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Tom Crean talks recruiting, kind of

With the uncertainty of the scholarship situation going forward, it was only a matter of time until the questions started on the availability of grants for future recruiting classes.

In Wednesday afternoon’s press conference, Tom Crean was asked about IU’s recruiting efforts by Herald-Times beat writer Chris Korman. Here’s a transcript:

Korman: You obviously don’t have too many scholarships for the next couple classes, but there seems to be a fair amount of offers out there. How do you manage those?

Crean: We just do. We’re constantly recruiting. We’re constantly recruiting.

Korman: If you have a kid, is there pressure on them if they’re a 2011 kid and they know, some of them we’ve talked to they say, ‘IU doesn’t have any scholarships.’

Crean: Are they saying that or are you saying that?


Audio: Tom Crean press conference

Indiana coach Tom Crean met the media earlier this afternoon at Assembly Hall. You can listen to the audio of the press conference here or in the embedded media player below.

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We’ll have more reaction to Crean’s comments later tonight or tomorrow.

(Thanks to Chris Korman of The Herald-Times for the audio.)

Could Tom Crean be the man to ‘bring back Bobby’?

When the update came through via Twitter, the first thought that raced through the minds of Indiana fans was, ‘Is Coach Crean going to bring back Bobby?’ He did, after all, say he wanted to bring every former coach, player and manager back to Bloomington. (If he had more than 140 characters, I’m sure a disclaimer would have been added for Kelvin Sampson and Eli Holman. No one throws a potted plant and gets away with it!)

From all indications, the return of the General to Assembly Hall is unlikely to happen anytime soon or possibly, ever. Through back channels, hands have been extended and overtures made. With no results.

Despite the over the top pleas by Dick Vitale and the majority of the IU fanbase, hard feelings about his dismissal still run deep for Coach Knight. And that may always be the case even though the administration that chased him from Bloomington is long gone.

Knight never has been or never will be a man that forgives or forgets easily. If you peel away the bully mentality that dominates his personality, this is a man that is still hurt by the way things ended at Indiana.

From Indiana’s perspective, the major factor is in place to facilitate a reunion: Tom Crean. Knight was never going to acknowledge IU under Mike Davis or Kelvin Sampson. Knight’s relationship with Davis ended once his former assistant took over. And his tolerance for a cheater like Sampson was zero. But with Crean, the program finally has a coach that even Knight would be proud of. Even if he never admits it.

Around the Hall: Kyrie Irving, Noel Johnson and Ralph Willard

Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew.

+ St. Patrick’s guard and IU target Kyrie Irving talks about his recruitment and mentions his relationship with Tom Crean. {Northstar Basketball Blog}

+ Former Southern Cal recruit Noel Johnson, rumored to be interested in IU, is looking at UNLV, Charlotte, LSU and Xavier. Georgia Tech and Georgia are also possibilities. {Atlanta Journal Consitution}

+ Tickets are $6 and doors will open at 5:15 for the Indiana All-Stars exhibition tonight at New Albany High School. {Louisville Courier-Journal}

+ Ralph Willard resigned his position as head coach at Holy Cross to become the lead assistant for Rick Pitino at Louisville. Crean talks about his relationship with Willard. {Louisville Courier-Journal}


There’s no way I could have gone through last winter (a 6-25 season) without everything I learned from Coach Willard. I called him and told him that. Much of what (wife) Joani and I have learned about coaching and this life, we can attribute to the five years we spent with Ralph and Dot Willard. I still have the note cards from our practices.” – Crean on his relationship with former Holy Cross and new Louisville assistant coach Ralph Willard.

Note: Inside the Hall will provide updates from tonight’s all-star exhibition game at New Albany on our Twitter page. Follow us by clicking here.

Around the Hall: Carlino to South and Crean at Huber’s

Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall crew.

