where oh where are you Negedu?

  • hoosierboy

    Bawa won't start. Mark my word. lol He still has a long way to go. If Crean thought Bawa was ready to start and contribute, he wouldn't have gone on a mad scramble for a big man.

    Locked Starters:
    Mo Creek- SG
    C Wat- SF

    Possible Starters:
    Guy- C
    Jones III- SG
    Elston- SF/PF
    Hulls- PG/SG
    Rivers- PG

    There is a lot of unknown and the summer will be great because we will get to hear Crean talk about the competitiveness in practice. Every day is a battle and everyone is goin in ready to prove their worth. Lets hope it brings the best out of our Hoosiers!

  • jmer

    careful on the stairs Mo! long way down if you trip!

  • Matt

    I have been waiting 2 years for IU to come to Boston! I will be there in my old DJ White jersey going absolutely nuts!

  • Matt

    Hearing Hulls talk about Guy the other day really got me excited. I think we’ll be much improved from last season for a couple of reasons:

    1) Having Creek back healthy will be huge. I was looking over last season’s stats, and we either won or were competitive in games where we had 3 guys score in double figures. I think we can safely assume that VJIII, Watford, and Creek will do that most games in 2010-2011, which lessens the burden on other guys. So, IF we can get even decent production from Elston, Guy, Hulls, etc. we’re gonna be in most games, IMO.

    2) We have so much more depth than we did last season. Just having Guy and (hopefully) Bawa will help a ton if any of our frontcourt guys get into foul trouble. They should also help defensively and on the boards — both areas where we struggled last season. Also, getting good athletic guys like Oladipo and Sheehey and Roth will help a ton in terms of spelling our starters, especially if we want to be a team that gets out and runs in transition a ton.

    3) Our competition in practice should be so much better. I think that long stretches between games have really hurt us in the past 2 seasons b/c our starters had to go up against lesser competition in practice and it hurt our progress and development. That shouldn’t be the case anymore.

    I think 15-17 wins is attainable, and if that happens, it can only help recruiting. These HS kids need to see us going in the right direction before committing to us over teams like Purdue, KY, Ohio State, Butler, etc.

  • Joe

    be careful MC. those are the steepest stairs i’ve ever walked!

  • JerryCT

    PHD et al – It has been awhile and I cannot prove this until looking at the “videotape” BUT I recall that most of Creek's 3's were open court uncontested shots.

    Have you thought about how that happened.? I suggest it happens when Rivers gets a rebound or gets the first pass, pushes up the court, drives to collapse the D and kicks out when he is just inside the FT line. Of course Creek is doing his job to be there for the pass.

    I am beating my same old drum. If we overweight transition and Creek is in the game then I want JR at the point.

    Sheehey can fly and Olapido is fast so I can see a us continuing transition as our 31 option.

  • Kelin Blab

    Some interesting quotes from Mo Creek in todays paper…..

    + I feel no pain after workouts…
    + When he tires of the treadmill he runs the AH stairs about 5 times a day
    + Our guys have improved so much since the season has ended, we want to show people what we can do
    + I'll be 100% in two months

    From the looks of the pic, he has gained some muscle weight. Good stuff….

  • marcusgresham

    I think PG is going to be an “as needed” basis. Someone's playing a zone, it's Hulls because he can shoot. You need defense, it's Rivers.

  • Kelin Blab

    Wow the lineup next year is tough…. the difficulty is….
    + Will JR come back for his senior year ready to lead and improved
    + Will Guy step in immediately into that 5 spot
    + Will Mo start immediately?
    + VJ3 isn't a point, but he NEEDS to be on the court and for me…this one is non negotiable
    + Do we move Christian to the 3?

    Having said that, my gut tells me….

    G- VJ3- Can't keep him off the court. He is the leader of the team
    G- Mo Creek- Could come back better than last year
    F- Christian – You play him at 3, it won't wear him down, like playing the 4 did last year
    F- Elston – I think he is a wild card next year
    C- Guy – I honestly think with the time this summer and fall, he will be ready to play.

