Ahmed Hill’s relationship with Indiana continues to grow

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052713ncnsThe list of suitors for class of 2014 guard Aquinas (Ga.) guard Ahmed Hill is impressive.

More than 15 schools have offered a scholarship to the 6-foot-5, 190-pound guard, including Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina State, Marquette, Miami (FL) and Tennessee. He’s also picked up recent interest from Florida, Louisville and North Carolina.

The Hoosiers offered a scholarship over a year ago and have remained firmly in the picture for the four-star prospect, who is taking his time with the process.

At the fourth Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) session in Minneapolis, Hill told Inside the Hall that his conversations with Tom Crean stretch beyond basketball.

“We talk about life a lot,” he said. “About how (going to) Indiana would set me up (prepare) for life. About how the atmosphere is up there. How the people are, the fan base. About me coming up there and getting a feel for it.”

Hill hasn’t scheduled any visits, but said that Indiana will be on the list of places he’ll see along with Florida and potentially North Carolina.

“I know I’m going to take a visit (to Indiana), but I don’t have a timetable yet,” he said.

As a junior at Aquinas, Hill averaged close to 30 points per game and was named the All-Area player of the year by The Augusta Chronicle. This spring and summer, he’s playing with Southern Stampede, where he’s averaging 12.6 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.7 assists in EYBL play.

While distance had been rumored to be a significant factor in Hill’s decision, he said that isn’t the case.

“Nope, it’s not a factor at all,” Hill said. “Wherever I feel comfortable at, that’s where I’ll decide to go.”

What will be a factor for Hill, who was born and raised in Georgia, is his relationship with the head coach of the school he chooses to attend. Hill hopes that relationship will extend beyond basketball.

“(I’d like to have) a father and son relationship,” he said. “And for the atmosphere at my college to be great. Make sure we win – me and my teammates never like to lose. Just compete every night and have a great atmosphere that makes me feel as if I was home.”

J.B. Bauer contributed to this story.

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  • calbert40

    Hill has gotten overshadowed by all of the Pinson, Exum and Goodluck talk, but don’t be mistaken…this kid is really, really good. We would be extraordinarily fortunate to get a commitment out of Hill. He looks to be a 3-4 year player also, so that is a plus, IMO.

  • SCHoosier

    He is all that you say..but following the Pinson disappointment..I’m not gonna get too hyped about until there is a signature on the LOI.

  • Dagwoods

    Sounds like we ARE what he’s looking for. Hopefully the recruits eventually figure that out for themselves.

  • The Grape Vine

    I’m sure the kid is awesome and I get that the scholarship situation always works itself out but I will be somewhat frustrated if we get commits from recruits and later on we can’t accept commitments from higher recruits that we were in the running for (a’la BJ ‘in yo face’ Anya)…Dante Exum, Goodluck Okonobo…

  • Caleb Moore

    Victor Oladipo just called……he said dont get too caught up on recruit rankings…..

    Such is the nature of recruiting……it’s a first come first served deal. Believe me, if we take a few more top 100 kids and in the Spring next year a top 50 kid still wants in Crean will take him. The sheer idea, as you mention, that “it always works itself out” lends you to the notion that if Crean wants a kid and he wants to be here, he will be here.
    Just funny to me the difference in a few years. We would have taken a borderline top 150 kid a few years ago and now we are talking about being frustrated over top 75 prospects. Indiana will always have tons of talent…..fit and work ethic are the keys.

  • calbert40

    I could be wrong here, but I believe we actually backed out on Anya instead of him being squeezed out due to scholarship numbers. Anya is talented, but he is also a plodding big man who doesn’t run very well. I never felt like he was a good fit, but he was a fall back option for the staff.

    And Hill isn’t just a fringe Top 100 player. He is really good. When Kansas, UNC, UL, OSU and IU are all recruiting a player, you know he has to be a talented player. ESPN rates him at #25 in the class, and Rivals has him at #26.

    When a top 25 player in the country is interested in playing for you, you offer him a scholarship.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    We pulled out on Anya and it seems like it was a good move. Consensus opinion of him worsened while Fischer’s rose.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Now that Pinson is out of the picture I think Hill is our best option. Being from Evansville, I’ve always had this feeling JaQuan didn’t wanna go to IU, and I think he is UL bound.

  • Ole Man

    Amen, bro!

  • C24IU

    Not gonna happen. He was interviewed on the local news and made it pretty clear he wanted to go to UNC.