+ Mark Carlino, J.R. Holmes and Highland (AZ) athletic director Rod Huston talk about the Carlino’s decision to move to Indiana. {The Hoosier Scoop}

+ Mark Carlino says the move to Bloomington is motivated by the family’s love of the area. {Indianapolis Star HS blog}

+ Columnist Rick Bozich writes that while Tom Crean is still playing catch up with 2010 recruiting efforts, improvement is on the way. {Louisville Courier-Journal}

+ Crean tells supporters at Huber’s that he will not rest until the Indiana program is great again. {The News and Tribune}


That’s fine. But don’t be mad at me if we find another guy who has more belief in what we’re going to do, wants to work hard and wants to help us make it back a little faster.” – Crean on his reaction when recruits question last year’s 6-25 record and how long it might take for IU to reach the NCAA Tournament again.

Crean on academics, jucos and recruiting getting younger

Tom Crean met with the media early this afternoon and you can read a large portion of the transcript right here. Here are a couple of the more interesting responses he gave, including a very long and detailed answer about recruiting becoming younger. (Note: the question on recruiting getting younger is not on the link to the transcript provided by IU media relations.)

On the academic performance during the spring semester:

“We’ve had a very good semester. In reference to them, it appears Nick has accomplished what he needed to accomplish and it appears that Malik didn’t. Which really is not surprising either way. Both are eligible, that’s not the question, but in the form of looking for that 2.6. But we’ve had some guys really do an excellent job. We’ve had some guys continue to build on what they did and some guys really pick themselves up academically. All the grades aren’t in yet completely, but they’re close. I’d say were eighty to ninety percent of the way in right now. And that’s good feeling, a really good feeling.”

On recruiting junior college players:

“I don’t look at them in a negative light at all. This is one of the great things about being at Indiana. It’s one thing to recruit a player off a team. It’s another thing to recruit a player from a program and there are so many great programs in the state of Indiana. And you appreciate them more when you are in them because you are around them on a consistent basis. But it’s the same thing with junior college programs, the one-hit wonders, the players that just got in there. It has to be a special case, they have to match a lot of those criteria I mentioned earlier. But it is a lot easier and a lot better feeling to be recruiting excellent programs and there are some excellent programs at the junior college level without a doubt. We would never shut the door on that, or on an international player, we wouldn’t shut it on a transfer and we obviously wouldn’t shut it on a high school player. Do we evaluate and scout it and scour as much as possible and talk about it and dialogue about it? Probably not. But when we do, and there are people that we are tracking now, we are going to go full-fledged after.”


The NCAA, Twitter and you

Tom Crean is on Twitter. I know you’ve probably heard this. And his tweets have been pretty good — an interesting and insightful look at his philosophies and some of the happenings of his team. There’s been other updates besides just that kind of stuff, too. For instance, Crean was watching the “Real Housewives of New York” reunion last night on Bravo. Ha.

Anyway, for all the good Crean’s Twitter account has wrought, there are a few things to know here. Like Facebook and other electronic transmission outlets, there are restrictions on what Crean can do on Twitter, and also what you, the fan, can do on it as well. For instance, Crean can’t be @replying back and forth with you all day, per NCAA rules. If he so chooses, he can direct message with you. Let’s go to a blockquote of something I wrote yesterday for ESPN because I’m too lazy to re-write it.

However, direct messaging on Twitter — which can only be viewed by the two people involved in the communicating — is permissible. (Same goes for Facebook. A coach can use the messaging function, which is similar to an e-mail, but he can’t write on Facebook walls.) This falls in accordance with the current electronic transmission guidelines that are already in place.

“We view that option on Twitter the same as we view normal e-mails,” said Cameron Schuh, Associate Director of Public and Media Relations for the NCAA. “It’s just you can’t post those (direct messages) on your main page.”

“We view Twitter as a blog,” Schuh continued. “As long as coaches are on there talking about what they’re doing with their day and how their practice went or things like that … not getting into specific terms, that’s fine. They can’t talk about a person they’re recruiting, or they can’t use it to talk about their whereabouts on a recruiting trip.”


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