    Off the bench…..The options are endless…..
    + I expect Pritch to bounce back this year
    + on the wing….VO and Sheehey are two solid kids, with similar games. Sheehey's shooting could buy him time on the court
    + Roth….Can't ignore his value anymore
    + Hulls and Rivers……both will play at the PG and SG spots.
    + Bawa and Capo…..One will play, One will not.

  • Disco_Briscoe

    I'd also like to add…who knows, maybe Elston is starting/playing the 5 in our system and I'm not against that either if the match up fits.

  • Kelin Blab

    Dear Jeremiah Davis—

    IU ranked 11th in the country in attendance! Yes the country….

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Re: “Will Mo start immediately?”

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Ah crap, I should've scrolled down further! Sorry to send you a link you already had…

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    But I'm also in favor of a transition game if possible. VIII, Creek, CW, and Elston can all handle the ball… I'm not saying I want them to be the primary point, but in a transition offense, you have to outlet (after the rebound) to whoever is on the wing, and whoever is there needs to be able to pass and dribble. Ideally, you'd like it to be your PG that can burn it down the court, get in the lane, and score or kick it out… I don't think VIII, CW, or Elston could do any of those things, but I'd be comfortable putting the ball in Creek's hands in that scenario if VIII, CW, and Elston could knock down the three (although I'd prefer to have Elston on the opposite block for the pass or the carom). All of that hinges, however, on the rebounder (Elston, Capo, TP, Guy, Bawa, CW) being able to make a quick decision with a solid outlet pass.

    I know we're looking–in the best of all possible worlds–at a 20-win season, but I am excited about next season. It's going to be a long wait until November.

  • foongfest

    One of the links to that:

    Man, this makes me proud to be a Hoosier.

  • eph521

    What does everyone think about Crean saying to look for an exclusive discussion with him and “JD” on Twitter later this week? I'm assuming he means Jeremiah Davis.

  • JerryCT

    The attitude you hear from Creek ( and Olapido ) explains exactly the kind of kid Crean wants to build the program with. I am convinced that “attitude” is playing at least as big a role in recruiting as # of stars the kid has.

  • walton

    I expect everyone to be noticeably bigger/stronger next year

  • MillaRed

    Holy cow he looks ripped!

  • MillaRed

    When you consider the product we had on the floor last year, that really is an amazing statistic.

  • MillaRed

    I think Coach discussing a recruit is against the rules………

  • eph521

    @MillaRed, you're probably right. Here's the tweet from Coach Crean:

    “Look for a twitter exclusive discussion with JD and me later this week. We have quite a few young men coming in for unofficials first.”

  • walton

    pretty extreme, but…….just wasn't a stellar class – no way would I go to an “F” though

  • MillaRed

    That is interesting. As we all know discussing the recruiting process is a major no-no. Even after a kid is signed. I wonder where he is going with that……..

  • MillaRed

    Wow. The “F” recruiting grade # is up to 113 votes. Ouch!

  • marcusgresham

    Wow, he's such a gifted athlete I had forgotten about that 3-point shooting percentage. 30-67, 44.7%.

  • eph521

    I agree with you Jerry.

    And am I alone in thinking that Oladipo is going to be a star? The fact that him and Creek are buddies suggests we may have another 'under the radar' star in the making. Yes Creek had a Top 100 ranking, but I'd suggest that during his brief time playing last year, he exceeded expectations, based on his ranking. I'm feeling the same thing for Oladipo and his highlight reels get me excited about the possibilities.

  • Diesel

    Easy fellas, he is referring to JD Campbell, assistant AD for media relations

  • eph521

    Thanks Diesel. I was surprised at the tweet… and figured there had to be another explanation.

  • Bryan

    While the raw number is helped by us having one of the larger facilities in the conference, the picture still looks good in terms of overall capacity. Even with last year being a down year, this represents the Hall being 88% full on average.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I'm not going to say that Creek is better than JWall, but Creek certainly matched him in the UK game (as well as Bledsoe), but we simply didn't have the rest of the pieces that JWall had. One of my thoughts during that game was, “Oh crap, Creek is going to go pro after the season.” Again, I'm not saying he's as good as JWall, but I didn't see anything to indicate he was less of a player than Bledsoe. People are talking about our 2010 recruiting class, but Creek's health is the biggest factor to our team's success this season (IMO).

