• Chris Browning

    You can sense that CTC is very frustrated in his comments…I think he’s tryin to send a message to both our guys we have now and some potential recruits as the man mentioned above…If we can’t rebound why don’t he get away from this 3 guard lineup we’ve got and change things up a lil bit? Why not this?

    Makes sense doesn’t it guys?

  • Kelin Blab

    I read about his comments in the Indy star…..sounds a little frustrated which is to be expected. I will say he put some guys on notice when he talked about playing 30plus minutes and 1 rebound, the 5 spot is WIDE open (hear that plumlee and zeller)…….

    I am still confident this team will progressively get better as the season goes along as they did last year with less talent.

  • JerryCT

    I agree except Pritchard was the most vocal on defense of anyone last night. He did a great job on help as well. Too bad he is frequently having to deal with guards who have gone around our defenders. It makes him look like he is not defending or rebounding which is not true.

    Good example last night with the game on the line Elston helped on Creek's man but Creek left Elston's man to be wide open under the hoop for easy 2. Creek also tried a steal in backcourt far away from other players and the basket and was beaten. When he got back he could only try a late run at the shooter who nailed the 3 to break our backs. Both plays were at the end of the game .

    The point is that TP is not hurting us on D and often establishes the 1/2 court offense with picks/screens. Jobe I think hurts us on both ends despite his enthusiasm and not having Roth or any other 3 pt option than Creek will be tough to overcome.

    I hope TC can straighten this out. It would be 10 times better if DUmes could play 100% healthy. It would end some of the weak perimeter defense

  • Kelin Blab

    Jerry I saw that happen over and over in the Ole Miss game and asked myself I thought we were playing a zone and they kept driving right down the middle past our guards…..but again I don't panic cause this can be corrected

  • This is very fusterating as an Indiana fan. We are all so passionate about IU basketball that it just flat out hurts to see a loss like this. It really does and I know everyone on this board feels the same way. We suffered through last year. I mean it was horrible. We knew why and we understood why it was that way. We waited a looooong time for this year to begin and now its here and now we are faced with similar disappointment. I don't know weather we put our expectations too high for this team or what, but it hurts and it hurts bad. I don't want to see CTC get fired or anything close to that. I was an IU fan before the Boston U loss and I'm an Indiana fan now, but we have to get something done here. Something has to change. We all see the potential here. Creek with 17 in the first. Rivers moves to basket. There is talent there. Better talent than Boston. So why is this happening? Are we really a running team? With the amount of turnovers we average is that the right way to go? Our half court sets do not look good at all. Have they put to much time into running at a fast pace and not enough in the half court? I am hurting for the kids number one. I am hurting for the fan base number two. We just have to be there for this program to come back and maybe it will just take longer than expected. All I really know is that I will never take a win for granted anymore as a fan at any level.

  • GFDave

    Well, I found a thread that didn't feature the need to change coaches or question why the freshmen are still playing like freshmen after 4 whole games! How refreshing.

    I know that Coach got the team last year to bust its butt and I know that he will get this group to do that too. We'll get better, but I fear that the “change the coach” sort of discussion(?) is going to persist. I wish it wasn't because:

    1) I think its devoid of logic
    2) It's not going to happen, no matter how much some want it to

  • GFDave

    I think Pritch is a grinder who has athletic limitations, but who right now is the only big man who can compete at the five spot. He's very strong and takes up a lot of space and will fight for the ball. Unfortunately when he gets his hands on it he often times can't keep it. He does not have good hands at all.

    I'd love to see Plumlee at the 5. I think Zeller is too slight. What we really need, imo, is somebody 6'10″ and 260 lbs who is very active/athletic and can clear themselves space and catch the ball. I don't think those guys are growing on trees, but maybe Christmas can develop and grow into that guy. Of course we need to sign him.

  • ronb

    There can only be one name for people who think we need a coach change at this point in IU basketball history..STUPID!!! These folks have to be fans who have never coached or played
    High School or College Basketball or purdue fans. Anyone with half a brain knows what coach is going through and the last thing he needs are these type of fans. Very few quality coaches would have gone to IU knowing what was in store for them. Do they forget that last year he had 1 returning player and 8 walk ons? Try recruiting after a 6-25 season record. He begged these kids to come to IU based on our glory years with the hope of getting there again down the road. How anyone can be ready to throw Coach and these brave kids under the bus is mind blowing. They will get better but it takes time for the young to learn how different D-1 College Basketball is from High School and AAU ball.
    They are in shock right now and we need to rally around them not kick them in the teeth. COME on GUYS What are you thinking?? Do you think all this negative crap will help get top players here NOT!

  • because it's Indiana

    Thank goodness, some sanity. The only thing more disheartening than the loss has been the knee jerk reactions to our coach and team. It's all been said on this thread, but I echo the sentiments. Working through some growing pains are what these tournaments are all about. Most of this year will be growing pains. That's okay. We need to stand behind our team and CTC. This isn't Kentucky, this isn't ND football, this is Indiana. We are smarter than this. I believe that Crean will rebuild Rome, just not in one day.

  • Coach Crean isn't going anywhere. This is his first true season at IU. He has either young players or players without much talent. Starting next year we can truly start to evaluate how he is doing, but before then will be too soon. Rebounding, defense, and foul shooting can all be coached, even if that means a lineup change. Be patient. Maybe not this year or next, but Crean will have us back in the national title picture.

  • aerialM

    amen. it's hard to stomach some of the inane banter on some of these message boards. I know we're all IU fans but it truly does show a lack of understanding to blame CTC so early in his tenure at Indiana. I'm not sure if those folks will ever be satisfied. but in any case, of course losses like the ones to Ole Miss and Boston sting and are hopefully going to happen less and less, but the only way to really support the team is to have some sort of faith in the guys playing and the guys running the program…I'm uber-confident we'll get back to the 20+ win seasons and the Sweet 16's and the banners in Assembly Hall. I look at CTC and see a guy who could be at IU a long long time…

  • JerryCT

    Based on Creek's D I think this makes alot of sense