IndyBall Video: Zak Irvin highlights, interview

  • 04/14/2011 9:25 pm in

2013 Hamilton Southeastern guard Zak Irvin picked up a scholarship offer from Indiana before ever playing a varsity game and is the No. 42 prospect nationally in his class according to

Video highlights of the 6-5 guard from this past weekend’s Shootout are below (Irvin is No. 21 in White, No. 12 in Red) and a video Q & A is available after the jump:

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  • Anonymous

    Quite the willing passer it appears…

  • Anonymous

    What position is he? I can’t tell from the video. Haha

  • Anonymous

    Alex, just wanted to say thank you for the constant stream of new threads coming on a daily basis. With the professionalism with which this site is run it is easy to forget it is just a couple of guys putting all this work in. Last spring seemed to drag on forever with nothing to stay interested in, but you guys have really amped it up this year with interviews, AAU performance reviews, etc…. you’re posting more threads than the regular season! Great work.

    As far as Irvin goes, I think it is a wait and see with him, he still has another season playing with Harris as “the man.” Can he take the team over his Junior year and dominate like some of these 2012 guys? How much taller will he get? It takes a lot of confidence to make some of those passes, a little Zak Irvin meets Earvin Johnson.

  • Kelin Blab

    Zac Irvin is my new Jeremy Hollowell. At first he didn’t wow me, I didn’t know alot about him, then I saw him in person and he is a player. Love the fact IU got in on him even though he was on JV. I am too the point, I know Crean has more wings than BW3, but for some reason the nature of the beast these days is on the ‘wing’. Big men learn to play the wing and point guards are now combo guards. It is a ‘dribble’ drive game these days. What is a guy to do when his state is the ‘wing’ capital of the country.

  • Kelin Blab

    I do remember Zak was the one kid loving the IU fans during Hoosier Hysteria…mmmm

  • Anonymous

    Looks good! I am amazed at the amount of HS talent in the state right now! CTC can go on most recruiting trips and still make it home in time to kiss his wife goodnight!

  • stonaroni

    I am not really seeing the buzz on this kid. I know it is a minute and a half video but I saw nothing more than simple shots in the paint. Was that him hitting a 3? If so, he made one jumper. How many 3’s did he take to make 1?

    At 6’5″ he had poor elevation on the blocks and had a couple lay ups that could be dunks by more athletic players. For example, Alex Etherington, who is 6″5″ would have thrown a couple of those fast break bunnies down with authority.

    Too bad Alex is still laid up from the Busch League play in Peru. This summer would have been his coming out party. He is far more athletic than Irvin.