2015 guard Jalen Coleman continues to build interest

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050713shxsCathedral guard Jalen Coleman has been on Indiana’s radar for quite some time and the Hoosiers have continued to recruit him steadily since offering a scholarship in July of 2011.

The 6-foot-3, 180-pound guard continues to pick up interest from a number of programs around the country. Coleman holds offers from Cincinnati, Clemson, Illinois, Indiana, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Purdue and Providence and has interest from Duke, Michigan, Michigan State and others.

His interest in Indiana, the first school to offer him, remains high.¬†Coleman was in Bloomington in February for Indiana’s ESPN College GameDay win over No. 1 Michigan, and he and his family have always been impressed with Indiana coach Tom Crean.

“I talk to them as much as possible, as far as what I need to work on and things I need to improve on,” Coleman said after an Indiana Elite 2015 pool play game at the Hensley Memorial Spiece Run-N-Slam last weekend in Fort Wayne.

Added Piankhi Lands, Coleman’s father:¬†“Crean is cool, he’s super cool. He gave me some good information the last time I saw him. I asked him what some of the things were that he needed to improve on and he gave me some good information. He’s solid in our book, man, he’s definitely solid in our book.”

Coleman has visits to Michigan and Michigan State planned for early next month and Duke has also piqued his interest after they had a chance to see him play last high school season.

“He was really coming to see Trey Lyles, but he was really impressed with Jalen and kind of mentioned that he wanted to start recruiting him,” Lands told Inside the Hall recently. “He wanted to see what his grades were gonna be like at the end of the semester, but said that he would be out to look at a couple of his games. I didn’t believe him at first until they called the coach the following day and said they were really interested and wanted to know what AAU team he was going to be playing on.”

Duke has not offered a scholarship, but his grades have held up to this point. Lands said his son currently has a 3.0 GPA, but at this point, it sounds like Coleman is still early in the process.

“[I’m] analyzing schools, taking things apart, seeing what they have to offer,” he said.

But at the same time, Lands said Coleman doesn’t plan to take too long to make a decision.

“I don’t think it’s going to be senior year, I doubt if it’d be that late,” he said. “Probably his junior year he’ll be making the decision on what school he’ll be going to because it’s good to get that done, especially being an upperclassman so you can just focus on your team.”

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  • Great reporting but isn’t it time we read that someone out of our 213 offers actually committed? ( or is not allowed until a certain date?)

  • CreamandCrimson

    Prospects can verbally commit anytime they want. They wouldn’t be able to sign until signing day of their Senior seasons but if a player wanted to commit before he plays a game of high school (James Blackmon Jr.), he can. If he wants to wait until after his final season of high school ball (this seems to be the route both Trey Lyles and Jaquan Lyle are going), they can do that as well (assuming their is still a spot at the school they choose).

    I would think our 2014 class would really begin to take shape after this AAU season but that’s purely based on previous history.

  • SCHoosier

    Hope he remains an IU priority..should be in the top 10/15 pt. guards in the country by end of his senior year. Can play the #1 or #2. Says he wants to work on his D..something he should be encouraged to do. Sounds like the relationship with TC and IU is solid.

  • Not sure what it is but something always leaves me a little strange feeling when all the comments about the process are coming from the parents. Especially the part at the end……is that Coleman’s schedule or his father’s schedule? It does appear Jalen has put on some weight over the last year. Got another 20 to go at least, but he’s making progress.

  • calbert40

    I actually prefer when they don’t verbally commit until closer to the date they can officially sign. While the unstated rule is that once a player commits, coaches leave him alone, I think we all know that isn’t fully respected by some (cough cough Cal cough cough).

    If a player waits for awhile to commit, it is less likely that he will back out of his verbal, because he knows what else is out there. If he commits early, he may always wonder “what if I went to (insert school X) instead.” This way we get players who are fully committed to IU as opposed to wondering “what if” for 2 or 3 years.

  • Kenneth234

    I understand your point, however, sometimes a good recruiting class develops out of having a one or two great recruits commit early in order to see what other possible recruits will be coming in with. In a sense, placing the corner stones of a solid class and then adding the rest of the structure as the deadlines inch closer. With that being said, I would feel a lot better about the 2014 class if we had also received a verbal commitment from Pinson and Exum, but at this point they are not something that we or the coaching staff can be seriously counting on. By not having those verbals, they must continue to recruit for their plan B options, instead of focusing more attention to their plan A recruiting for 2015 and 2016.

  • Seems like we are recruiting a lot of guards. Where are all the C’s and PF’s? Thats what made Cody special. We finally had a good big guy. I would hate to have Noah Vonleh or someone else have to become a DJ White because we have no true center. I loved DJ but felt bad because he was 6’9” and had to guard and try to score on the likes of Greg Oden.

  • Ronb

    Luke Fischer is a center that was Mr. basketball in Wisconsin and recently moved up to #34 in ESPN recruitment polls for 2013. He has the tools to become a great center and maybe a 3-4 yr player. There are big men in 2014 and 2015 that Coach is looking at also.

  • jermhoosierfan

    From what I have heard, CTC has given up on Trey Lyles. Don’t know all the details of what was said between the 2, but I have heard some rumors that I will not get into on the board. If they are true, that is not a family I would want my program to be a part of.

  • Kenneth234

    I haven’t heard much on this situation at all, but I think that if I was in CTC position, and Lyles came to me and said that he is ready to sign a letter of intent; I would not say no. The kid is likely to only be around for one season, and if he is going to follow the NCAA rules, I would give him the one season and see if he can put whatever the 2014-2015 IU basketball team looks like the edge to hang a banner. But that is just me. I, in general (not specific to this situation) understand a kid re-opening his recruitment during his Sophmore season of High School in order to make sure the decision is right.

  • calbert40

    I agree with that point. If we get Pinson (or Exum) for ’14 soon, we suddenly have a really good twosome for that class, and it makes other players more likely to commit as well.

    Still, when I see a kid commit as a freshman, it always gives me a little heartburn.