  • eph521

    I couldn't agree more about Creek… great points about the Kentucky game and talent comparisons. Creek definitely convinced me that he's an NBA player ( and my opinion amounts to a hill of beans). And thus, my excitement about his buddy Oladipo… and who wouldn't get excited about a kid that flashes the IU symbol/sign while still in high school. Just have a feeling that Oladipo is going to be a difference maker.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I hope Oladipo provides a Moye-like lift off the bench. I like Elston's high level of energy in the starting lineup, but I think every team needs an emotional lift coming off the bench. IU is still going to be a really young team next year (one senior, a few juniors, but mostly sophomores, and a few freshmen), and there seemed to be an emotional void in several games last year (which is understandable with a very young team and the beatdowns they endured).

    I want Oladipo–or Oladunko as someone termed him a few weeks ago–to throw one down and flash the IU sign. We may only win 15-18 games this coming year, but I'd like to see a little swagger in our step, a little pride in our game. I'm not saying I want Crean to get the team to stomp on the giant P in Mackey Arena (like Mark Richt and the endzone deal he pulled against Florida a few years back), but I want our kids to feel good about what they're doing and how hard they're competing. Most of that will come with wins, but I hope Oladipo will bring some of that swagger into the locker room and make it infectious. I'd love it if our team played with a chip on its shoulder this season.

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Pritchard is and will be our best big man this coming season and Capo will be next in line. What's up with all this Bawa and Guy fighting for a starting position? Tall and long doesn't mean anything unless they are coordinated and know the game. I'll take Pritchard and Capo, the smart, physical, brawlers even though their lack of vertical kills me. Maybe Bawa and Guy have something but until I see it on the floor in cream and crimson I'm not even close to being sold on their height, wingspan, JUCO stats, and all.

  • BFowler

    Forgive me for being the rain on this parade, but knee injuries typically take 15-18 months to be fully healed. I understand it was a bone break, but if there was any ligament damage, those take much longer to heal. Mo will probably not be 100% until his Jr. season. He is going to need time to trust it again as well as gain back his athleticism. With that said, I think he is still the best scorer on the team, and will probably start and play as long as he is capable of doing so. I just do not have huge expectations of him early in the season. Or, he may go Eric Gordon on everybody.

    I think that if you have legitimate options to score, Rivers has to be in the line-up to neutralize the other team's best outside player. I think the line-ups that include VJ III and Creek at the guard positions are weak defensively, but how do you not start either of them, and play Watford at the three? Watford has to develop a short to mid-range game w/ a pull up jumper.

    I know very little about BC, but I think Coach Donahue is a pretty good coach. I am glad we get BC fairly early in the season as that will proabably give us a better shot.

  • Disco_Briscoe

    I'd also like to add…who knows, maybe Elston is starting/playing the 5 in our system and I'm not against that either if the match up fits.

  • marcusgresham

    I think the transition game is what Crean wants all along. I also think you're right about his threes being open most of the time–one other factor about him being open for threes is the fact that guys don't want to come out too tightly on him or he goes right by them and they get posterized. Let's just hope the knee doesn't affect that aspect of his game.

  • marcusgresham

    Your post gives me an idea—I think Mackey Arena should heretofore be known as “The P-Hole”

  • JerryCT

    My feeling is both BFowler and Disco are correct when you breakdown the detailed needs on the floor.

  • marcusgresham

    Nothing I've heard made any reference to him having any damage to anything other than the patella. Maybe I've missed something, but if that's the case someone on here will be right on top of it and will let us know.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I can't remember that far back in the season (repressed memories), but even if they were in transition with JR at the point (probably, esp. that early in the season), the fact is that Mo was knocking them down at a fantastic clip (46% I think). If his lateral movement is at full capacity, there's no reason why a solid shot fake from long distance shouldn't be one of his best weapons this year.

    But here's a scenario that I know you'll love: TP setting a screen for Mo in a set offense to spring him for the 3. Given our past conversations, I think TP's screens were your favorite plays of last year, so I suspect that thought will carry you until the weekend. 😉